Zheng Yi Jian makes the same score pectoral cummer garment 3 times to taste big PK

Guide language: Zheng Yi Jian and wedding day of unconscious Jia Hui are in surely in January 2013, the two people that experienced long-distance running of 6 years of love repair Cheng Zhengguo eventually, look round 3 cummer of Zheng Yi Jian are beautiful beautiful female star, shao Meiqi, Liang Yongqi plus currently hold the post ofMeng Jiahui, it may be said makes the same score ” of concentration camp of pectoral belle “ . ” of airport of 3 big “ compares inferior attune at ordinary times, but do not conceal vogue and avant-courier however, zheng Yi Jian 3 cummer after all which vogue is savoured best? Which can match most? Along with small make up comment on just a little together!

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On June 2, 2012, hong Kong, shao Meiqi of many years old 40 attends wireless drama anthology ” heart battle ” propaganda. Pants of young of black of collocation of recreational show solicitude for, conceal figure of “ overstaffed ” , what have a hotspot most is, the cascade necklace on her neck and hang down the hyperbole earring that is hanged to humeral ministry, remedied the flaw of smooth bosom, diverted everybody’s attention deserve to act the role of above. Nevertheless, she is too exaggerative also, babushka and wrist express go into battle of armed ” of “ of all of bracelet, ring, dare let ” of person “ compliment scarcely.

Does brown sugar enrich the blood? The woman enrichs the blood 6 big errors

Woman is a Wizard of the blood-forming. From ancient times to the present, beauty is called “beauty”, visible blood on benefits for women. In reality most women have anaemia or minor symptoms of anemia, because of this, women should pay attention to the blood. However, female blood do not know much about how nutrition, mistakes so easy to walk into the blood.

 Errors: eating meat is bad for health

Some women for general dissemination of meat damage health of misleading advertising, focused only on healthy function of plant food, leading to animal food intake of iron-rich foods is too small.

In fact, animals not only iron-rich food, its high absorption rate, up to 25%. Iron in plant foods is a food contains phytic acid, oxalate, such as interference, a low absorption rate, about 3%. Therefore, avoid the meat can cause iron-deficiency anemia, in the daily diet, intake of fruits and vegetables, and meat should be balanced.

  Misconceptions II: egg, milk on the anemia more effects

Milk nutrition, but with very low iron content, human body absorption rate is only 10%. For example milk feeding of infants and young children, if the parents neglect to add complementary foods often cause of iron-deficiency anemia.

Egg yolk iron well, egg yolks contain higher iron content, but iron absorption rate of only 3%, not iron to share. Some of the protein in the egg, and inhibits the body absorb iron.

Therefore, the two women eat food, nutrient-rich, but to supplement iron is undesirable to rely on them. However, the high iron content, not only animal liver and absorption rates of more than 30%, for iron supplementation purposes.

Sweet a peach-shaped thing is sweet the lip is the brightest the labial color scheme of the eye

Peach sweet lip eye and lip color scheme

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Abstain film of honey beautiful flour to skin Bai Li is appeared red not be a dream

 Introduction: Containing film of honey beautiful flour is MM love the United States all the time love most, because the hairdressing function of honey already was person place,approbate. Small today invent the method that introduces 5 each to make film of honey beautiful flour, making skin Bai Li fully red is a dream only no longer.

Abstain film of honey beautiful flour to skin Bai Li is appeared red not be a dream

One, film of honey cucumber face (the United States is divided in vain knit)

Extract a fresh cucumber juice with juicer, join right amount milk powder and honey, drip to count drop wind oil again essence of life is smooth. Besmear the face film of mix up equably face, make an appointment with 20-30 after minute abluent can; Or cucumber abluent slice is stuck at facial ministry directly, have profit skin, whitened, except what knit penitentiary. This law can be used in the late evening only, otherwise easy cause the skin red, allergic.

Abstain film of honey beautiful flour to skin Bai Li is appeared red not be a dream

2, honey pearl powder face film

Prepare a clean small bottle first, enter most bottle pearl powder (recommend pearl powder of rice of accept of immortal bird external use) , again slowly enter right amount honey, the edge pours edge agitate, make honey and pearl powder mix adequately, notice honey does not fall too much, tone is become mushy can. After using face of warm water clean, with small cotton the autograph is dipping in the besmear with the face even film of mix up is on the face, not too thick, thin thin one can, after passing 30 minutes, wash, can make a face smooth, rich burnish.

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Current the reddest Russia exceeds gauze of modular sex appeal to leave the country VOGUE dream deduces clairvoyant vogue

2012-06-08 | Origin: Love still net

  Introduction: Russia exceeds Li of · wave of Sha of modular graceful tower (Natasha Poly) it is current best-selling exceeds a standard, the outline of your face ministry of rich and three-dimensional feeling is her most distinctive mark, and she is done when going on T stage showing the momentum that come out also is her the key of successful absorbing eyeball. Recently, russia exceeds body of Li of · wave of Sha of modular graceful tower to wrap around sexy gauze leaves the country, film for French edition VOGUE style is old.

Current the reddest Russia exceeds gauze of modular sex appeal to leave the country VOGUE dream deduces clairvoyant vogue

Russia belle exceeds modular Natasha Poly to wear sexy gauze formal attire to give style of month of VOGUE 6/7 of lens France edition is old, lens of palm of cameraman Mario Sorrenti. The fine gauze of Bao Ruchan ala has clairvoyant effect extremely, build dreamy amorous feelings; Originality drape designs delicate manual craft confluence, reveal extraordinary immortal glamour.

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Street of 3 when everybody does not know modern bags pats collocation to need not expend brains

Summers is tide show figures show taste t, whether ordinary girls love fashion, or is skilled in matching the “Monster”, General and ultimately several bags to put it down, but that several big packages of each quarter bought is too prone to hit too embarrassing! Phoenix fashion so this specially recommended for everyone 3 both stylish and not easy to “hit” a bag.

Aoliweiya·bale mo (Olivia Palermo)

Woven handbag full of small fresh Garden, aoliweiya·bale mo (Olivia Palermo) likes to weave handbag match prints, national costumes of the wind element, particularly match small white shirt, feeling very simple but elegant, and boyfriends shopping on the back of the bag when, should be all the more sweet and pleasant.

Gerard Darel about $ 2,158


Is street of bud silk hollow out patted set an example who is the modelling ace in your heart?

To count a week global most popular IN street fashion blog pictures of moments! Poster series series continues to render 20 best Street last week take a Look today, remains popular from different blog sites carefully selected from the most recent model in the model, blogger, Europe, street people, beautiful long legs of Matou, fatal instinct network fashion tide people Oh!

In this period of writing a series of meticulous finishing feature, we dressed up people high and matching skills in learning at the same time, counting last week Street filming people choose popular keywords, analysis which appears popular term rate the highest? Is clean and crisp pure white, lace skirt, or sports fan pierced crocheted sweater? Model of the week and vote your heart good!

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Protect wet nurse: 8 large necessary sheet taste winter

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 Winter must-

The cooler months have their charms, including hot chocolate, cozy fires and pretty scenery. They also bring about a few woes, though, such as dry skin, dry hair and dry lips. The key to keeping hydrated locks, kissable lips and supple skin is to moisturize often and well. Consider it the same as drinking water when you’re thirsty. When your body craves a little moisture — and it will — employ balms, salves, lotions and creams to keep scales and cracks away.

In the dead of winter also has its own charm, heat chocolate, cozy fire also has beautiful scenery. Nevertheless, the cold has also brought a number of disasters, such as dry skin, dry hair as well as parched lips. Lock lips in moisture to maintain full status, skin soft and often water is the key. Just like when you’re thirsty to drink water. When your body needs some water added-with some balm, ointment, drove water and face cream for cracked.
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Pedaling back in time: Melbourne Tweed Ride 2011

Melbourne’s weekend Tweed Ride couldn’t have asked for more idealistic weather conditions. Except that, well, most people were perspiring a little than they would have liked to in their vintage plus-four suits. But a far merrier option to the previous day’s deluge of rain, Sunday’s event was smiled upon by sunshine and calm winds as the 200 strong participants pedaled their way along the city’s Yarra River, arriving like a whimsical British invasion to the French ‘Paris To Province’ festival at the gardens of Como House. Had chaps with names such as Wellesley and Bonaparte been present, this might have been Waterloo.

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Tide girls up short braided hair to create elegant and intellectual OL

Short hair girls, often because it is a short hair, give up work in her hair, I just want to look good hairdresser, this appearance to give up their bad! Small series will teach you how to create hair intellectual OL.


Braided hair and disseminated before the after effect

Braided hair and disseminated before the after effect

Short hair is what you can do in fact changing, always give people a sense of playful and lively, or clean well-executed with short hair, while if you want to be an intellectual beauty, you want to do? In fact, as long as the need to roll up as soon as it can become slightly intellectual beauty! Super simple steps, believed that smart you can easily get 5 minutes, come to see it ‘s.