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Does brown sugar enrich the blood? The woman enrichs the blood 6 big errors

Woman is a Wizard of the blood-forming. From ancient times to the present, beauty is called “beauty”, visible blood on benefits for women. In reality most women have anaemia or minor symptoms of anemia, because of this, women should pay attention to the blood. However, female blood do not know much about how nutrition, mistakes so easy to walk into the blood.

 Errors: eating meat is bad for health

Some women for general dissemination of meat damage health of misleading advertising, focused only on healthy function of plant food, leading to animal food intake of iron-rich foods is too small.

In fact, animals not only iron-rich food, its high absorption rate, up to 25%. Iron in plant foods is a food contains phytic acid, oxalate, such as interference, a low absorption rate, about 3%. Therefore, avoid the meat can cause iron-deficiency anemia, in the daily diet, intake of fruits and vegetables, and meat should be balanced.

  Misconceptions II: egg, milk on the anemia more effects

Milk nutrition, but with very low iron content, human body absorption rate is only 10%. For example milk feeding of infants and young children, if the parents neglect to add complementary foods often cause of iron-deficiency anemia.

Egg yolk iron well, egg yolks contain higher iron content, but iron absorption rate of only 3%, not iron to share. Some of the protein in the egg, and inhibits the body absorb iron.

Therefore, the two women eat food, nutrient-rich, but to supplement iron is undesirable to rely on them. However, the high iron content, not only animal liver and absorption rates of more than 30%, for iron supplementation purposes.

Menopause women why easy to insomnia

Menopausal women insomnia results not only from lack of sleep and physical and mental fatigue, will also lead to serious mental and psychological problems, low immunity appears, seriously affecting the quality of life. So what does cause menopause women insomnia is?


Four causes of menopause women insomnia

1, from looking at the psychological stress reaction of women increases with age, lack of patience, easy irritation.

Many menopausal women’s self-obvious feel, something previously seen used, start picky, bear now, after such emotions, will also increase the symptoms of insomnia.

2, estrogen decrease due to endocrine changes.

Due to ovarian function decline, estrogen reduce women developed palpitations, chest tightness, excitability, insomnia, anxiety and depression, memory loss and other symptoms.

3, hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms occur at night, to a large extent also affect sleep.

Suddenly wake up sweating or hot or disrupted sleep, more likely to lead to people with low sleep quality of the original feeling more depressed or irritable, trying to sleep, but due to physiological reasons unable to sleep.

4, too much pressure easily lead to insomnia.

Reaching middle age, growing commitment in social and family pressures, many menopausal women becoming breadwinners in the family, in the face of pressure, mental and psychological burden increase, insomnia is produced.

Women want their happiness must be ambitious

Two years ago, because of work I have known him. Earlier this year, my husband’s feelings and has come to an end, while sad, he called again about me. I meet two people to eat a meal at a time. After a period of time, he asked me out to play. I just fine, and he often went to the temple, or outdoor, trip to the Parks Department. Often with poetry as prose, shallow sing low discretion.


In intercourse, however I found a very big gap between us. First, I’m three years older than him, although I looked three years younger than him. Second, he is a more powerful man, although he is low-key, drive is a normal car. But invite him to dinner, and he was driving the BMW Mercedes-Benz. I never asked him to do, and he is only a simple emotion of communication exchanges. Finally, he took me to dinner, the three of them ate more than 5,000 dollars, I can’t take it anymore. That night sent him a text message, telling him I 2000 money wages a month, I can’t afford to eat such a meal, our economic base is different, do not want to and he then exchanges. But he sent me a long text message, deep-cut, to pick me up the next morning. I said “you should look for a background, there is strength, business woman, wife”, he said his ex-wife is such a person, but he’s not happy all day. He had seen many women, many of the younger than I am pretty. But women too much money, value, just my silly people who love him, never demanding that he bought this bought that. That day I happened to fog and his relationship. I’m a conservative woman, very sorry.

Men love scramble for what kind of woman

Sometimes, men like scrambling for a woman, what men like woman?

First woman: confident woman


Man appreciate the confident woman, because she makes men feel she is accountable for their actions, so that man is safe, you can rest assured hanging out with her.

Confidence does not mean that tough. Confident woman not only interpersonal skills were large elegant square, Frank, Jack is not dragging its feet, and will just right in front of men of weakness, docile, delicate natural feel free to show a woman. That gives men lamented, more ready to close.

Also have to say back, people are very complicated, more contradictory things and sometimes the more intriguing. Therefore, the wise woman to let man keep strong fighting spirit of the Conqueror on the one hand, on the one hand to let a man can’t resist your charms.

Part one of proportionality, unable to let a man afraid of disappointment, who cannot make a man feel up for grabs

Second woman: woman full of passion for life

Enthusiasm is the best lit man’s love. Love life of a woman, never give up any opportunities to enjoy pleasure, man not only infected more fanaticism will be given to the enthusiasm of return. Enthusiastic woman knows the joy of life, feeling fine, they are generally considerate, pure and bold, likes to meet the challenge, you explore life. Along with them, man will feel very relaxed, you don’t have to make a character wears a mask and upright.

Why bad men more like a woman?

People often naively thought that, as long as the Petite lovely, gentle good woman, in love will be favored and favorite of countless men, but the fact is, the men loved bad woman, what has happened to this community, what do they think?


Bad woman not to have been abandoned will favor him this idea is what

In love, when you’re still guessing those men he likes when I do, those “bad girl” is calculated with this guy’s mind together, what are the benefits to themselves when you are busy looking for a reason when a certain self-, “bad girl” have use of their valuable time to make boys happy. In fact, these “bad girls” maybe just a few strokes, but soon these boys will obligingly hooked up.

“Bad woman” get to the point

Maybe bad on women in the workplace, is very bad, their capabilities are very strong. But for her man, her behavior is very reasonable. Bad women as men get to the point, without more ADO, never hysterically shouting, but things look good, and they will not fix on trivial things, men also like this, because they know what they want to (men without that kind United States time, next to a woman every day can help her clean the ass).

Sometimes a man, get along with the bad woman, than with a two units in the West and emotional woman get along much easier. Because sensitive woman not put a foot right, always make a man feel very confused, never know themselves what they get in to them? Bad woman can express yourself clearly and courageously. As a result, they always can easily get what they want.

In addition, the bad woman man to know, in this relationship, he plays what role. Some men head to paste as, if the words you don’t understand, he did not understand anything. Man is afraid of women always want to play with them “guess” of the game, also hate to be after the wrong woman scolded in someway capricious woman brain thinking? If a woman can learn to Frank, many pressures will disappear without a trace of the man.

Mature female private sex skills open


Superior bedroom skills can become more harmonious sex. Feels like hard work experience after an uncomfortable trip; like sunny spring walk in Woods; just like climbing to the peak of untold pleasures. However, perfect sex gives us far more than that, it also makes our body and spirit are an entirely new look. It in a most original way illuminating our love, strengthening the relationship between men and women.

They maintained the fire of love everlasting. Sex is perfect, is absolutely crucial to whether two people living together, earnestly do not maintain a love fantasy vegetative life, whether man or woman in need of this point, is completely consistent.

Woman “Lust”

Perfect first attitude is perfect for sex, he and her are sex covered with a positive attitude. If the men mate with itself as love sex, can be very obsession with her.

In many cases, of men lost in fantasies, rather than sexual behavior and his partner because he mistakenly believed that his partner is not a hobby. If you cannot understand different feelings on sex between men and women, this occurs very easily.

Woman like a man love sex. Different is that women only under the premise of love, to feel the passion. Therefore, the woman first felt a man’s love for her, felt that men love their distinctive ways, and then only will open the doors of her sex. Women, like men desire, this feeling sometimes strongly than men. However, for women, love is the basis of sex, only after you love needs met, importance will appear. Of women with men like. However, women need to feel loved, and then to sexual impulses and the fans. Even if a woman is just a little likely to be the feeling of love in their hearts, desire of her heart to be ready. In General, men awaken desire just need opportunities and locations. After the start of love and sexual awakening of men more than women automatically and more quickly. Even if a woman is just a little likely to be the feeling of love in their hearts, desire of her heart to be ready.

Men longing for perfect love

Perfect sex man lurking sense of achievement can be detonated, men from the frustration can also be liberating, he covered with passion and confidence to anything, including re-build the relationship between two people. Perfect sex men to the most original, most direct way, taste the results of their efforts. Victory of woman body meet is a man of spirit. Passion and wheezing of a woman, man conquer and occupy the nerve is activated. Heaven’s doors open, men wantonly to soar. Through the women’s meet, men can feel that she is so grateful for their imprint and love. Men sometimes ostrich-like, to hide itself, but when he returned to his world, you’ll find that had demonstrated that the desire for love is still deeply embedded in the minds of women.

Women need the perfect sex

Perfect sex can completely melt a woman, bring her from soul open your heart, feel the love, and to heart. Man smart and knowing touch, you can make a woman love feeling of vitality through touch and constantly rising. Women will not hesitate to believe. Man of passion and commitment to meet a woman inside the desire for love. Even if two people quarrel had just happened, tense atmosphere enveloped the whole family, provided by perfect sex, all discord will evaporate the clouds, a woman will once again conquered by her own sense of belonging. Perfect sex, women in love and be loved requirements to maximize in enthusiasm and satisfaction.

  Perfect love build a perfect relationship

Perfect sex clip tenderness snippet in your life, let a man and woman in his life time memories. Memories that can cause human brain and the body secrete a chemical substance, him and her most pleasing each other, meet each other, love each other. Meanwhile, the perfect sex can also deepen mutual attraction, stimulating the energy of love, even able to improve our health. Not only does it ignite a spark of vitality, also brought us beauty, a sense of belonging and appreciation and gratitude to each other and the entire world.

Perfect sex God to those who strive to create extraordinary gifts of love.

Cause is sex love important than friendship, rich. Perfect sex can soothe a woman made her develop own mature charm, it can also make a man more manly. Sex hidden huge power, can make our intimate or ruthlessly keep us apart.

Want to reach the perfect sex, rely on instinct and habit alone is not enough. With the passage of time, people love quality problems become increasingly prominent. The trouble is, this feeling changes too minor to persons unable to detect sex as if because the habit gradually becomes a habit. Like routine and uninteresting. In order to take care of our partner in bed, you urgently need some new skills.

Requirements are different for men and women for sex, if not fully understand the difference, then, after a few months or years – one day sooner or later, becomes sex – like a wash and brush your teeth need but uninteresting. Believe me, as long as you are willing to learn and grasp the perfect sex and doing some minor changes, this situation will be completely changed.

  Different chemical substances

This difference between men and women is reflected in Physiology. After the male hormone, would be quickly freed after the climax. For women, slowly release process, and long retention time of more after the climax.

Women need a relatively slow process to wake the sex drive. When she felt warm, erotica and attraction after only hungry for sexual stimulation. After her crush on a man, may take a few days time, began to want sex. Women need a relatively slow process to wake the sex drive. Men that demand is difficult to understand women, sex and sucking a cigarette they can even be treated equally. Once men have sexual desire, need to be put into action immediately. Wait a few days will greatly inhibit the desire of men. Women are not like this, they need more room before the sex.

Business trip home when his wife, the husband wants to have sex right away, while his wife want two people chatting, slowly brought their sexual impulses. If you cannot understand this difference between men and women, men very easily feel being abandoned, while women will have been felt.

Usually just familiar with men and women when men understand women sex feeling cultivation takes time. However, when they occur after the sexual relationship, men tend to stop feeling moist. But in fact, women before sex is still need for emotional solace. We can make a very appropriate metaphor of love is the “admission ticket”. Because men demand for emotion was relatively small, so the husband is difficult to understand his wife’s emotional needs. (Companion)

Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Women are often naive thought that, in the heart of man is no secret, their attitudes to love is to go forward, will not produce this or that idea. However, in order to live a happy, these must see through his secret.


Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Man-love when hero’s arrogant attitude, so it is easy to fall in love with the woman complained to him.

Men want women around to understand: all with the same woman to the place, it is a very boring thing (maybe women think so too, just embarrassed to say), and moderate dating other women, is a relief and relaxation, can have no other attempts.

In gender relations, women need men to tell her, he is willing to make any sacrifice for her, a man needs a woman told him, he is able.

Man thinks himself affectionate, is often a thin but without compromise in the woman’s eyes.

In the heart of man, to which degree of intimacy, to what extent is and love of a woman developing.

Man every once in a while, there will be emotional and physical strength drops to the bottom of a few days, don’t want to see anyone Hide read books, listen to music, see discs and mad play games out.

Has had love experience of men are know: woman is cannot but cheated of, similar like: “I will forever love you”, “I has been are will like now such pain you”, “what when need I, a phone I on immediately came”, “I yihou then also not like love you such to love also a a people” this words is must to said but forever adhere can’t of “cheated words”, who let woman so love heard does!

Men caught most of the old flame self-assertion, thought with their own people who have feelings, my heart will always save a copy, fantasy woman love him love him forever. Women only will beautify the eyes of men, men have unwittingly beautify lost love affair. So more men than women agree: break up or a friend. Whatever is left people still being left, most of the men are willing to continue to keep in touch with ex-girlfriend.

Love · only know good wine wine better understand life

Wine is a girl’s best friend, it hosted the women’s changing emotions, also makes wine tasting woman has become the most graceful scenery.

Recently, China’s first women’s wine Web site love · only wine (www.i-wines.CN) zhengshishangxian, reopen the Chinese women’s contact with the heart of the wine. Love · wine wine-focused culture in the female-only living in the area of communication, carefully crafted female exclusive B2C wine direct sales platform. As a stylish elegant tasting experts, love · only wine not only provide excellent brand wine and caring professional service, let you enjoy the unique elegance and international fashion-embracing the beauty of the wine. Love · only wine advocate “know good wine, better understand life” Lifestyle through this wine has a long history, content-rich fashion, guided city music live female inner cultivation and quality of life for self-promotion.

In China, women have intricate relationships with wine and women and wine has also spread the story of the Millennium, women drinking it from Han dynasty to the Qing dynasty are all documented. Today, the wine has become one of the most respected wine. Handheld goblet, Carnelian colored wines slowly swaying, slower odd glass drinking woman, always give people such as dream-like beauty of magic, and glycol General heady wines as elegant woman. Wine is not only the women choose of delight, contains a profound cultural connotation, in the long history of evolution and culture in the development of wine has formed its own unique culture, became a special symbol of culture, philosophy, literature, art and wine have a close association, this is also the wine a unique charm.

Woman loves wine, perhaps because of its beautiful color, perhaps due to its aftertaste long taste, or just for yourself, the wine as a gift heart water. A glass of wine can be reflected in the female inside, rich. In addition, beauty features fucheng also did not mention of wine, rich in polyphenols in wine, it 50 times times the antioxidant is vitamin e, was 25 times times the vitamin c, can improve the body’s metabolism, restore the normal function of the skin, effectively slowing aging. Wine not only pleasant, intoxicating, more dependants.

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Mystery charm yet flexible protecting toning cream 24 hours charming white

With the advent of July midsummer, how embarrassing oily refused, long maintained exquisite beauty makeup became a problem of many female trouble. Korea beauty makeup brand MISSHA puzzle is carefully introduced a wide-effect BB cream , water + Sun + Cover, long-acting hydrating for the Chinese women presented a cosmetic change, in the summer bring 24 hours see the charm of white.

Water run for 24 hours, the perfect convergence of small oily

Mystery charm yet flexible protecting toning cream also known as red BB, is a four-way full-effect of the integration of BB cream. Mystery red BB MISSHA mystery 09 was first developed, opening up a Korea first BB cream, it was known as “Korea BB cream originator”, for several years in the major BB cream sales ranks first on the list.

MISSHA mystery is has been adhering to naturalism, red BB of main components are used after strictly filter out of natural plant extraction property, more containing on skin has stabilization probation of components fans Diego fragrant, and ocean micrantha extraction property, effective release skin tired pressure, relieve outside harmful substances on female delicate skin of stimulation; also, mystery is red BB within has hi-tech moisturizing components transparent mass acid and neural acyl amine components, will female skin 24 hours placed soft water run of protection zhixia, moments supplementary summer sun Xia because sweating and missing of cell water. Skin experts pointed out, a major cause of female skin oil is with the lack of skin moisture, skin cells can spontaneously secrete oil to make up for the lack of internal moisture of the skin. Summer women’s embarrassing when oily, water shortage is actually the skin manifestations. In order to perfect the supplementary water, mystery still red BB W/S formulations of moisture to the use of touch products, help small powder fully jointed with skin brings water to the skin, moisturizing shine, creating soft tender skin feel of water skiing. Too heavy a burden for summer skin, thick greasy smudge sunscreen and sultry bleeding problems, mystery red BB added a remarkable sunscreen ingredients, perfect isolation of ultraviolet sun protection effect can be up to SPF30+PA+++, refreshing and permeability, let female skin in summer wind

Intimate care 11, forging flawless charm woman

Mystery red BB MISSHA mystery Star products, over the years won the Korea and overseas women consumers alike, are deeply trusted by female nude makeup “secret weapon”. MISSHA mystery was founded in 2000, is based on Korea site “Beautynet” as the platform of the birth of cosmetic brands. Begins with communication history doomed MISSHA brand mystery is a treasure to communicate with customers, take care of consumer opinion “of the customer first. “MISSHA mystery voices of every customer to look at a premium, to customer need for baseline patience delve into every detail of the product, bi-directional communication between the brand and the customer as the result of its own product development, improvement of direction. 11 years, MISSHA mystery still insists abandon our brand philosophy-virtual China “with upscale cosmetics of life must be available at reasonable prices. “MISSHA mystery still firmly believe that a cosmetic brand, quality first, a real value lies not in ornate packaging for cosmetics and expensive advertising, but rather on quality cosmetics.

MISSHA mystery still believe that true beauty is to take care of herself. The Korea brand never meet on the surface of the United States, but the pursuit of natural beauty from inside to outside. Set up in 11, MISSHA mystery yet intimate care for urban women with their efforts, demonstrate one belonging to the dazzling beauty of Korean beauty makeup.

Molested women with boyfriends 89% odds be beaten

Many Otaku good depressed, they find little dark side is always missing build giant super good, looks pretty woman. On this issue, the Colt brother than a dozen years ago, in the dark video similar to the Office of the ancient puzzle, the Mong Kok Carmen conducted an academic demonstration of films, found that most attract young women is that they can for the slightest of woman shedeyishengua’m going all out and others struggled.


Regret is that this half-hearted knife moving guns most of the show in screen play, the reality of males to females in a beaten events rarely occur in human society. Thus, the women want to know today, I’ll tell you, sisters reality of men willing to fight for you in Sth

  网易女人《女人想知道》89% man molested their own abhorrence of the woman, ready to LUN fist. As long as the other dares to provoke, 45% of man-hands to mercilessly. There are 44% men like to try peaceful means before resorting to force, encountered be insensible leader will fight. Visible, if men want to bubble around girls of her boyfriend, mob risk as high as 90%.

  网易女人《女人想知道》11% man is a gentleman, their women being insulted both exercise restraint of a rational attitude. It is divided into two, one is known as the yes man not his fists, one surrendered and is expensive to send. But we have to tell this man, while women often want gentle man, but this time she would like you to have more aggressive and violent, the specific code of conduct can refer to the medieval knights and gentlemen. Also inserted a sentence, women want men to be more aggressive in another moment is in bed.

  网易女人《女人想知道》36% nurse wife of the man who is blind, who would dare argue and his woman, they no matter who’s right and wrong, are firmly on the love front external resistance. Eh-hem, men at this time, is a tyrant or a brave act for a good qualitative, fully depends on their women’s moral character. So “life highly depends on the wife of a man” this sentence, from moral standards or there is some truth to Ah.

  网易女人《女人想知道》35% man can become excellent members of the jury, because they banglibubangqin. Their rational woman, they brave early; your woman wrong, they loudly mediator. This shows that don’t and is both justified and have men accompany women to make red, because as much as a 71% chance of men to women was that they charge. (Companion)