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Career women’s summer of mysterious skin care maintenance

Women in the workplace should be able to focus on beauty, no matter what the environment facing much pressure of work, maintenance is the hard truth! Some workplace OL all summer in the air-conditioned room on a computer, test of skin affected by water shortage, radiation; OL of foreign families are subjected to the weather. For different work environments, on maintenance of different parts, should have its own set of “killer apps”, maintenance of the following ways and see which one is right for you.


Job market fresh summer skin care maintenance

The workplace fresh summer skin care maintenance method

Back: select maintenance makeup + strengthen eye soothing back office at the end: end of select maintenance makeup + strengthen eyes relax

Maintenance policy: sat in Office of OL long time in air-conditioning room within, skin easy drying deficiency water, if just blindly in face Shang spray moisturizing spray, no moderate oil to help lock water, instead will let more of water was air conditioning dehumidification away, long time Shang makeup of you, may wish to select has moisturizing, and maintenance function of end makeup products, like is BB cream, maintenance type beauty makeup, in Shang makeup while balance moisturizing maintenance.

Also, for long-term staying up, and using computer of OL, “eye week fine sheath, and black eye, and bags under the sth sth” is female plagued of maintenance problem, from school graduated Hou, please will “eye cream” into the upgrade Tim purchased of maintenance products, like is like is added has Q10, and vitamin e, moisturizing, and anti-oxidation components of products, can soothe deficiency water type fine sheath while delaying aging, but if really of to do desalination wrinkles, will select added vitamin c, and-a acid, can promote collagen protein hyperplasia of eye cream, makes leather layer again lucrative full, reached skin compaction of effect.

5 kinds of fruit to eat out of white and delicate aerobic

Bad colour often is because of our nutritional imbalance, we all know that vitamin c whitening , whitening light a lot of people eat vitamin, why are speaking, eating more “whitening” fruit, can whitening can not only lose weight can also added water, wouldn’t it count!

1, lemon

Key whitening ingredients: vitamin c.

Talking of white fruit, lemon, of course, was the first one. Lemon is a beauty to share in the fruits, rich in vitamin c and calcium as a raw material for cosmetics and skin care products. Lemon white, either oral or topical.

The beauty of its main features are: whitening skin cleaning, removal of pigmentation, tighten skin, skin care, eliminate fatigue, skin aging resistance.

In addition, also contains large amounts of acid constituents in lemon, softening the stratum corneum, removing dead skin, promote skin metabolism. Take a small teaspoon of lemon juice, mixed a spoonful of yogurt and a spoonful of honey, the knees, elbows and heels with a slight friction after about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water, long can make skin tender and full of luster.

2, cherry

Key whitening ingredients: vitamins a, c.

Cherry rich in vitamin c moisturizing cosmetic skin, effectively resist the formation of melanin. Fresh cherry, sugar, protein, beta carotene, iron-rich nutrition. Cherry 20 times times the iron content of Apple, PEAR 30 times, while the iron is an important component of hemoglobin in the blood, blood adequate skin white and red, of course! Beta carotene and vitamin c whitening skin must supplement, eating more cherries can be real delicate, elastic skin, Oh!

In addition, the cherries are one of the more iron and carotene-containing fruit, its nutrition very rich, the deficiency of qi and blood people can play a role in blood and tonifying the kidney, 200-300 g can adjust gastrointestinal functions before lunch, on the digestive function of poor people who are very good.

3, tomatoes

Key whitening ingredients: vitamin c.

Tomatoes are nutritious and low in calories to keep many of the models rely on edible tomato. Its rich acidic juices can help you balance the skin’s pH value. For people black and rough skin, you can stamp after the juice of tomato on the face, stay there for about 15 minutes with water after cleaning, removal of dead skin on the face of great help. Tomato is also rich in vitamin c in vegetables, tomato sauce and mix a little honey rub in the face, cleaned up with more than 10 minutes, every day insist can spot removing cosmetic.

4, grapefruit

Key whitening ingredients: vitamin c

Grapefruit contains about 123 mg vitamin c per 100 grams, for treasure known as vitamin c, can go to the greasy oil solution, of course there are beauty beauty effect. Pomelo Peel is rich in essential oil, FRY joined bath after soup, also has cosmetic effects.

In addition, can also be by means of a beverage such as honey pomelo tea whitening.

Cosmetic physicians believe that taking the honey pomelo tea 3 months, could reach the “change the Constitution” of probation. Relying on food and achieving more effective than with whitening cosmetics. Cosmetics can only make the skin appears dimmed for the time being, the effect is more limited, and “symptomatic” food can cut the roots of melanin, manufacturing “factory production of melanin”, so the whitening effect would more permanent.

5, Kiwi

Key whitening ingredients: vitamin c

Also known as kiwifruit kiwifruit, average per pound up to 95.7 mg of vitamin c content of kiwifruit, known as the King of fruits. It contains vitamin c and vitamin e can not only beautiful skin, but also have antioxidant probation, effective whitening of the skin, remove freckles and at the same time enhancing the capacity of anti-aging skin of acne. In addition Kiwi fruit contains large amounts of soluble fiber, average per pound of Kiwi 2.6 grams of fiber content can facilitate human carbohydrates metabolism, digestion, prevents constipation. In addition, the Kiwi is also rich in minerals, in her hair form a film on the surface, not only make your hair from dirty air pollution, can also make hair more Feng Ying moist. To insist on drinking a cup of kiwifruit juice every day, to the hair growth is very good.

Caress the four cups of tea “night owl” white-collar families

 1. a cup of green tea in the morning:

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin c, will not only clear free radicals in the body, but also secrete hormones to combat tension. Contain a small amount of caffeine in green tea can stimulate the central nervous, brace. However it is best to drink during the day, so as not to interfere with sleep.

  2. a cup of chrysanthemum tea this afternoon:

Chrysanthemum have eyesight liver probation, some people simply bubbles with the Chrysanthemum with wolfberry drink, or chrysanthemum tea, add honey, are helpful for relieving depression.

  3. fatigue had a cup of medlar tea:

Chinese wolfberry rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin c, calcium, iron, probation with tonifying the liver and tonifying the kidney, eyesight. Their itself has a sweet. Taste, you can make tea or snacks like a raisin, to solve the “computer” eyes Shibuya, fatigue has function. Effect of medlar liver eyesight is better, because it is rich in carotene, vitamin a, B1, B2, c, calcium, iron, and is a must for healthy eyes nutrition, supermarkets sell, drink this water well.

4. evening a cup of tea cassia:

Cassia has heat, eyesight, tonifying the brain and the town of liver-Qi, nourishing bones of probation, if people with constipation can also be dinner after dinner drink, are very effective for treatment of constipation.

Also here to help you find the most suitable computer family to drink tea or dessert, not only can help you fight against radiation can also protect your eyes, anti-annoyance!

Reduce internal heat toxin winter woman beauty in six food


Milk-many people think that drinking milk would increase during the summer “put fire”, causing irritability, actually, the milk is not only not “put fire”, and antipyretic drugs, liver-fire ascending syndrome.

Chinese medicine think micro-cold milk, you can play by nourishing yin, antipyretic and HIV “reduce internal heat”, but milk contains up to about 70%% of moisture, can also complement the human body due to profuse sweating and loss of moisture.

Note that are not frozen ice milk consumption, otherwise many of the nutrients will be destroyed.


Taste salty, cold, is the phlegm, anti-inflammatory, and asthma, detoxification, purgative ideal Detox foods.


Sweet in taste, ping, nourishing the body, detoxification share of beauty since ancient times.

Honey is rich in vitamin b, vitamin d, vitamin e, fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, high quality protein, potassium, sodium, iron, natural flavoring, lactic acid, Malic acid, amylase, oxidase, and other elements, lungs and cough, moistening, detoxification nurse face significant features.

The main constituents glucose and fructose in honey (65%% of the content), is easy to be absorbed, in addition, also contains a variety of human body required amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin c, iron, phosphorus, and so on.

Eat honey can achieve the effect of discharge toxin, beauty beauty, on prevention and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia, is also very good.

Small vegetables give you big beautiful skin whitening method of summer vegetables are popular

The saying goes: a white cover three ugly. Although the Sun no longer strongly, but white ‘s work must continue. In addition to necessary care products, from restaurants to conditioning on the beautiful white of inside and outside-an important way.

Whiten this summer to eat up

Eat peas can be performed keeping young, called pea has the Materia “removing spots, so that surface gloss” function.

Modern research has found, pea is rich in vitamin a to the original, this substance can be converted into vitamin a in the body, vitamin a probation with moisturizing the skin, and is of a general food intake does not produce toxic Deputy probation. Also eat peas are swelling, stretch the skin functions, to tighten wrinkles around the eyes.

White vegetables, there are “two beans” said, double-bean that potatoes and peas. Potato is rich in b vitamins and a large number of high quality cellulose, also contain microelements, protein, fat, and high quality nutrients such as starch. These ingredients in anti-old diseases have important during the probation, can effectively help the female body detoxification. Rich in vitamin c that women reply whitening skin. In addition, the potatoes in a crude fiber can also play a moistening of the probation.

TCM believes that white radish can “benefit the five Zang-organs, a white muscle”. Raphanus is a common vegetable, raw food cooked food may, its flavour slightly spicy taste. Facilitating digestion, increase appetite, accelerate gastrointestinal motility and relieving cough and reducing sputum of probation. Daikon can whiten you? Because of white radish that is rich in vitamin c, vitamin c antioxidant, inhibiting melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, prevents lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, always fresh daikon can make skin white and delicate.

Carrot is known as “skin food”, moist skin. It contains of β-carotene, anti-oxidation and whitening the skin, you can also clear the skin of excess skin, oily skin acne also has sedative and ease of functionality, egg yolk and honey moisturizing emollient effect. In addition, carrots rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury, so that harmful components to exclude in the human body, delicate skin look more red.

Cucumber is rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2, vitamin c, vitamin e, beta carotene, Nick acids, nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, at the same time also contain propyl alcohol acid in cucumber, cucurbitacin, soft fine fibres and other ingredients, to clean and whiten the skin, eliminating sunburn and freckles, relieve skin allergies, the traditional beauty of the incumbent. Cucumber cucumbers contained acids, can promote human metabolism, emit toxins. 5 times higher than for watermelon vitamin c content, able to whiten the skin, keeping skin elasticity, inhibiting formation of melanin. Cucumber also can inhibit the transformation of sugars into fat, lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory systems are very useful. Summer easy irritability, thirsty, sore throat or sputum, eat cucumber helps resolve inflammation.

Mushrooms are nutritious, rich in proteins and vitamins, low fat, no cholesterol. Edible mushroom will make more strong female estrogen secretion, can prevent old rejuvenation, skin beautiful. In addition, mushrooms contain crude fiber, half of the human body is difficult to digest fiber and lignin, keeps the moisture balance in the intestinal, also can absorb the remaining cholesterol, sugar, be eliminated from the body, to prevent constipation, colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, are very favorable.

Winter melon is a beauty to share, to whiten the skin effect. With white gourd tablet daily winter melon pulp is often used for cleaning the face or cleaning your face, can make facial skin fine net of lubrication and less Chloasma. This may and flesh contains a Histidine, urinary enzyme and vitamin and trace element concerned. Has always been seen as the thin wax gourd body, “downsizing” of reputation. Modern medical profession believes that thin wax gourd probation mainly contains a wealth of propyl alcohol acid components, this substance can suppress the sugars into fat, so as to prevent the accumulation of body fat and have a slimming effect. In the Shennong Bencao Jing said, white gourd “it is a good color, Qi is not hunger, jiufu qingshen old resistance.” Propyl alcohol acid and wax gourd containing Trigonelline, which can speed up body metabolism, which may prevent the transformation of sugars into fat, so as to probation to lose weight.

Summer of beautiful women “Sun afraid of” prescription for dietary therapy

Summer Sun strongly, some people will be a lot of Brown freckles on his face, then what excellent plan to resist the Sun do? Below will introduce you to several natural foods with function of maintenance of the skin and remove freckles in food.


1, daily 1 cup tomato juice or eating tomatoes, on the prevention and treatment of freckles have good probation since tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, as the “warehouse of vitamin c”.

Vitamin c inhibits tyrosinase activity in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, which makes the skin bainen, black faded.

2, take 100 grams of rice, fresh cucumber 300 g, 2 g salt, ginger 10 g. Wash the cucumbers, peeled hearts cut into thin slices. Rice washing clean and wash the ginger pieces. About 1000 ml with water in the pot, placed on the fire, following rice, ginger, after weapons fire to open, switch to smolder slowly Cook until rice rotten cucumber into slices, then cook until soup heavy into salt seasoning. Twice a day take it warm, moist skin, spot removing, lose weight.

Modern scientific research has proven that cucumber is rich in potassium and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin c, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carbohydrate, protein and nutrients such as phosphorus and iron. Regular consumption of cucumber, and can remove freckles, whitening skin. (Companion)

Breast enhancement achievements sexy beauty 4 Yi 6 bogey chest

   Review: do you know your chest like? What?! I don’t know, is that you don’t think you like your chest like, if you don’t care about it, it would go against you, how are the outcomes? That’s your chest upgrade but rather are “demoted”, then you should be careful, please pay more attention to your most loved and most hated of the chest.

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  Chest favorites:

  1. green papaya

Green papaya fruit first breast enhancement since ancient times, rich Papaya Enzyme from papaya on mammary gland development is helpful, and we enrich breast enhancement of hormone-containing papaya enzymes and nutrients such as vitamin a, can stimulate female hormone secretion and stimulate the secretion of ovarian estrogen, breast and smooth, so as to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement.

  2. corn

Fresh corn contains a large number of natural vitamin e, it can regulate the body’s nerves and exudative, enhanced metabolism, and can make to the subcutaneous tissue fengrun is elastic, if that is the constant supplementation of vitamin e, women’s skin will be resilient and luster. Also contains vitamin B6, niacin in corn and other ingredients, stimulate the excretion of gastrointestinal peristalsis and the acceleration of drying characteristics, can help us fight constipation, colitis, colon cancer, etc. Breast enhancement effect of maize compared with par is glioblastoma. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins a, B1, B2, B6, e and beta carotene-rich nutrition, can help the development of chest, there are weight-reducing function Oh!

These beautiful skin food can eat anti-aging



Sweet in taste, plain, also known as the cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, Gill, originating in India, has an obvious clearing, the shengjinzhike function.

View of modern medicine, cucumber is rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2, vitamin c, vitamin e, beta carotene, Nick acids, nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, at the same time also contain propyl alcohol acid in cucumber, cucurbitacin, soft fine fibres and other ingredients, is a rare poison beauty foods. Cucumber cucumbers contained acids, can promote human metabolism, emit toxins. 5 times higher than for watermelon vitamin c content, able to whiten the skin, keeping skin elasticity, inhibiting formation of melanin. Cucumber also can inhibit the transformation of sugars into fat, lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory systems are very useful. Summer easy irritability, thirsty, sore throat or sputum, eat cucumber helps resolve inflammation.

Karen Mok revealing the sole weight loss secret

22nd Taiwan Golden Melody Awards ending, and Karen Mok who “best Chinese female singing person” on stage immediately announced that she was excited at the end of 17 year old boyfriend first love and married. Well, career, love bumper skinny babe Karen Mok is how to maintain the slim build of it? Today, we reveal you the skinny rapturous exclusive weight loss, Oh!


Karen Mok the exclusive way to lose weight:

First, the exercise to feel at ease sleeping

Student start, Karen Mok is fixed swimming every day and a half hours, then became a artist, you can only find time to tour a fun!

In addition to swimming, Karen will do exercise every day and sit up, unless it naive to overturn sleep tired, otherwise she will certainly be under 30 before going to bed before they lay down to sleep at ease. Insistence is Karen movement, thus creating a generation of sexy slim Cutie Oh!

Second, the Big Apple lose weight

Once increased weight, just cut out a big Apple, Apple when hungry to the mouth, this is Karen Mok diet lose weight. Every time when she found herself on weight, it will start eating Apple and then reduced to eat other foods to reduce calorie intake, so as to achieve the purpose of losing weight.

Third, adhere to the inverted help thin legs

We all know, Karen Mok has a method of self-thin legs, that is to adhere to the stand. Inverted pendulum is one very effective method for thin legs can not only help you reduce fat legs, strengthen the muscles of the legs, can shape the perfect legs, so that more straight beautiful legs.

Four, increasing fiber intake

Karen Mok are passionate about fiber intake, adhere to the consumption of green vegetables every day. Food cellulose in addition to lower the blood lipid, blood glucose control, it also prevents constipation. Food and fiber volume and constantly stimulating the intestinal wall rentals intestinal peristalsis, the food and fiber adsorbing large amounts of water, forming colloidal stool, there is a direct laxative probation, for weight loss slimming down is very helpful.

Family of five, vitamin b

Karen Mok as well as many female stars, vitamins are very dependent on a day most wish to add in the vitamin group, if the amount of food is not enough, or too busy, she directly taking vitamin pills.

Vastus medialis are fat for women where most easily, due to the particularities of its physical, General sports such as running, walking, upper and lower floor, and so its difficult to have a big impact, once the thigh fat, it’s hard to slim down. So is important to strengthen the metabolism of fat and sugar, and vitamin b family participates in metabolism of sugar, sugar converted help physical excess energy, promote the metabolism of fat and protein.

Six, challenge difficult Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective weight-loss campaign, Karen Mok is not only a love of Yoga exercises, Yoga movements she will challenge higher levels of difficulty, this shape for her perfect figure is very helpful. In addition, regular Yoga exercises can help you not only reduce the excess fat in the body, also have helped to shape a more perfect body-Oh!

Eating corn is good to keep strengthening immunity

Corn contains a higher concentration than rice, flour, vitamins to enhance resistance to infectious diseases, thereby promoting healing of wounds and can slow the body’s aging process, was also used as anti-aging health products.

Maize rich in minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Minerals can promote human metabolism, maintain the metabolism of various organs of the body, and the balance of blood to ensure good health, if the body lacks the minerals, will lead to conditions such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis appears.

Maize containing other plants less of a class of substances-glutathione, glutathione can enhance the body immunity, detoxification has antioxidant and consolidation of the probation, it is able to clear the body of free radicals, purifying the body of environmental pollution, promoting people’s physical and mental health.

Maize rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid content of up to 60%. Synthesis of linoleic acid in the human body cannot be independent, so necessary amino acids, research shows that combination of cholesterol and fatty acid linoleic acid promotes the human body, promoting the proper functioning of the human body and metabolism.

Different flavors of corn, its nutritional value is also a large difference, sweet corn is rich in polysaccharides, fat and protein, vitamin a, vitamin c, the soluble sugar content of the more common corn into starch.

Waxy corn containing high levels of soluble protein and salt-soluble protein, waxy corn and sweet corn is more easily absorbed by the human digestive tract, often edible glutinous maize helps prevent, intestinal diseases of vascular sclerosis, is a good health care.

Corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin, both of these components against eye aging has certain features. So, eat corn have eyesight of the probation.

Corn contains rich vitamin e may help the couple raise fertility, miscarriage prevention, probation for better prevention and treatment of infertility of men and women. Recent research shows that vitamin e may also improve blood circulation, relieve physical and mental fatigue. (Source: tribal PConline photography)