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“Rabbit super model” deductive sweet new fragrance

Recently, sweet Juicy Couture introduced Viva (Viva La Juicy) perfume, nicknamed as “Bunny” super model Sasha atepolikhin-bifuwaluowa (Sasha Pivovarova) shooting advertising for its large, show the sweetest temptation.

Viva La Juicy perfume ad blockbusters

Flavor to its name. Viva La Juicy taste fresh and pleasant, is a fruit type, sweet taste makes people feel as pure, sweet like a cute girl. Fragrant adjustable: sweet flower fruit; top notes: Berry, citrus and honeysuckle flower; adjusting: gardenia, amber, jasmine, caramel; keynote: vanilla, sandalwood, Walnut sweets.

Viva La Juicy perfume ad blockbusters

This perfume bottle pendant before there are JUICY Golden LOGO, pink bow, giving a gentle does not make a sweet feeling. For the unique style of super model Sasha atepolikhin to interpret this perfume ad blockbusters, is appropriate.

Tide ultra eruption doll shirts! Will defeat “age reduction” fashion items


Cute doll shirt has been a lot of girls heart love, sweet, but like most of boyfriend’s favorite.

Cool shirt matching reveals the youthful vitality

Go to girls in the workplace, bid farewell to the season of powder white and delicate tenderness, into a refreshing and fruity when era, feels able yet cute, sweet and elegant, this would be considered a real working people, not to admit defeat, on wearing or less, this is the era of workplace Iron Lady!

   清爽百搭短袖衫 甜味OL的果色夏季

Green Wave short sleeves, chiffon fabrics and light materials, highlighting women’s soft, refreshing green can bring to the Office of youth fashion.

Sweet popular tide ride in August a new broadcast

Plain what sparks single product mix combined can crash it? Let us look at what people gave us the wonderful answer! For the fashion clothing collocation of the OL to add several minutes kind of sexy and charming.


Sweet tide ride in August a new broadcast

Fresh and Pak taking lace chiffon sleeves t-shirts, temperament beauties love mashup of most items. Texture of delicate lace, full of sweet, fan design, very suitable for Japanese girls.

Summer sexy denim dress charm

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Romantic sleeve design of the Lotus leaf, make you more sweet feelings, sing out sweet qianquan neighbor minor, two pockets at the hem, using the required installations sketched out, form factor design simple atmosphere, good affinity improves your fashion.

Fashion short film’s premiere ceremony sweet girl poly Miu Miu red carpet

2011-07-22 | Source: love network

   Review: Miu Miu (Miu Miu) fashion short film on the Muta’s premiere ceremony, stars gathered together the various road, and the latest advertising spokesperson Haili·sitanfeierde is wearing Miu Miu Miu Miu fall/winter 2011 series ad dress came, brought sweet and fresh breath. Below together into fashion in the film’s premiere ceremony Miu Miu, and feel the sweet scenery line!

缪缪时尚短片首映式 甜美少女聚红毯

Miu Miu (Miu Miu) fashion, vignettes of the Muta’s premiere ceremony in the United States was held in a private villa in California, and let the young woman’s premiere ceremony more aspect is present stars, sweet dressing up as the summer breeze, brought a more agreeable to enjoy. When the latest advertising spokesperson Haili·sitanfeierde wearing Miu Miu Miu Miu fall/winter 2011 series ad dress came when the sweet and fresh breath is it makes you be moved and inspired the spirit? “Funny Face,” said Emma Roberts, dressed in Golden leather dress on stage when people’s eyes light up.

Teen model Cui xingtai special sweet smile

2011-07-20 | Source: love network

   Review: Korea beauty always gives people a sense of sweet, fresh, and in the RC car Cui xingtai equally and ultimately, the sweet smell of a natural, but that a slender figure,-backed dancer figure, brought another charming smile is pure temptation. Always inadvertently displayed a lovely side. Below on the look of pure RC car Cui xingtai’s sweet smile!

清纯车模崔星儿 别样的甜美笑容

Born born for shot teen RC car Cui xingtai, is always with Korea beauties that a sense of sweet, fresh, the slender build,-backed dancer figure, brought another charming smile is pure temptation. Inadvertently gave off a sweet smell more charm, small mouth when she speak up, and when a sexy pose, is it raises your heart impulse always have ready the feeling? This is the fascination of pure, xiaomeiren, pure, is her biggest weapon, Heung Che beauty is next with a can’t resist charm.

Idyllic, sweet, suihua skirt style guide fashion

Urban hubbub reminds people of the country of the pure, sweet suihua pastoral style was the season’s main fashion skirt costume, look at the bar!

  优雅田园风扮不腻 清甜碎花裙引爆盛夏

When the big girl in Europe and America are what we focused on par to the suihua? Fast on the preparation of a Europe of people of fashion sense, whether it is the grace of goddess-season match feel are worthwhile, not the same mix of heart did you get home? This mix you can penetrate to where the distinctive highlights of Oh! Small suihua mix of pink, sweet, dark green jeans is the kind of feel out of step on, rejected in the past, fresh styling, different feelings can often create a variety of novelty.

Li Nian sweet alginate modeling full breath of spring

   Review: a few days ago, Li Nian was invited to a Japanese magazine shoot a group of fashion blockbusters, shot the main style of sweet, cute, as Li Nian has built a set of “Barbie” type of fashion blockbusters. In the middle of filming, Nian Li learned the fingers 1, 2, 5, 8, 0, posture, pose the synthesis of a lovely big head sticker.


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Sweet bow decoration berets


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Elegant rice Pearl shirt color matching with roses

Xiaobian recommended: popular actress Song Hye-Gyo sweet, pleasant fashion dress up

Skillfully taking lace items highlighting a sweet temperament

But good chance to play the United States during the summer, be sure not to miss this golden opportunity, sweet dressing up is the girls cannot leave the dress style, let your body exudes a sweet fashion charm.

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  Sense of playful lace-collar cowboy Siamese pants

Lace in front, color is a retro blue. Oh, super nice, small t coupled with various colored or white color, plates of meat chick here can adjust the size and thin girl can hang up. Also dare point a little belly band distribution directly to wear out, Oh! Fabric is also not a particularly thick denim wear very comfortable in the summer, Oh!