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Zhang Jia Ni Mei muscle password create dolls like delicate skin

As we all know, Zhang Jia NI skin is like porcelain dolls routine exudes white and smooth, but very few know recognize her “good foundation” is from day care, short series to share the beauty of Zhang Jia NI muscle and you password, so that you can have delicate skin like a doll.

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American muscle password: sunscreen whitening a deficiency and wide

If you want to whiten, sunscreen is the key. White is from inside to outside, skin revitalised brilliance, but also need to protect the skin from outside from external stimulation harm.

Sun is a four-sequence must whitening done priority. Sun, in addition to having the right SPF value, the PA++ function, it is best to also have isolated isolation capabilities of the pollution and make-up. Perennial acting NGAI with special emphasis on Sun whitening, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer is essential in cosmetic products.

8 great whitening experts help you beautiful summer

Hot summer days to the summer sun and is the most important skin care issues is whitening has become a focus of innumerable MM. Even many MM from the late spring and began focusing on whitening and Sun, beauty of small series to introduce the sun before drinking therapy for whitening, also introduced a variety of good reputation of sunscreen tinted moisturizer, but just how do you think the skin is also taller and black? Then you need more to force on the road leading to fair skin “helper”. Today beauty xiaobian recommended for all variety of whitening products, from creams to mask to essence, helped you in the heat still maintain health whitening of the skin!


Whitening of the key points:

Moisture: the foundation of all skin care step, whether old whitening-resistant or oil, have to start from moisture, only have good skin condition to let various maintenance components fill in.

Exfoliation: skin daily air pollution, erosion, or makeup remover cleansing thoroughly enough, will form a thick stratum corneum for years on end. Cuticle of old waste accumulated too much, makes the skin look uneven complexion, dark, and make “black” one of the reasons, not only that, thick cuticle also will stop whitening nutrient absorption.

Whitening products: to whiten, skin care products is less fucheng. If you can only choose a concentration the highest whitening ingredient of whitening cream is definitely preferred, however, one thing to note, whitening compositions of allergenicity higher, be sure to properly select, it is best to do a skin allergy test before use.

Baby oil also have a magical effect of five sunscreen tips for better play

   Review: summer cleaning the sunscreen is a luxurious living, not just paint or scribble uniform is enough. You have some tips to keep in mind, so the effects play to the best sunscreen, make your skin more perfect. Small series to give you a few strokes here, hope are useful for the beauty of girls.

婴儿油也有妙用 五种让防晒霜更好发挥的技巧

1. before using sunscreen lotion or spray, to try to keep the skin smooth

This requires that when you take a bath, make use of some peeling products, especially elbows, knees, ankles, and feet and other parts because these places will be relatively rough skin. Also need to carefully dry the body, do not let water prevents the skin absorption of sunscreen products, with minimal skin oil-free condition.

Strong sun protection supplies a full range of the function of protecting your skin

  Review: has entered a period of very hot in late July, Sun protection and skin care is MM must be one of the things of this period, otherwise the skin is tanned sunburn. Sunscreen must be necessary in the summer sun protection items, but also to choose a suitable and refreshing sun protection items. Next, small series to introduce to you several powerful Sun protection items, all protect the skin.

强功能的防晒单品 全方位保护你的皮肤

The efficacy of sunscreen

Summer outdoor activities have to smudge sunscreen with high coefficients. After finished in front of a smudge sunscreen, still have to apply once in every two hours, to re-apply or is very easy to get burnt by the Sun. Following two sunscreen with a high coefficient, can be effective in preventing UV against.
Left is GIVENCHY multivariate sunscreen tinted moisturizer Givenchy white Ying mining SPF50/PA+++, unit price is RMB550/30ml; behind that is the deep penetration of GUERLAIN jiaolan completely beautiful white sun emulsion SPF50/PA+++, unit price is RMB580/30ml. The two products is very expensive, but is particularly strong.

Recommended holiday Sun Ultra high sunscreen is not afraid

Prepared to outing holiday of in search to buy what of anti-Sun cream to both not Sun black and not Sun injury, has to had back of began recommended own with had of which which anti-Sun most effective ⋯ ⋯ integrated they of field using effect, today recommended of anti-sun cream can meet protection, and moisturizing, and waterproof, and while repair Sun black ⋯ ⋯ and so on many requirements, absolute is holiday of Brigade of greater of selected!

  Shu Uemura Sun fresh sunscreen lotion SPF50/PA+++/PPD16 390RMB/30ml

New formula of Shaka-shaka, brings superior ability to waterproof. Texture of water run thin, durable light protection, eliminate the sticky feeling greasy.

   Chanel white protective isolation emulsion SPF50/PA+++RMB580/30ml

Lightweight breathable LaTeX texture, protecting the skin from pollution and ultraviolet rays.

  Yayang refreshing and protective sunscreen lotion SPF 50+RMB 258/100ml

Yayang live-rich spring water, soothing, calm the skin. Vitamin e precursor effective against free radicals, prevent photoaging. Suitable for combination to oily skin, greasy texture and lightness do not viscosity with high sunscreen, waterproof and sweat formula.

   SK-II white quartz hwan speckle-removing sunscreen essence lotion RMB650/30g

High sunscreen SPF50 can meet the needs of holiday of Sun, UV rays and environmental damage to the skin completely will be quarantined off. From the quarantine, Sun to perfect one step makeup done, compact and easy to carry.

   Laneige enjoy holidays lasting sunscreen SPF50 PA+++RMB195/70ml

Suitable for outdoor activities, less holiday fucheng Sun care products. Waterproof and sweat-resistant, long protected from high intensity UV damage, preventing skin problems such as inflammation, Erythema.

   Meibaolian New York exquisite white emulsion SPF30 sunscreen PA+++RMB109/75ml

Contains pomegranate seed complex cream, can inhibit melanin transition generation, white at the same time effective sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV texture against fresh emulsion, non stick greasy and easily absorbed.

  Xisili sunscreen isolation cream (SPF 30) RMB1050/40ml

Exclusive formula of sunscreen can strengthen skin defense system and natural barriers, slow down skin aging. Both moisturizing, firming, isolation of water-locked features, providing a soft elastic skin. OLAY sun screen RMB150/40ml light times through guarding isolation without flavor, also suitable for sensitive skin using; unique oil-water separation of two, thin and not greasy, equally suitable for oily skin.

   BOBBI BROWN to full bright white milk SPF50/PA+++RMB550/50m sunscreen isolation

Upgrade sunscreen formulations, rapid permeability between construction of ultra-wideband spectrum sun network, full barrier UVA/UVB against light injury; can match any series of skin care and makeup, and for the subsequent makeup base.

  DHC compact regulating water run outdoor sunscreen SPF30+PA+++RMB138/30ml

By virtue of ultraviolet absorber UV scattering agent and double feature tight barrier ultraviolet; just use everyday makeup remover and cleanser can remove. Also added the Coenzyme Q10 essence, olive oil, as well as moisturizing cosmetic ingredients such as superior LIPIDURE, gives the skin water run at the same time adjust skin to its ideal State.

   Yue-Sai white delicate skin tinted moisturizer SPF30 PA+++RMB NGAN 170/30mL

White delicate face isolation cream essence contains Chinese drug plant Ginkgo biloba, probation with antioxidant, the promotion of micro-vascular circulation, stimulate blood circulation, light fade dark heavy, from inside to outside the skin effect of striking out if make-up Ruddy radiance.

Stolen by actress Gillian water tender skin care skin 5 years younger

   Review: Gillian took a lot of TV series and films in recent years, such as the wealth of Inn, such as the female patrol by Datang, although often idle time of the shooting did not take care of themselves, but Gillian’s skin is maintained quite well, remains tender and full of water, remains as before. Below, followed by small knitted look moisture skin care method for Gillian.

偷学女星阿娇水嫩护肤法 让肌肤年轻5岁

Gillian took several films and in recent years, participation in the activities of a brand in the near future, she was excellent, revealing a little secret of their skin care skin. She is focusing on whitening sunscreen and deep cleansing, so now in order to maintain skin moisture.

偷学女星阿娇水嫩护肤法 让肌肤年轻5岁

Out of all sunscreen

Gillian in Foshan, a skin care brand activity, shared their experience in skin care, said that often have to shoot outdoor scene, so it is very afraid of tanning, so I will do a good job Sun, a full range of smudge sunscreen in addition to also drink lots of water to drink fruit juice.

Baolazhen selected April 2011 event information


Theme: Paula’s Choice Po lazhenxuan April to Sun protection products across a 90 percent discount

Time: April 1, 2011

Activities: sunscreen is one of the most important skin care step, before the summer comes, Paula’s Choice baolazhen elections in order to repay the majority of lovers of beauty, and draw your attention to importance of sunscreen, sunscreen products across a 90 percent discount.

Sun refused to oily 4 sunscreen cosmetic edit favorite

  OLAY SPF30 sunscreen fluid light times through guarding isolation PA+++

Reference price: $ 150 specifications: 40ml

Products describes: unique of anti-Sun components-TINOSORB M&TINOSORB s, has most wide spectrum of protection effect TINOSORB M&TINOSORB s, new wide spectrum anti-Sun components, is currently weizhi P&G using of all anti-Sun components in the effect most strong of, can protection UVB, and shortwave UVA and UVA+, than other UV absorption agent of peak more lasting, protection effect more strong TINOSORB m: first set physical anti-Sun and chemical anti-Sun ability Yu combines of anti-Sun components, both can absorption UV, it of micro structure and can scattering and reflection UV, implementation breakthrough of triple protection; Oil-water separation of two unique formulation, has a thin and light oil-water separation of product texture and-OLAY the first two formula reduces prescription of emulsifier content in, don’t add thickening agents, sense of overall sense of texture and rich, heavy reduction, texture and light, making the skin more free breath.

Friends recommend: OLAY I am familiar with a cosmetic may be TV advertising publicity, her price is probably still let people easily accept. Her outer packaging design, has been formed by her unique style. No matter how the new generation, upgrade, are dominated by white lines, always concise and elegant, cool. Previously used OLAY nutrition cream, sunproof series. Feel smell scent, not the kind of stimulus intensity. Smear on the face, is very thin, very attach onto. Light times through guarding the OLAY isolation sun screen, she characterized oil-water separation of two, more light product quality. OLAY’s first oil-water separation two formula reduces emulsifier content in formulations, do not add thickening agents, sense of overall sense of texture and rich, heavy reduction, texture and light, making the skin more free breath. This is really too attractive. In the summer, I used OLAY OLAY whitening lotion-proof. OLAY touch again this year!

Olay SPF30 sunscreen fluid light times through guarding isolation PA+++ rating:
1. unique sunscreen ingredient-TINOSORB M&TINOSORB s, with … Comments on the more famous post on this product

Comments on this product I want to express their

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Ranking of 2011 sunscreen tinted moisturizer Top5

   Review: ultraviolet rays of the Sun is very strong in the summer, if you do not clean the sunscreen tinted moisturizer, skin burn easily. Only during the summer sun is of no use, also to isolate the dirty air, so that the skin can be better protected. Today, love is net of small series to introduce the 2011 gas Top5 sunscreen tinted moisturizer rankings of Superman, this 5 sunscreen tinted moisturizer is very effective, Oh, may wish to try.


Multiple protective isolation of l ‘ Oréal Paris dew SPF30+/PA+++

Reference price: $ 130.00/30mL

Comments: l ‘ Oréal Paris multiple protective isolation dew, the sunscreen tinted moisturizer is thin, dew-like, texture and very light, not rich, there are subtle aroma, very smells good. The reputation of sunscreen tinted moisturizer is good, is welcomed by everyone. This smudge sunscreen product in their faces very good ductility, easier pushing, pigments and effects in General, less ability to Cover. Use this product on the best mix powder, would be better.

Summer skin whitening sunscreen restoration of acute and sustained

Sun protection is a subject all female life have to do! The coming of the summer, Herald Sun homework has been promoted to the urgency, but we often burn accidents, forget to wipe the Sun, sea Sun is quietly hurt our skin.


Sun skin repair after acute and sustained

Sun skin repair after acute and sustained

After Sun’s skin, not only heat, redness, will cause a speckled, down for a long time, the skin will be subject to reversal of fucheng and harm, and so on. Hidden time bombs to keep the skin, the most important thing is to do repair work after the Sun, and after Sun fix, focus on understanding degree of sunburn.


After Sun hurry

 1, after Sun hurry: rapid cooling, large amounts of water, gentle cleaning

Rapid cooling: regardless of how the degree of sunburn, the first time is to cool the skin.  Let the temperature drop down for the entire people, and a warm water bath (avoid the face), or drink a glass of cold drink quietly, with wind. A lot of water: after Sun skin needs most is substantial moisture, water drop “fire”. “Drink” foot live spring water, pure water, soft skin after skin calming, inflamed conditions can naturally dissipated most of

Mild cleansing: face makeup residue, that sunburnt skin, but the double stimulus, this time you need to be thoroughly cleaned. Sun skin after more gentle facial cleansing products should be used, how much do foamer some irritation, it is generally not too abundant foam products (amino acid bubbles).

After Sun fix: many brands have launched a specific after Sun fix the product, you really need them to help at this time, because they are directed at the skin after Sun needs to develop, not only a good relaxing and calm the skin, also help repair cell itself to prevent sunburn.