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Actress embarrassing zouguang specially wear prevent summer fool

The heat of the summer, various beauty dress pretty loaded have upper body, for summer more in one year only in the summer sun just to show their stature of jiaohao. Actress many short low chest going, but inadvertently Happy Together, positions fall not only beauty without its tragic fool. How to avoid the summer zouguang? Inventory of this small series of exclusive female star wearing fool mistake featurette and miaozhao small inventory of beautiful and safe for you, to prevent embarrassment in summer.

Try to avoid short skirt

Reveal the DIKU lost the elegant

   Common zouguang wearing LOOK1 : many’s an eraof the actress has a good figure, at the appearance of doing everything possible to shorten the length of skirts, to show his slender legs and blindly select short skirts, however, does not take into account the audience in an interview whether the film would kill to it a second time inadvertent mistakes. So try to avoid short summer skirt, consider open skirt skirt of a Word, pleated skirt, high waist skirt, both to show perfect match of great stature and avoid infamy.

Deep v neck blindly strive for “low” a good thing

Sexy no contravariant time bomb

   Common zouguang wearing LOOK2 : deep v neck blindly strive for “low” is also a common failing of many female stars, regardless of whether it is appropriate to her figure and can set off this style, one deep v neck wear, not only failed to get sexy and has become a ticking time bomb, always has a zouguang of May. When you select low neckline dress in summer, be sure to select the right length, good grasp of the scale is the first step in sexy dress up. Also, just in case, bare chest stickers are also required less fucheng’s last line of Defense.

New summer famous: wear a taste of summer


Summer is almost wear like in summer. Like Stella McCartney, a quarter of printing, simple clean white platform shoes for Jil Sander, significantly visor like I don’t like coloured sunscreen is a must for people, match long with Miu Miu shoulder bag, regardless of work or on vacation are no problem.

Skillfully taking the dress to show off slender waist skinny

How does this summer, what MM were all going for itself with it, I let us learn about Korea MM playful beauty ride, let us also sweet about it, spending a romantic summer!

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Ruffles to spell color dress

Simple strap-attach, YY White has the upper body is simple greatly FRILLS are very elegant feeling, orange on the spelling of skirt is not a very good match, overall look a summer feeling, matching a beautiful pair of shoes is not very nice match.

Inventory: six embarrassing for men and women in summer events

2011-07-29 | Source: Yahoo fashion

With the advent of summer, a heat wave strikes, changed our life environment, also adapted our mood. Summer dress, grace smart cant ‘ help but beauty for women, was a severe test: crowded car, going to work, stopping by, appointments, sth Everything is not quite the same as always, inevitably trapped by the heat, heat completely flummoxed, as hot embarrassing. Here we count about six embarrassing event for men and women in the summer.

Event: Removing makeup

In summer, many working women have come across such problems, out of the House of good fine makeup in the morning, a sweating, accidentally becomes dahualian. Stop sweating, constantly fixing makeup, last the entire face becomes embarrassing “Panda eyes”, “mask of makeup.”

Solution: the decolorization of waterproof and lightweight class should be used in summer Foundation cream and waterproof mascara, make-up is completed using Finishing Powder, liquid makeup, you do not have to worry about the make-up was damaged by sweat!


Event two: Mao Heimi Khan

Come summer, lots of female beauty is for his whole body is relatively dense hair black anxious: fine hair so heavy, how to wear a sleeveless attire, how to show short skirts? Refreshing nichang and smooth the skin if exposed armpit hair and legs under the charming splendor, beautiful will be greatly diminished.

Solution: removal methods have a lot of fine hair, shave, wax removal, hair removal cream, electric hair removal, laser hair removal, choose the right method, radiant show good posture and white beautiful skin.


Event three: the smell of sweat

This summer is so hot, even sit still was sweaty, pores are always in the open State, the smell of sweat started deposition, wipe also wipe not facial tissue. Into the air conditioning room with difficulty, but the unit smell of sweat is hard not to go, very worrying indeed.

Solution: the heat of the summer, choosing a fragrant body lotion is particularly important for us, Germany owned by Henkel Fa flower fragrance series bring you the unique feel, combining various aromatic fresh and personalized, giving everyone in any different choices for different occasions. ACH Fa fragrance series contains unique components, in addition to 24-hour confrontation outside the taste of fresh skin lasting, also contained a large number of moderate, encouraging aromatic elements. At the same time product properties of mild, also played on the skin protection of probation. All products are skin scientists certified.


Summer skin care through easily overcome skin lasting water run

  Review: is the skin problem-prone in the summer season, sultry and the ultraviolet light strongly, sweating and so will have all kinds of bad effect on our skin. For how many bridges to overcome, one can’t help but dream was made difficult, let xiaobian today for everyone to focus on the solution.

夏季护肤难关轻松攻克 让皮肤持久水润

Summer skin problems: want to whitening, sunscreen, but do not want to dry

Summer skin care + whitening sunscreen must be the main theme, but the white, the dry and the Sun, the dry, loss of moisture in skin is not consciously, skin sense of want water run protection very difficult.
Strategy: comprehensive sun protection of light water run, before and after Sun to pay attention to Sun.

夏季护肤难关轻松攻克 让皮肤持久水润

Summer skin problems II: a night of air conditioning, more and more skin dry

Skin seems to be experiencing the pumping process of the air conditioning room, woke up one night inside water shortages, increasingly dry, deterioration in the quality of the skin, water also seems difficult to absorb in the morning, don’t know how to cook can make skin water run.

Strategy: sleep mask, sleeping beauty muscle

Alice + Olivia ladies ‘ romantic retro 2011 summer wind

2011-07-28 | Source: love network

   Review: has always been to build a classic retro (vintage) Alice + Olivia in the style of the brand, in the summer of 2011 in the ladies ‘, is a consistent interpretation of retro style of the new scent of summer romance. When you see the elegant and very sweet scent when long dress, did you? Here look at Alice + Olivia 2011 summer dresses, feel the romantic retro style!


Has always been to build a classic retro (vintage) Alice + Olivia in the style of the brand, in the summer of 2011 in the ladies ‘, is a consistent interpretation of retro style of the new scent of summer romance. When you see the elegant and very sweet scent when long dress, did you? When the grey one-shoulder dress dancing in the moment, seem to feel the cool summer wind is, is if some inspiration. Johnny crash by virtue of unique style and design of the Alice + Olivia brand, retro mature daily in the style of pants overalls and leisure has long been synonymous with it.

5 reputation control oil products to help you get rid of oilfield muscle

   Review: summer are very vulnerable to oil for oily skin, especially the t-zone bleed much, once the oil is increasing there will be other skin problems. So oil oily skin in the summer most skin problems to be solved. Today, small series to introduce several good reputation of oil products, let you say goodbye to oilfield muscle.

5款口碑控油产品 帮你摆脱油田肌

ZA t oil control area balanced water

Price: RMB78/50ml

Comment: ZA t oil control area balanced water sprayed on the face, you can effectively inhibits oily, controls oil secretion, pore tightening up quickly penetrate pores, makes the skin water run up, but also effective antioxidant. The water balance can be used after completion in makeup, after the tests also can prevent skin allergies, inhibiting formation of acne. With the water in the summer, face very refreshing and moisturizing, no oil, gel-like texture and very light.

Large bright flowers summer clothing in

Time for bright midsummer flowers bloom elements, Olivia-Palermo, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Star flower dress exhibition, have proved to us the flower coat is most occasional summer dress. Large flowers of heat-resistant vest, large flower sandals, large flowers of hot pants makes you a splendid summer had more choice, come look!

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D&G-show full of idyllic leisure flower skirt takes us into the garden girl world

4 fresh sunscreen products make it easy for you white

   Review: hot summer, strong UV easily sunburnt skin, so MM must be in the summer sun. Do the Sun most of the work Foundation is to choose a proper sun protection items, can effectively stop the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Xiaobian recommended for everyone below several fresh-sun protection items, make it easy for your skin white.

4款清爽防晒单品 让你轻松白起来

Sunscreen choose fresh air in the summer-best

Summer weather, the metabolism of the body than the more exuberant, skin sebum secretion is also very strong, will have extra fat; plus error Sun can easily cause pore blockage, long long skin acne, acne and fat grain. So summer is to choose a proper sunscreen is important. Best choice of texture and light, refreshing and air permeability of sunscreen, the following 4 Sun, single product might be right for you.

Summer skin whitening skin care method is delicate

   Review: is whitening skin care work mainly in the summer sun, how everybody tried whitening skin care, how to deal with the hot sun. Today, small series there all summer whitening skin care method, so you can easily travel without fear of being tanned.

夏季美白护肤法 让肌肤白皙细嫩起来

1, white lemon water

Whitening the skin to be used on methods, the right way is difficult to achieve the whitening effect. Drink lemonade in summer is a good choice, not only white spot removing, but Detox weight loss, lemonade features lots. Summer drink lemonade on the skin are still very good. Note: lemon water containing citric acid composition, calcium lost easily, therefore, should not drink.