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Stripe dress fashion dating to be a very fringe controlled

Dating across the stripes do you? Horizontal stripe is always makes people love and hate. Classic styles that women hold one, prepared a few stripes at the time of appointment do not feel the same to him.


The lower part of the bit of shell nosing skirt

Super loose dress, cuffs very Ouchi take a light-colored TEE most praise, loose-version will not display the fat, the predecessor of ultra low chest design combined with the lower half is a bit of shell nosing skirts slightly, being Han Faner have you enjoyed a summer!

Hot couples Pack Tanabata Beach Show romantic

The annual Tanabata Qi Qiao Jie is coming up, Chinese people consider to be “Chinese Valentine’s day”. Little lovers will prepare, a romantic Valentine’s day. Xiaobian finishing several Korean couples fit to introduce.

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Couples stripe Beach suite

Very nice sky-blue, fringe controlled fringe controlled! Cool t-shirts mix of blue and white striped design, really gets to you, and his temperament becoming more fresh Navy style, relaxed styles not limited stature, Oh.

Street Beat Hollywood actress stripe shirt classic mix

Sailor ‘ s striped shirt is change from pop to classical, every girls summer wardrobe must-have items. Stripe Tee, striped dresses, striped shorts sth Jeans and they can match, can also be put on an Act and leisure wear, easily interpret the fascinating style!

Street Beat Hollywood actress stripe shirt classic mix
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New favorite DIKU summer leg free show

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Fashion legging bows again, escape the Navy wind streaks of great charm, vertical stripes of glare, perfect elongated legs lines, can also cover up minor disadvantage of leg-Oh, black monochrome back, pull large Visual gaps before and after, legging avoiding vulgar and more moral character.

Korea nun die sweet mix do you like this style?

Refreshing blue there are other elegant candy colors, are very clear feeling, and color combination of white Foundation, is doubling the effect. There is a simple color scheme’s dress, not cumbersome design also gives a relaxed feeling of Oh!

  韩国嫩模简约搭 清透甜美都给你(1)

Stripe CONTRAST COLOR chiffon blouse

Fresh stripe CONTRAST COLOR, this season brings the fresh feel. Sleeveless trim, refreshing and natural atmosphere. Minimalist style, dress up a sense of elegance. Matching hot pants or DIKU can be oh.

Long t-shirt + socks tide ride full of interesting personalities

   Review: the heat of the summer, it is time for beautiful, quickly “refined” joined the ranks of the people! When dress to wear long t + tights, insufficient help you disguise the hips and legs little more elongated body, showed different trends, completing hundreds of modeling, Oh!

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Korean striped flag of the stars t-skirt

Uses a smooth comfort of silk, denim fabrics, body piece full of personality of American printing pattern of stripes, stars, the national flag design, Europe, full of wind, catching mix of ultra thin milky white stockings are photogenic, Oh!

This host Ma Mei &ikumi together meaning GRASS WATER

Matou this beauty of the Japanese &ikumi meaning clothing brand GRASS hand in hand with WATER, slightly boys and handsome look and temperament of two model hit it off, fresh and full of natural charm as sweet summer brings a cool sea breeze.

Refreshing wind printing

Stripe mix pure green jacket

Long version of the stripes windbreaker

Knitting-cultivating kuanxing wide stripes

Comfortable white wind

OL stripe skirt

Losing breath of teenage male wind

Sen women plot of two sets

Full of romantic lace shawl

Meena fashion network (www.Mina.com.CN) compiled

Simple t-sweet tides also female demonstration collocation method

  导读: T-shirt’s definitely summer play, Pak taking the degree of is well up to people. Can not change regardless of the tide could resist t-shirt’s powerful position, small series below will take you to see t-sweet mix method.

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Striped loose batwing coat

Comfortable fabric, unique design, the classic stripes of color, wear the most fashionable you classic fashion, random collocation can create personality and has a charming style.

Streets of minimalist fashion trend dress up beautiful

   Review: trend of this summer, a wave of street fashion is a cyclone-class speed and invasion with every detail of our lives, in a mix of fashion season for their own investment, MM do not hesitate, and quickly make a beautiful fashion streets in practice leader!

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Korean summer new MaxMara Navy stripe short sleeve t shirt

Stripes of classics and fashion are well known. It is said that every woman should own a pair of shoes, it can take you to the distance. And I think everyone has had a pair of sneakers, take us through the beauty of puberty. Printing of cloth shoes have originality, full of meaning.

Leisure long t shirt to wear a skirt look

Sweet dates in addition to little skirt on the select a casual style t shirt is also very good Oh! Dress up sweet, pleasant and ultimately beautiful colors, beautiful playful t-shirt dress, let each girl all dressed pretty little Princess, Oh!

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Asymmetric stripe shoulder MaxMara dew t

Half-sleeve t shirts bright streaks of color, bright color, full of tall striking effect, the shoulder is used to knock out the design style, seductive lines showed very sexy, comfortable fabric, wear very comfortable.