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Four best-selling white spot removing cream evaluation fast spot removing recovery white flawless muscle

  Review : every girl wants to have a star-like white flawless American muscle, but the spots on his face problems are always plagued MM. How to whiten spot removing many MM focus. Speckle-removing the key is to find methods, selecting the right spot removing products. How speckle-removing products can effectively spot removing it? Today, a small series of best-selling white spot removing cream for all four networks, allow you to quickly spot removing recovery white flawless American muscle.

 Spot removing recommended: Helena Rubinstein HR gel decoding NGAN whitening cream

四款畅销美白祛斑霜大评测 快速祛斑恢复白嫩无暇肌

Helena Rubinstein HR coagulation decoding NGAN whitening cream

  Recommended indexes : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  Recommended groups : uneven complexion and skin dark heavy crowd

  For skin : oily skin

  Spot removing evaluation : Helena Rubinstein HR gel decoding NGAN whitening cream, whiten whitening ability tests found it very well, absorb quickly, and is not greasy, not soaked blotting papers. It can inhibit 46% formation of melanoma, a good improvement to the skin after use, the skin became moist tender, oxidation resistance and good, but general lock ability.

  Recommended reason : new breakthroughs in anti-old white, HR Helena Rubinstein creative whitening system, combined with the best Whitening and anti-old factor k-complexes – POWER, fight the primary source of artifacts. Coagulation decoding NGAN whitening complex fighting cortex skin (epidermal, dermal layers) due to skin pigmentation caused by aging and precipitation. Stain contained deep eliminate factors, strengthening the transitional area of skin epidermal and dermal layers. At the same time, unique island gulls spring title CD long skin moist. Relaxation and soft skin moisturizing, uniform white colour.

  Usage : after cleansing, remove the appropriate amount of cream applied in facial massage until its absorption.

This product is for skin pigmentation caused by aging and precipitate the emergence of, suitable for mature aged skin to use, fast quban.

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Zhang Jia Ni Mei muscle password create dolls like delicate skin

As we all know, Zhang Jia NI skin is like porcelain dolls routine exudes white and smooth, but very few know recognize her “good foundation” is from day care, short series to share the beauty of Zhang Jia NI muscle and you password, so that you can have delicate skin like a doll.

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American muscle password: sunscreen whitening a deficiency and wide

If you want to whiten, sunscreen is the key. White is from inside to outside, skin revitalised brilliance, but also need to protect the skin from outside from external stimulation harm.

Sun is a four-sequence must whitening done priority. Sun, in addition to having the right SPF value, the PA++ function, it is best to also have isolated isolation capabilities of the pollution and make-up. Perennial acting NGAI with special emphasis on Sun whitening, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer is essential in cosmetic products.

Just 15 minutes each night whitening in one step

Whitening in keywords: collagen

One study found that women faster skin aging faster than men. This is because the speed of their consumption of collagen 2.5 times faster than the male. Collagen 70% of skin components above, it is a skin of lock water a sponge, collagen is not enough, and are unable to absorb any more water, dark yellow, rough, and so on also appeared.

Supplement of collagen: applying a healing cuisine vs fill

Through a healing cuisine replenish collagen protein is eating pig, eat some more shark’s fin bird’s nest. Relative containing collagen protein mask with complement of, effective slower but also the risk of fat, Oh! Moderation of timely conducted a healing cuisine usually receives good effects, but for themselves just as lazy mm, is clearly not suitable for it!

Deep cleansing facial

Lazy fucheng whitening method can skip the cleaning of the steps, so mm hard and then fuss will insist to carefully complete Oh! With function of deep cleansing facial milk after careful cleaning facial, skin water to graze the skin on the cotton pad, reach deep cleansing to facial skin. Mask belongs to deep care for the skin, so care facial skin pores clear of work before it is important to carefully complete.

Develop these 8 great vices, acne will never to be seen

Women will always be a lot of bad habits, these bad habits can lead to Acne grow wild, let nude makeup not nude, concealer and ultimately it! Now follow the little series out causes of acne and acne to light!


Develop these 8 great vices, acne will never to be seen

1, frequent wash

Frequently wash will stimulate the skin to exclude fat, even makes acne face!

2, after sweating too lazy to clean and dry

Alkaline environment is the growth of bacteria like environment, weak acid is a sign of healthy skin. Removal of sweat is weakly Basic, if not dry after sweating, sweat retention on the face, will let bacteria taking advantage.

3, likes to touch her face and asked Gill

Obviously, such a habit for your delicate skin bacterial infections.

4 love, not love to eat fruits and vegetables to eat meat

Meat is not easy to digest, carnivorous easily fatty, will have strong skin sebum secretion. While the fruit and vegetables is the beauty of the good stuff.

5, love instant noodles to eat fast food food

These things can cause constipation, constipation was beat out by toxins, endocrine disorders, acne appears!

6, does not love to drink water

To drink plenty of water, to achieve the water-oil balance.

7, do not go to bed on time

11 o’clock to seven o’clock in the morning is the best period of sleep at night. 11 o’clock to one o’clock in the morning and evening is the most exuberant periods human hematopoietic, if this time period without a break, the viscera insufficiency, is vulnerable to injury. So will influence the endocrine, why stay up late the next day face full of oil, is this truth.

8, no attention to bed health

Service-for washing, clean target bacteria are everywhere, Oh!

Skincare ad can’t believe according to skin selected products

Now skin care products, “high tech” brand more and more, while at the same time more brand played “without adding” slogan or rare ingredients. Struggle between technology and natural, so we are at a loss.


First to truly understanding your skin

 “Natural” is not equal to “put an end to sensitive”

Amily skin the envy of everyone, but she was always distressed, because her skin was “very sensitive”, contact metal substances, even ordinary skincare is a small red dot. At a friend’s suggestion, she began to use plant-, natural skin care products. However, her frustration to find that some “natural” can also cause allergies.

Nineth people’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Director of cosmetic dermatology Professor Liu Jianhang said, pure natural plant-type skin care is not. So-called natural skin care products, at least in keeping with the several points – raw materials derived from natural and have a high purity and stability; contains no synthetic preservatives, flavoring pigment may cause stimulation such as mineral oil or chemical composition. However, not everyone is suited to natural skin care products. United States Mayoclinic Medical Center dermatologist Robot Plaseting said: natural skin care products, in addition to maintain moisture, can only be reached easily cause skin allergies, but does not put an end to sensitive skin.

“Chemical composition” is not equivalent to “unsafe”

To use skin cleansing product, then smeared moisturizing cream, then use a liquid Foundation and, finally, without forgetting the lipstick, eye shadow, blush … … For many women, this has become a routine in front of. But United Kingdom biochemist Richard Benz said that after this step, women will therefore absorb each year about 2.3 kilograms of chemical substances. According to his findings, in personal cleaning products in a large number of hydroxy benzoate as a preservative may cause harm to human body. Hydroxyl benzoate with bactericidal function, but also induce tumors. At the same time, being used to increase the fragrance of perfume, makeup and hair dye and antiseptic probation benzyl alcohol may stimulate the skin to play.

Vitamin c whitening function by proved components, and anti-aging vitamin ingredients for outstanding, there is a weakness, that is very unstable, the case of air or water would rapidly decompose. Development experts have spared no effort to the development of the major cosmetics can help the core components of stable functioning of stabilizers, this will no doubt use to chemical composition.

European personal care products, cosmetics, perfume industry association Crystal Flore views do not agree with Dr Benz. He said: “there was no need to worry about product safety issues. Cosmetics manufacturers throughout Europe are subject to close supervision, they must ensure their products are safe, without exception. Include skin care product contains natural constituents of additives. ”

Choose skin care products are according to skin

For a selection of skin care products, Professor Liu Jianhang that, regardless of whether natural, are selected based on their skin, age appropriate skin care products. At the same time to understand, skin care functions primarily through nutrition and care, strengthen the skin’s own physiological functions, help it restore the luster and elasticity, delaying skin senility, fundamentally realizing skin health.

Chemical components in skin care products are a must, stabilizers and preservatives are more or less requires involvement of the constituents. For example Australia is rich in oil-containing plants, many Australian native plants brands tend to be more “oil”, such a product for dry skin or neutral, for oily skin do not fit. So in front of the product, to first understand your own skin for skin, and should try as far as possible, not to blind pursuit of rare ingredients.

8 great whitening experts help you beautiful summer

Hot summer days to the summer sun and is the most important skin care issues is whitening has become a focus of innumerable MM. Even many MM from the late spring and began focusing on whitening and Sun, beauty of small series to introduce the sun before drinking therapy for whitening, also introduced a variety of good reputation of sunscreen tinted moisturizer, but just how do you think the skin is also taller and black? Then you need more to force on the road leading to fair skin “helper”. Today beauty xiaobian recommended for all variety of whitening products, from creams to mask to essence, helped you in the heat still maintain health whitening of the skin!


Whitening of the key points:

Moisture: the foundation of all skin care step, whether old whitening-resistant or oil, have to start from moisture, only have good skin condition to let various maintenance components fill in.

Exfoliation: skin daily air pollution, erosion, or makeup remover cleansing thoroughly enough, will form a thick stratum corneum for years on end. Cuticle of old waste accumulated too much, makes the skin look uneven complexion, dark, and make “black” one of the reasons, not only that, thick cuticle also will stop whitening nutrient absorption.

Whitening products: to whiten, skin care products is less fucheng. If you can only choose a concentration the highest whitening ingredient of whitening cream is definitely preferred, however, one thing to note, whitening compositions of allergenicity higher, be sure to properly select, it is best to do a skin allergy test before use.

Women go to the new methods of wrinkle wrinkles beauty carelessly done

Although wrinkles look like in there overnight, does not. The first wrinkles you should appear after 25, is the key to preventing wrinkles age of 25, when in the face of campaign regional expression pattern appears around the eye. When at the age of 30 +, the thickness of the skin becomes thin, reduced subcutaneous fat, skin loses elasticity and tension, part of the expression pattern disappears, but at the same time the blood circulation decline, it is difficult to add needed nutritional skin, the skin loses luster, wrinkles will appear in the order. These lines appear sooner, it represented the greater the probability of you deep wrinkles appear.


Habits against wrinkles

Preventing wrinkles appear, we must first learn to Sun. Wrinkles are physical manifestations of aging, wrinkles and the Sun is the real culprit, because of the destruction of the ozone layer, increasing Sun damage to skin, so even in the winter to use SPF8 sunscreen. Sun will accelerate the aging of the skin and wrinkle formation. In the process of skin aging, genes is only one aspect, habits are equally important. You can compact the skin becomes wrinkled skin, depending on your lifestyle such as smoking and sunbathing. Strictly in place of the Sun can put you at the time goes by, while holding young tender skin.

Daily life of good work habits, smoking does not drink, less staying up, this function will be the health of the body work, course skin texture will change as a good physical condition is good, can slow the speed of wrinkles. Happy frame of mind and attitude to life, also on the skin have a lot of driving probation.

Boutique mask: the summer six mask replenishment

Mask replenishment is fucheng lack of moisturizer in the daily care, often two to three times a week can help skin maintain a relatively good state. In addition, want better display mask function, some preparatory work must be done well!

First, thoroughly clean the skin. If necessary, of course you can also use a scrub clean up dead skin, clear excess skin, helps import of nutrients. Second, before using a mask on skin toner. Not only does this reduce the chance of a skin mask-sensitive, also more conducive to the skin absorption of moisture. Finally, the finished dressing mask do not forget to repeat the day-to-day maintenance of order, painted skin lotion or cream can help lock in moisture, prevent loss of nutrients.

Special Note: mask must follow the required time to compress, please don’t wait for it to dry and then under! Since this time, originally added to the moisture in the skin and is absorbed by the mask back, the effect is counterproductive. Some girls like insufficient sleep with the mask, this is to explicitly prohibit the Oh!


Clinique Clinique moisture hydrating mask RMB360/6

Comfortable cotton texture mask, can cover all skin types. Full of moisture cream, skin experience fresh and relaxing and wonderful to enjoy. Gives soft smooth look and feel of the skin after use, and effectively reduced due to lack of water causes of dry grain and fine-grain, strengthen the skin’s natural moisturizing protective film. Refreshing and natural, without leaving adhesive greasy after use.

Cotton pad + best skin toner to skin moisturizing programme

The summer heat, just wanted to give the thirsty skin moisturizing, compress to mask every day but it would be hurt, use makeup water to wet it! Full of make-up water-absorbing cotton pad, in a short period of time to allow swift water moistens the skin and more each day based on skin condition, selection of a suitable for makeup water, skin full of water!


Wet instead of a mask for skin quench your thirst

Why choose wet

1 absorption, wet compress to make subsequent maintenance swift

Wet make-up water has always been Japan OL way of American muscle, Japan super famous skin care expert Saiki thousand Jin, is to support the mainstream wet. Makeup water wet can soften cutin, make subsequent maintenance components better absorption, molecule a small essence, emulsion can also breath sucking!

2, in addition to moisture, but also calm soothing skin

Make-up water wet also has anti-inflammatory functions of stabilization, after squeezing acne, using all-natural plant essence of make-up water wet can calm inflammation, like with “Golden Raspberry”, “plantain” and “burdock” sth Components are a good choice and blanching of the skin after tanning or through wet make-up water relax.

Considerations for wet

Week 1, avoiding eye-sensing weak skin

Due to the wet is close to the skin through cosmetic cotton, build the permeability of sealed environment, experts stress that because of the many cosmetic how much water is on the market contain perfume and alcohol, in composition has not been completely out before understanding, or whether it should avoid sensitive skin delicate eye week so as not to let the makeup water smoked eye, causing eye irritation.

2, bright skin makeup water is not suitable for wet

Due to the wet make-up water contacts the skin for a long time, long Xiao Jiazhen IPSA cosmetology education training course proposed to adopt a more moderate elements, such as herbal plant spring crafts, live better. Yang acid, acid water-containing ingredients, must not be used wet, will be on the burden of excessive stimulation of the skin, the best makeup water to avoid alcohol.

Thirsty skin of solutions, or “wet” the best

The summer heat, just wanted to give the thirsty skin moisturizing, compress to mask every day but it would be hurt, use makeup water to wet it! Full of make-up water-absorbing cotton pad, in a short period of time to allow swift water moistens the skin and more each day based on skin condition, selection of a suitable for makeup water, skin cluck fried cluck fried!

Women how to get white and delicate yellow skin makeup

Watched foreign stars on the TV, we always envy their white skin, you can easily manage variety of makeup. Don’t envy the others, any issue would have to surmount day! Now bring you this small series of a female of yellow skin cosmetic Dafa. As long as the selected makeup colors, we can also easily create white and delicate make-up.


Yellow skin Dafa easily buttoned white and delicate female cosmetic makeup

1, selected on adjustment of isolated Frost skin color

Quarantine selection: purple and blue tinted moisturizer suitable for face was yellowed, somewhat sallow complexion using, you can have the yellowing of your skin white. But when using the key location to highlight to keep in mind to prevent the “mask” phenomenon.