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Michelle Ye outstanding low chest beauty

25th the eavesdropping Fengyun 2 in Beijing released the ultimate poster, who is a sexy actress Michelle Ye low chest appearance, standing in a group of men in the heap, Michelle Ye sexy is particularly eye-catching.

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Small series of reality: actress chest that something >>>

Michelle Ye’s recent works constantly, just finished participating in the launch of the very beautiful, turn and has attended the eavesdropping Fengyun 2 poster propaganda, Michelle Ye career is be very close, pianyue she has become one of the most eye-catching actress of the year. Frequent low chest sexy appearance of Xuan Ye is the focus of media lens Chase.

Michelle Ye beauties together with her talented title, making her red snapper in entertainment circles, such as water, especially her more sexy figure, let her continue to climb to the peak. 1999 Miss Chinese champion, and was awarded the most classic beauty prize, it is Michelle Ye receive recognition and honor, in fact, Michelle Ye have never relaxed shape to their own body looks, especially now, many female stars build are more and more popular, aesthetic standards of the public are increasingly exposed on the chest there is no real deal of material is difficult to become a focus of media attention. Michelle Ye breast enhancement increase and create proud “chest” >>>

Li Wenbian road to breast enhancement expert talked about Bra wearing

Coco (CoCo) recently was invited to Germany Dang international famous underwear brand “Triumph Inspiration Award” creative underwear design contest of judges, Coco wearing Herve Leger bandages skirt attended Conference, she sexy of s type build except for, especially she sexy incomparable of Howe milk, let presence of foreign large chest female are amazing was, so perfect is chest, especially glare, alone men was attract has, on even woman of eyes also was tightly of sticky live has, really of didn’t approach described Coco of mellow large breast, three a Word, round, and quite, and beauty!

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Small series of reality: why actress chest magic second development? >>>

Fans of Lee Wen-Ho hot sexy body is her lethal weapons of all beings, together with her equally hot sexy voice, becoming one of the representative figures of Asian music, Chinese singer is also a Westerners recognized and affirmed. CoCo regardless of is build also is music, are very meet East-West people of aesthetics, that is course of, perfect of s build in who of eye in the certainly are is cannot resist of charm, especially she that double bainen uninhibited of mellow large beauty milk, was white bandages skirt tightly wrapped out it of shape, middle of pierced set showed has full breast mellow of a angle, and that deeply of milk Groove, not only so, Coco also site large on Bra wearing of road, suddenly became House most by attention of focus.

Coco Lee Mei chest of course is not just born so simple, of care for the chest, the day after tomorrow is more important. When Wen Ho Lee first debut is not very rich in the chest, but naturally hot she is missing the full beauty of the chest, then a point is missing that Coco’s sexy sensory stimulation. To say sexy Li jade like stone is not missing, has been nurtured by Western culture, Coco’s bones reveal the sexy, in search of beauty in their own minds, Coco Lee, of course, choose to upgrade their charm through breast enhancement. Coco Lee tall Hao milk, turned sexy goddess >>>

Rise of generation y milk God burst milk campaign provoked controversy

After the sexy milk God qingchaochudong, erstwhile teen idol have degenerated to woman, actress full burst of milk were became their secret weapons became popular, even modified by Yang Mi is also a former teen images showing off the sexy scenes, explosion of Fan Ye became Chief God sexy breast milk is her “chest”.

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Xiaobian recommended: reality star chest of the development of the second secret >>>

  Yang Mi

From the legend of odd-man three and the Palace of the popularity of the actress Yang Mi is now a loyal heart, closely watched Dr power scandal continued, however most attention is on her sudden full of Wai. Has just been released in the FarCry mod of Yang Mi milk swimsuit burst stills into a lot of people look forward to the show cause, is incredibly powerful! Yang Mi chest really is one of the focus of her attention, after all, her pure, opaque chest image already enjoys popular support, suddenly “grow up” chest did let one of startled, sexy storm something of a surprise!

Sentiment a set off then set off constantly push peak, Yang Mi of sexy storm volume of some exaggerated, however no approach, now of erotic are the go wishes to female route has, Yang Mi to shaping proud people of Shang Wai to maintained sentiment, so also followed entertainment ring of breast enhancement trend, is said to Yang Mifeng chest of recipe is a paragraph can let chest “II of development” of pure natural breast enhancement products, called wine papaya pretty soup, Yang Mi chest born development bad, this of “II of development” Finally let she had foot has sexy Howe milk of addiction, also let many Otaku had foot has eye addiction. Yang Miliang Tang Feng, and plump Hao breast for women >>>

Sexy Mermaid Irene · Heatherton nude magazine cover

2011-07-29 | Source: love network

   Review: recently, from the United States super model Victoria’s secret Angels Irene · Heatherton Orange side skirts, avatar became sexy Mermaid on the Elle fashion magazine Serbia edition cover page, August 2011, the charming gesture so that more hot sexy. Below look sexy model Irene · Heatherton!


From the United States super model Victoria’s secret Angels Irene · Heatherton Orange side skirts, avatar became sexy Mermaid on the Elle fashion magazine Serbia edition cover page, August 2011, the charming gesture so that more hot sexy. This large is a scene at the sea, dressed in jier·sangda Orange side skirts Irene · Heatherton when combined with wide and shallow sea behind her, like a mermaid just ashore, is so mysterious and sexy. The cute model, also interpretation deduction this year Victoria’s secret lingerie 2011 summer Lookbook.

Sexy party Wildfox Couture swimwear show

2011-07-22 | Source: love network

   Review: in the heat of the summer, swimsuit was another beautiful view on the Sea Beach line. United States trend brand Wildfox Couture is also catching up with the trend of wind, launched the first “Wildfox Swim” named swimwear, while in a swimsuit in this series, sexy thick are striking in retro style. Below look the sexiest party Wildfox Couture swimwear show it!

性感派对Wildfox Couture泳装秀

Is famous for its design of casual and fashion clothing United States trend brand Wildfox Couture, this time also started towards the swimsuit areas, launched the first “Wildfox Swim” named swimsuit. And it is a range of swimwear to famous Hollywood surf of the Gidget films for the authoring of source, was joined in the sexy scent of enduring elements of fashion, swimsuit trends to bring the new wave, shows a brand new design concept. That sexy bold design, the unique printing pattern, always with a taste of the wild and free spirit, while striking a 60 ‘s retro atmosphere.

Sexy female models Zhou Xiuna become lanmiu image representative

2011-07-22 | Source: love network

  Review: lanmiu-brand underwear from female charms shine inside and out, as is a combination of angels and demons, using bold, trendy, lively, romantic match, pass the fashion element. Can be lanmiuxuan as lucky girl image representative who is this? She was the sexy female models Zhou Xiuna, she as a pressurized appearance models, wearing a white lace underwear, temptation is charming.


Zhou Xiuna the volunteer is not a model, because looks sweet, so called “pirated music Foundation”, later transformed by ordinary people all understanding one of the models in Hong Kong, was dubbed Hong Kong “Goddess of home,” “Queen line” nickname. Sense of virtue’s sake in appearance and impressive stature, she was selected as the image representative of the lanmiu. Zhou Xiuna not only has a bold and sexy side, if the contact time and she will find her pursuing pure beauty and lovely. Lanmiu believe that each woman is a combination of angels and demons, its mission is to help women find their own muse, full self, spirit of Zhou Xiuna fits lanmiu.

Sexy nun die interpretation across the age of 14


Outstanding performance by virtue of the land of Thunder get best supporting Actress Oscar nomination for actress 14 years Haili·sitanfeierde was announced in mid-May become the latest fashion brand MIU MIU spokesman, MIU MIU official recently unveiled a set of Haili·sitanfeierde meaning MIUMIU by photographer Bruce Weber of master Zhang Jing’s autumn/winter 2011 advertising blockbusters.

Photos of Haili·sitanfeierde in the master’s styling was completely out of 14 small Luo Mary temperament, with dark glasses on my face, wore a black dress new MaxMara MIU MIU, and exudes yujie style. More photos in the style of the innocent little girl morph into the slightly sexy lounge atmosphere of the star, retro style is clear, makes an unforgettable and Haili·sitanfeierde interpretation across the ages, the sexy beautiful.

Haili·sitanfeierde stylist: “Miu Miu Super suit her! During the awards season, she is the most like to wear the brand of dress! Interpretation of “sexy beautiful cross age.

Haili·sitanfeierde stylist: “Miu Miu Super suit her! During the awards season, she is the most like to wear the brand of dress! ”

Fashion items and create small sexy seconds to kill the man’s eyes

   Review: simple colors, random items were people with fashion sense to wear out much of the atmosphere. Elegant designs not only make people feel the refreshing feeling, could create a more exclusive sense of sweet girls, and occasionally revealing little sexy style. Endless summer, why not change a mood, try different styles?

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  抹胸 Mosaic

Hundreds take a combination of stripes and nets of yarn is a creative, belly band-style mosaics, as if wearing inside out sexy, charming but not display, exciting. Hem thick and disorderly and irregular design, make it cute sexy black.

Bath summer sexy super model deduction of the Bazaar fashion blockbusters

Color blue satin pants-perfect reproduction curves on sexy women legs.

Windbreaker kuanxing gown sexy charm is pressing but exudes an elegant neutral

Purple Mix metal fittings Darling t this summer

Meena fashion network (www.Mina.com.CN) compiled

Sweet release Pivot mounted little summer sexy

   Review: gradually rising temperatures, a beautiful and elegant dress, of course, less fucheng. Luxury of cool temperament is best recovered, aerial perspective shirts are sexy and sweet, sexy hanging outside lead to manifest his skinny build, choose a sweet put in perspective makes your sex looming, will definitely attract lots of specific Oh!

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Full bow your waist strap dress

This Camisole dress, colour matching tile perfect, the pattern is very fresh, is a very thin satin, very cool, the torso is simple and elegant, very suitable for open shirt to wear either a single wearing or taking outside is very good Oh!