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Four OL fashion dresses to work bonus points

Female friends are most concerned about their workplace in compliance with workplace quality, xiaobian recommended to everyone today four OL fashion dress, to show female friend working under garments can also give extra points.

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Smooth texture, elegant sense of lightness, super woman! Dotted with modern feeling sexy in the elegant atmosphere, wander in dreams is a fresh and thin shirts!

Mi Nafan の exclusive hair broadcast personality shine bright in summer

Hairstylist named Mina models of the Auditorium, “also for me! “To create model hairstyle secrets of Meena. Respective exudes personality shine Mina models fashion hairstyle. Actual surgeon of the approximate these hair stylists tell you secrets!

Natural mature hundred percent! Hirano from real fluffy hair hairstyle. Brisk dimensional crimp and heavy bang to create expressions of diversity, high above the ears begin mixing various curl in the direction to create a sense of fluffy curly hair styling. Heavy bang and stereo radian combines perfect!

Mature girl hair hairstyle is Japan representative! Tianzhongmeibao [woman short hair hair]

Long bang used 2 shades to rich sense of style, bang to both sides separately, to create a Foreign Minister & private double layers of effects. 2 shades that are just around the face, thus played a marvellous effect small face.

Build the woman at the same time, maintain a sense of leisure than Sichuan tour [unusual MaxMara hair]

Boring motion to create a unique atmosphere around the Chin, tail trim produced of the dynamism of the building and a few do not feel the same. In the lower jaw on both sides began to surface by adding layered 10cm.

Is less thick and beautiful · black hair! Gu Nianmei [bright hair hairstyle]. Joined the movement so as to seem lighter face around the bundle! Below the Chin ~ Mei joined layered to create a change of canine teeth. Every action can make swaying bunches on either side so as to make it crisp look.

Realization of fashionable and popular hairstyle! Nathan bloom of fragrant hair hair thick and long bang, showing side of woman! Bang wide sense of shear beam flow in the line of departure. Dark too heavy, so select a bright color so as to maintain a sense of weak!

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Super model Marina · Linda look elegant woman

2011-07-22 | Source: love network

   Review: from Belarus super model Marina · Linda check, and Wen Liu, yishabeili·fangtana, Monika·yake, super model and common interpretation was dujiabanna (Dolce&Gabbana) autumn/winter 2011 advertising blockbusters. Are born with a wonderful woman she now is a cover of all major fashion regulars.

超模玛丽娜·琳查 优雅的女人味

Are born with a wonderful woman Marina · Linda check, because has a great temperament, let her become a t-stage of spirit, and bring you more exciting performances, has become a fashion guru was one of the most loved models. , There with Wen Liu, yishabeili·fangtana, Monika·yake, super model and common interpretation was dujiabanna (Dolce&Gabbana) autumn/winter 2011 advertising blockbusters. Has a delicate facial features Marina · Linda investigation, that an elegant woman, the perfect figure was born to t.

Variety of sweet and super sweet ride to your heart

Success to do the most lovely girl “selling eruption”, then the sweet jelly-like coat but less fucheng Oh! Suihua dress of white and delicate, cloth material return to pastoral more texture. Simple self-cultivation of white shirt, is absolutely not returning hundreds of popular ride, matching culotte pandemic this quarter Oh!

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Refreshing wind Navy stripes t-shirts, lace Peter sleeve woman, Oh well!

Specially-based style items up to take honey honey girl

   Review: is not often spend a lot of punters to buy many clothes that do not fit in distress? today recommended the popular single product, they will greatly enrich your wardrobe, make it easy for you to achieve fashion hundred.

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Pink chiffon coat + blue skirt

Comparison of a woman in a beautiful ride, tops super white and delicate, mix into shades of a blue skirt, elegant and refined with a dash in sexy enchanting.

Hundreds take a woman half-sleeve shirts

Make a woman smile more sweet magic items, Super invincible woman is full of half-sleeve shirts, matching skirt, pants are able to show off unique charm. Sexy, half woman half handsome beauty show without a doubt. Following the six styles, each one is sweet, attractive, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that: each side will wear woman is so beautiful!


   Small comments on the series: red t puff sleeve sweet, playful, MM show charm, add some elements and shorts echoed points, overall mix of sweet, playful, and make people’s eyes light up.


   Small comments on the series: the trend of the tide of graffiti t expansion of character personality, matching a high waist printed shorts, unique, vintage design, show the fashion scene, so taking the proportion optimization, elongated beautiful legs.

   Small comments on the series: stitching lace shirt noble flashy MM Princess full of romantic temperament, puff sleeve design, sweet upgrading, matching skirt, doling out the charm.

   Small comments on the series: suspenders skirt and t-taking the rich layered-stack, printing suspenders skirt romantic and fresh, to make an impression of the special, mash a denim pencil pants, fashionable, especially MM try Yo!

Unique bamboo-Ling to create sexy under the neutral wind

Under the protagonist of most of the MORE ornate Lai Chuk ling, Miss believe favorite grocery, you must be familiar, mature sexy attitude as adults as if summer the most beautiful dancers, beautiful neutral charm full of unique, eye-catching.

X Cowboys t-simple and smart practice

Selection of large-area printing shows good neutral charm

Hundred pleats skirt full woman

Light wind flowing white hat with flower bag for the whole big bonus points.

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Luodan Wang a lady to a mature female mix

   Review: from a pure “Milet” temperament woman modeling modeling today, has been recovered, and her pure love Frank’s character was well received by fans. Luodan Wang makeup without much change, specially set up garment easily was able to transition from teen girl to a mature woman! Let’s take a look at Luodan Wang matching, advising for light-mature women.


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Lady Queen neck ornament to cooked mix of transition to

Simple denim shirt white pattern matching cute Bubble Skirt, Brown belt scale the body become more reasonable, plus a double Su boots, Luodan Wang the same pure Japanese style invincible!

Chiffon skirts fall into spring and summer and struck only

Introduction: come in spring and summer, chiffon dress will be far behind? Both showed large areas of the skin’s cool style of simple and sexy tailoring is also known, you don’t have to bother to match, chiffon dresses always let women add Pak Mei and like a thousand amorous feelings.

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Small round neck chiffon skirt, honghonglvlv fruit printing, renwei to the breath of spring.

5 fashion trends in summer News (part one)

Popular summer Street dress can decide girl fashion trend of dressing up is a mashup of various skills. As temperatures rise, gradually more clothing is passing through a thin, what to wear on the street it better? How to mashup is more beautiful? In order to find more suitable for their style, come together to learn from those fashion girls! We have been solicited for everyone concentrated on the Street 5 dressed up fashion. Tomorrow has a lot of matches the way you can wear to go out immediately! Come learn how to mashup and how to keep the match under a great sense of balance.

Part1. semi-permeable coat

This summer, wants to be a little more woman! As soon as they stack through semi-permeable coat OK! Select those without work to exposed skin, and the single texture is very thin. Regardless of what style to show woman. Want to create a sweet sense of beauty of the girls in a rapid increase in!

No set by semi-permeable skin coat to build natural dew!

Yiqian dress out t-mix method can continue to take! Simply replaced t-shirt with lace coat is more in line with the fashion of the season. Sweet smell of woman is in line with this feeling of the season.

Follow a rule, there can be more woman! Elegant single and lace items match!

Refreshing color adds woman, layered with color match!

“Black thin” function in the sense of sweetness and lace!

By right of exposed skin, make yourself look a little thin!

Looming by coat to the skin, then mix and ankle- length skirt , overall great taste!

Adding colored lace coat woman! More gentle to the eye!

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