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Beauty tips for five small easily removing black

Black is really in trouble, take a face full of black to destroy, in summer, girls of beauty skin care of the most frequently asked questions, I’m afraid is julep. Although julep approaches have a lot, but if you want professional julep, create ideal zero pores American muscle, also leave a small tricks to master the following Oh!


Capitalize on uncovered the mystery of the pores of the beautiful beauty experts out of the coup “extreme anti-hole”

Capitalize on uncovered the mystery of the pores of the beautiful beauty experts out of the coup “extreme anti-hole”

July 21, popular beauty OL exalts the beauty beauty program for problem skin pores during the summer, opened a church is not the same for everyone, “anti-hole course”. Senior Golden teacher told of large pores in class for various reasons, the host, guests coup diechu, in “the hole” OL benefit Bandit shallow in a panic!

Program, Golden teacher first analysis of the main reasons for the formation of large pores, and give a targeted programme, we work together:

Pores culprit: Aging relaxation
Confrontation means: your PRO-XYLANE Bose

With the growth of age, the skin cells weaken the forces nouvelles, necessary materials such as collagen and elastin fibers generate reduced, lacking compact skin slowly, so that pores is naturally no longer compact, OL is easy to find their skin line “raindrops” pores.

Bose is OL magic weapon against aging skin cells. As a new generation of anti-old active ingredient, Pro-Xylane Bose has unique skin to improve function, through the promotion of dermal collagen synthesis to help generate more new cells, creating optimal cell environment, restore and maintain the skin’s elasticity and compactness. This skin care ingredients have been recognized by beauty and cosmetics sectors experts, is considered the crystallization of delicate skin of the new technology.

Pores culprit: dry water
Confrontation means: Hyaluronic Acid hyaluronic acid

Woman is water do of, skin health of Foundation is water, and skin cell more need water to connection sticking, dang skin because aging and began drying deficiency water Shi, pores on borrowing flourish, time long has, epidermal cell on will was they “tortured” was rendering atrophy trend, formation rugged of skin surface, pores and the wrinkles, problem will is exceptionally obvious, 25 aged yihou of OL because work environment, factors special easy suffered deficiency water drying of plagued.

Currently fighting cells lack of water is the best way of “hyaluronic acid”. Almost all the big name stars with “hyaluronic acid” as the skin keep water run. “Hyaluronic acid” also known as hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic mainly plays a moist, lock water a probation, gathered to eliminate pores from source! Paris l ‘ Oréal development of technology can will transparent mass acid security package in micro-SAC ball in the, once entered people of epidermal layer Hou on can quickly aggregate large water, effective penetration to “was dry ruled of behind enemy lines”, moisturizing effect can continued number hours, can order skin reproduce bright and smooth full, vitality abundant, water run fresh, those eye-catching of pores natural together dissipated no tracing, reproduce is delicate skin.

Pores culprit: skin metabolism is slow
Confrontation means: Active Micro-Smoother active smoothing factor

OL will find, over 25 years, slowly aging of the skin, face skin metabolism is slower. Old horny will gradually “attack from within and without” you blocked pores, if this situation persists, pores are they gradually stretch, naturally very dazzling!

At this point, the smoothing factor activity will be able to take up the responsibility. Active activity is a smoothing factor LHA water Dr Micro-Smoother acid ester, is a supple skin acid BHA, have an excellent skin compatibility, mild nature, intensive probation to the individual skin cells to help dredge “road” while also arranged between epidermal cells more closely to help natural narrow pores, reproducing smooth delicate young skin.

Pores culprit: abnormal oil
Confrontation means: Zinc PCA skin zinc

Modern society competition, OL feel the pressure. Thus, many skin good women face problem of abnormal skin oil, in order to discharge more oil, pores army would also be affected by physical probation and gross, and gradually become clear and particularly strong because sebum secretion, excess sebum and easily stacked in the pores to form hate pimples, further cause blocked pores and pores problems compounded by sth

Against the abnormal skin grease, oil control skin water balance, live skin zinc is absolutely pit one against ten masters. Its natural attributes can effectively suppress abnormal facial oil situation, preventing excessive oil secretion and enlarges the pores of the situation, while also helping to create matte skin effect of Pan not oily.

When you find the cause, of the beautiful beauty expert coup diechu each road in the program, brought more thoroughly done for OL pores magic weapon to harass, we yiyilai to see it:

Measure # 1: creation of a new muscle-derived l ‘ Oréal pore delicate skin toner

After cleansing with a shot by manipulation of the skin absorption. Dry skin cells will instantly filled with water. BHA supple skin contained acid, regularity of keratinocyte metabolism, cells arranged closely. Compared to salicylic acid to moderate a lot of ordinary, tightening the pores without stimulation of the skin.
TIPS: after the skin on the cotton pad soaked in water, can be affixed to the face a make-up water film. In summer you can put it in the refrigerator, after you took out compressing on the face, on the skin after Sun also can play a very good fix probation. Deposited in place with blackhead can make the pores become soft, more convenient removal of black.

Measure # 2: l ‘ Oréal creation source pore delicate new muscle milk

Bose, hyaluronic acid, contained activity smooth factor zinc and activated four ultimate weapon against problems of pores. To further enhance oil-water-control effect, starting with the roots from the ageing of the skin, more comprehensive solution to the large pores, skin rough issues.
TIPS: this is different and unusual emulsion of emulsion, and skin should be used as water-filming-press method to replace the traditional smearing. Press evenly into five points to face gently flapping after let it absorb, the effect will be very good. And has a Matt effect, delicate oil and water balance of the skin after use.

Golden teacher special note: oil control should be reasonable, water-oil balance is the key . Many people believe that strong grease will stretch the skin pores, shrink pores to control oil as possible, but you may not know, oil control incorrectly but your skin will become more and more oil.

Because our skin has a “production line”, this line is responsible for the secretion of oils and fats, helps skin maintain a certain percentage of moisture and oil, if not properly controlling method, skin moisture is also required to take, your skin will be given a signal that “out of gas”, line balance skin oil, oil has been at this time it will have to work overtime. Seriously, when a production line is not enough, the skin will open a production line, therefore results in the wash, the oil situation. This time you should consider the results of oil control is not blind. And the two products mentioned above really did operate water-oil balance, control moisture while also filling oil, oil for skin and lock in moisture, which can achieve the best effect of controlling shrinkage pores.

Magic 3:TOUCHBeauty Hill-shading beauty photoelectric beauty massage device

Principle of photoelectric instrument of beauty is by rolling the wheel on the kinetic energy into electrical energy, the LED lamps produce infrared rays penetrate the skin, expansion of capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, promote growth, enable you to restore youthful, beautiful.
TIPS: you can clean your face with the instrument, it shakes it opens, it will have a very strong attraction, but without damage to your skin, put on your nose for black where it can be very gently absorbing black to come out.

Golden teacher tip : many people like to use nose stuck to black. Nose stickers will make your skin becomes very sensitive, but also make your pores and thick, because every time you pull the pores to distraction. You can use the massage device to suck for you black, or by using the l ‘ Oréal Paris new creation myogenic pore delicate skin toner with face, before softening pores, black is much more convenient.

Magic 4: Neutrogena pore refining facial treatment 5

This mask designed for dry sensitive skin and vulnerable from natural citrus extracts effective in water run components, effectively improve the skin from the skin and rough conditions, help your skin natural water run glory. And can help regulate t increase u-word parts and parts of oily moisture, metabolic waste cell horny old dissolved pore blocking, narrow pores.

A theoretical weapon, scientific method, plus some anti-bore weapon, this summer, no longer have to worry about the OL pores harassment, if coupled with some perseverance and patience, leaving large pores problem completely, again with delicate compact skin can achieve!

Practical make-up tips pores to go without a trace

Indoor air conditioning, outdoor Sun, let people off guard occasionally afternoon thunderstorms, changes in temperature and humidity changes, is to make the pores on the face are clearly major. Anxious to solve the pores problem, cool to face smearing or Mei-day oil-absorbing several times may allow more appalling ~ whether you are a skin condition of oil round pores or aging-long pore, each with a different solution, with methods to get tough on pores hidden God immediately!


Round or long pores in fixing makeup the same way, you will need “to the oil-water” makeup removal is the most important parts must be thoroughly cleaned before local makeup, could keep makeup natural and clean just like had just finished the makeup.

Point: facial oil absorption OK!

But the first two pieces of paper torn into thin after use, oil-absorbing effect is better.


1. the first suction excess oil

After the paper folded into a triangle surface, light at the oil pressing, suction oil.

2. finger push off the pores around powder

Finger from the bottom up, from inside to outside push play, pushing out the pores around removing makeup Foundation.

3. cotton water stained stained skin except dirty

Cotton stick of skin water to scroll mode or around the eye makeup clean at the end of the dirt off.

Miaozhao small julep female skin clear without pores

Data and statistics, 87% Asian women have seen troubles and cleaned thoroughly enough and the skin takes on a growth trend, the following would you recommend julep’s four unique skills to see which method can you intended, in black complete nipped in the bud.


Dissolve julep

Methods: smoke or vapors with a hot towel application face face pore opening, then exporting liquid poured on the cotton pad, mainly for t block under 3-5 minutes after the opening, you will find on the cotton pad covered with a lot of black stain. Immediately on smearing black-NET membrane covering the entire nose, strong net pore deep black, oils, mask under after 15 minutes, after cleansing with net muscle qingzhi convergence on water, reduces the pores can be.

Advantages: julep effect obvious, basic skin lesions.

Disadvantages: takes a long time, convergence on water immediately after using to prevent large pores.

Data and statistics, 87% Asian women have seen troubles and cleaned thoroughly enough and the skin takes on a growth trend, the following would you recommend julep’s four unique skills to see which method can you intended, in black complete nipped in the bud.

Advantages: julep effect obvious, basic skin lesions.

Disadvantages: takes a long time, convergence on water immediately after using to prevent large pores.

Leave pores as long as bright and beauty

Plus a night shift today, tomorrow, stay up all night, for many people is already commonplace, new solution for your skin, are you still in overtime and also worried? Skin defects of coarse pores increased is a family staying up, short series good way to teach you a few strokes and shrink pores.

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Leave pores as long as bright and beauty

Ready for a clean towel, mount after wet bags in the refrigerator to be used. White water, lotion on cold storage in the fridge.

Shrink pores effectively smoothed the delicate skin is no longer a dream

   Introduction: do you often face acne on your troubles? Summer arrives, the pores become more bulky, acne is more advance wave upon wave, to how to shrinkage pores acne? Might as well let the small series teaches you a few strokes.

有效收缩毛孔 平滑细腻的肌肤不再是梦

Step1: correct acne extrusion

Face acne must be treated carefully, not patch up a business. Without the best hand, you can use acne needle before use to make disinfection on skin and PIN are. Subject to timing of acne should also pay attention to, in the early black and inflammation of acne cannot be removed with a needle, inflammation of acne must complete it before you can use. Be sure to wash your face after acne out, it is best to use mineral water or purified water, water quality is better. Washing your face or remember to rub on some anti-inflammatory topical drugs without stimulation.

Niu Er teacher motto: ageing of the skin cells are skin pores and rough problem “culprit”

Niu Er teacher motto: ageing of the skin cells are skin pores and rough problem “culprit”
This era, mature woman not beautiful as with economic independence, happy is to make it difficult to do. In the summer, skin problems began to spurt erupted, see Catherine experiences to the embarrassment of it:

A bunch of girlfriends to the party, we are all, just the pursuit of perfect beauty of small, because the cheeks on both sides of this year grew pores and deeply “no face”. Frustration had tried thickened bottom makeup, going to muddle through.
Who knows, easily are those who have known each other for a dozen years old girlfriends are beating-the-
“Little beauty, if you recently used the tear drop mask, pores grew up to be this way? ”
“Woman pores once thick, but that recovery can not Ah! ”
“We women of the place are larger pores, however certainly not! ”
“The pores open will let people 35 years old Ah! ”
Between your Catherine into a “hole” to panic. What should I do? Beauty guru Niu Er teachers for mature women with similar problems are pointing “skin myths”. Niu Er not only theoretically Catherine pores make in-depth analysis of, and from the pores on the practice practical recommendations to solve the problem of:

Niu Er class: cell aging is the root problem of pores

Niu Er teacher said previously about causes of large pores, generally thought to be caused by excessive skin grease, as soon as they do control work could be improved, new study results show that the cell is the cause of ageing pores gradually shrinks
And the skin rough “culprit”.

With the growth of age, especially after the age of 25, began aging skin cells, causing aging relaxation, obvious symptoms such as dry water, skin metabolism is slow, the three major factors, coupled with an exception resulting from an environmental and stress out of oil, that is after age 25 pores causes four issues!

We flawless skin young root cause lies in the continuous generation of new cells, and, over time, reduced metabolism of the skin, cause new cells become slowly, trend of skin aging, pores problem. So want to fundamentally resolve the pores problem, we must first solve the problem of an aging cell. Upcoming new listings l ‘ OREAL Paris source pore delicate series of l ‘ Oréal, creation of new muscle, the principle is to help create more new skin cells, essentially make the skin smooth, pore shrink.

Niu Er zhizhao: back to the “hole-free beauty” of the three elements

First of all, to pay attention to clean, and select the pores is delicate with old resistance factor products. For example patents belonging to l ‘ Oréal LHA water Dr acid ester, it is more moderate than the traditional salicylic acid, does not stimulate the skin. Law of skin metabolism, effectively a probation in each cell, precise removal of excess skin skin, improve skin clogging. Plus select some implication Pro-XylaneTM (Bose), skin care, it can promote dermal collagen synthesis of protein and other essential substances, can effectively improve the cellular environment, promote more new cells, thus improving skin and muscle relaxation. And most important is that it derived from plants, are LOHAS.

Secondly to adjust the daily routine and diet. Hot summer days, it is necessary to ensure enough sleep, require light diet, intake of water from the fruits. This internal adjustment, you can have the body function from inside full of health, back to the envy of all non-porous beauty status.

Finally, the skin when water shortages, may cause temporary large pores, such a situation liable to occur at night, conditions in the aircraft cabin, don’t forget to enhance moisture, such as multi-moisturizing water or apply hydrating mask, to improve the temporary problems of large pores. But the best effect, or choose to containing hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluronic acid) of skin care products, it is often encapsulated in a product form, can expand its own volume within 10 seconds to 30 times, and in 5 hours for skin to provide a steady flow of water, makes the skin’s surface is water run full, pores and fine lines nature was not obvious.

After listening to the Niu Er teacher explanation, Catherine be suddenly feeling. Originally, cell aging is, alas, it seems, is really old, not well maintained out of sth Meanwhile, Amy Catherine is also its resolve: beginning today, according to Niu Er teacher said, gross pores and fight to the bitter, firmly achieve the “no pores, are only young!”

Kill two birds with one stone cleansing Exfoliating Exfoliating products instead of compromising

   Review: many MM think removal of facial skin trouble, so lazy no regular exfoliation, through the accumulation of, resulting in facial aging cuticle thickness and expression of the face and lost once. Today, small series designed to kill two birds with one stone solicited lazy MM Exfoliating products, cleansing Exfoliating two does not let you miss.

一石二鸟去角质产品 清洁去角质两不误

Neutrogena anti-black-NEUTROGENA deep clean soft Pearl cleansing milk (matte)

Name: contain BHA-black-factor and Cedar complex extract, black dissolved into the pores of deep, smooth and abrasive particles containing Orange, tick away stubborn black and deep pores inside old dead skin surface quality, while thirsty, skin smooth and shine instantly. Effective prevention of mild black, suitable for everyday use, wash grease, dirt and dead skin. Not the residues are not stimulated and make skin more smooth and tender and refreshing. Deep cleansing formula that can effectively clean pores, white clean soft beads welcome girlfriends network effect to clear dead skin, preventing blocked pores. Soluble soft Orange Pearl to massage the face melts immediately when, release in a mild emollient ingredients and soothing the skin. Without SOAP, oil, without blocking the pores, through a sensitive test, moderate and does not stimulate.

Users evaluation: feeling special sliding skin after use, matte feel is very good, has found less acne, also taller and less black, pores cleanliness is very high. Oil control also has a good effect, no tight after washing the skin sensation!

How to effectively address problems large pores

Beautiful skin need meticulous care, compact face make a woman’s beauty gives off a more dazzling brilliance. But now the urban environmental pollution, computer radiation, pressure, irregular hours can make the skin becomes coarse, large pores into many MM heart pain. Once a pore problem a long time, fix up is a fury will harm your spirit of things. At the same time, have big pores, will make many beautiful things become grey and Dim. Afraid to shoot lovely big photo, dare not let the skin “naked” makeup travel, makes the lovely you seem less youth “tender” sth So the pores, is the enemy of healthy skin!

Pores small problems also plagued the series for a long time, a variety of methods are tried by xiaobian one by one, from initial frustration, to gradually find out opportunities, and targeted. On the road to shrink pores, small series along the way, although difficult, but I’m glad I’m paying all efforts finally paid off, shrink pores, selection methods, your sticking, following combat experience under and share it with everyone!
Pores shrink daily DIY trilogy

1. morning iced by pores.
Contraction principle not only allows the pores immediately narrowed, but also makes the skin surface temperatures rapidly drop down, effectively inhibit the phenomenon of oil.
DIY: will freeze well in advance of ice towels wrapped up, dressing in their faces at least one minute, skin ability of each person different, but it must be at least a minute to see the effect.

2. at noon by contraction of green tea
Bubble drink green tea to taste nothing when, don’t throw away. Because tea polyphenols in green tea is not only effective sterilization, also features can be refreshing and tighten skin.
DIY methods, water will cool green tea stained take from Pat large pores on the face area, effective tighten skin. Ten us too DIV trouble can use ten liniment tea polyphenols, is also inexpensive choice.

3. evening, vegetable and fruit mask method
DIY: will help shrink pores of fruits and vegetables such as celery, lemon, Orange fresh juice, and then overlaid with gauze squeezed out of fruits and vegetables, residue, gently rubbing the pore region, not only mild exfoliation , also has the function of magic shrink pores.

Pores shrink products

Biosun EGF pores shrink series set

Products of many shrink pores on the market, how much was exposed to some small part also good brand shrink pores of skin care products, feel most suit your Biosun EGF pores shrink is also set, insisted on using a six, a substantive improvement in pores. Set four single products, namely Hall of Mikania nanometer Pearl full cleansing milk and ultra-fine Pearl powder, EGF and EGF beat cream mask.

Nanometer Pearl cleansing milk with felt after a moderate water run, matching Hall of Mikania Pearl powder used, very clean pores clean skin has become more white.
EGF beat cream is the flagship product in this package, one of the EGF (human growth factor surface) keep alive technology can enable activation, plant collagen of skin collagen synthesis, double-effect after using the skin gradually becoming rich tight elastic.
EGF compact then made two times a week lifting mask, skin becomes more water run, feel the original damaged cells are full of vitality, pores could not think thin is difficult! High price of a product, bring the Gospel to the large pores in MM.
Want to have beautiful skin, everything from pores management began, did you do?

4 steps cover pores light no trace of skin quality

Summer is coming, pores also came. Pores and spots are different, not concealer can handle that. Sometimes, you want to make it invisible, it just bigger, even James Foundation, blot out, even more apparent. At this time, you will be wise on the Foundation, to make smarter pores become the clouds.

4步骤遮盖毛孔 轻薄无痕肤质好

STEP 1: makeup preparations

Makeup previously, should avoid coarse pores sites use moisturizer (dry skin), or Foundation easy moves on the face, finally stacked in large pores inside. If dry skin peeling, should take care in the evening, and then in the morning the next day, use make-up water containing moisturizing ingredients to relax the skin and alleviate dry feeling. Never use will make the product skin slippery, meaning Foundation should have the ability of sunscreen, if used under Foundation Sun will inevitably cause Foundation mobile.

  STEP 2: use soft light or ultra soft light Foundation

Use a soft light or ultra soft light Foundation, even if the skin is dry, the Foundation’s ability to stay in place better, less likely to be moved to the impact of the oil inside the pores of the skin.

Prior to the makeup, in parts coated with small amounts of large pores can absorb sebum, natural mud-containing components of lotion or cream, this thing is like a crater into the mud does not move, it is not only timely formation pore, also under the in powder to absorb oil.

  STEP 4: fill makeup is important

If the pores and holes really serious, you should fill a few makeup during the day, when fixing makeup oil-absorbing surface of paper with a minor adjustment, and then on again and again as the foundation of dual-use powder. Dual-use powder must be painted than ordinary cake thick, to hide big pores. Can only be used when using the dual-use powder painted, as puff may paint is too thick, looks just like painting the walls.