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Perfume, lured by potential

It starts to get hot, more and more people are starting to use perfume for yourself to create a fresh fragrant feeling, increasing their own unique “flavor”. Meanwhile, as people beautify life awareness-raising and perfume manufacturing excellence, now people can enjoy up to more than 5,000 kinds of perfume products. However, the perfume is not at any time or for any occasion is a friendly thing. Use just enough will bring pleasure to your brain to enjoy, if misused will cause unnecessary health risks to you and others.

  Perfume allergy-friendly

Not only do people derive from intoxicating fragrance perfume, but also to some crowd trouble with allergies, but also can have some adverse long-term damage to the human body, such as the human immune system, and hormone secretion disorder occurred. Should not use perfumes of people with asthma, rhinitis, skin in patients with inflammatory and allergic to perfume. When these people are in your surroundings, you will need a note perfume not to put too much, lest your fragrance established on the basis of suffering these allergies. Especially when I heard someone ask: “who then rushed the perfume”, you should be aware that someone must not not like you around the type of perfume, that he or she is allergic to perfume.

  Proper selection of perfume “smell”

When many people attend job interviews or some party, like Xiang Xiang himself, to let the other to generate their own favor. However, the survey found, people generally can adapt to the smell from the other party itself. However, if the other extrinsic aromatics are used, each person will react to the exotic aromatics is different, honey, arsenic. For people who like putting perfume is concerned, if you want to play to the positive effects of the perfume, note the following several points:

1, using natural ingredients whenever possible content is high, less chemical synthesis of perfume. When you are in front of so many perfumes products when a dazzling, may wish to consult a relatively knowledgeable colleagues around. At the time of purchase perfume, don’t let cheap is in the way you look at the quality of vision, to note that perfume you buy reputation, brand perfume generally reassuring.

2 popular flavor, as far as possible be widely recognized. Some perfume producers for a new product needs and produced some unusual aromatic fragrance. However, such a unique flavor is often not accepted by others in the beginning. So, don’t to Maverick on important occasions this would impact on each other’s emotions and perfume for you.

3, perfume should not be too thick. In General, products with stable quality perfume fragrance, slightly, to Xiang Yu and constantly within a few days. Some people in order to fully display the odor from his body, like in the body at various places to sprinkle perfume on, where there are results, and where, resulting in unnecessary “sequela”. Perfume researchers, perfume despite would be diluted flavors, but it remains a concentrate. So, after heavy use can have a strong stimulation to human sense of smell, causing dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. Therefore, regular use perfume is good for themselves and their surroundings.

HOT! 7 designs the most fashionable perfume

Perfume do also have a trend? Of course! Extension of perfume as a fashion, naturally with the move in the direction of fashion trends. When the Milan, Paris fashion week models when file out, their color, texture, contour of the body at the same time show its vision and smell-oriented.

Ms Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume
Jean Paul Gaultier emphasizing sexy joined the Totem-like woven elements at the same time, fluid and stiffness and lines highlighted women’s curves. Latest Classiue perfume bottles are put on a mysterious African pattern, this bump run the segmentation of body in fine lines more attractive, bottom notes of amber and musk fragrance that makes it becomes all the more mysterious Miss Classiue!

Hermes India Garden perfume
When the season Hermes female Knights wear tassels and complex patterns on Persian carpets in the style of, a thick mysterious alien atmosphere will diffuse throughout the show. On the perfumed, Hermes this quarter of the same topics selected exotic as perfume, cardamom from ancient Oriental, bunch coriander and pepper, smell subtle unique charm your special.

Rare diamond ladies Emporio Armani perfume
Big as a fish scale of spangle and especially shining gems in this quarter of t bench, Bling Bling small dress dress is naturally to perfume with diamond temperament to match. Melody with some of the domineering rose litchi and raspberry fruit, full of penetrating, diamonds section of the package as a whole is covered with titou, luxury resplendent, shining like a star.

Ripple sweetie Dior flowers Eau de toilette
Images of Barbie Dior this quarter have hearts, sweet, Jiao up styling seemed to come out of the Palace of the Princess. This powder sweet Miss Dior also has spawned a new generation of tune, after fresh citrus from Sicily, was composed of peonies and roses flowery everywhere, accompanied by lively and pretty Miss Barbie leave happy.

Tommy Hilfiger Marilyn EAU DE PARFUM
Tommy Hilfiger is still American enthusiasm for this quarter and direct to direct to, with a strong temperament of the sixties and seventies Hollywood star. On the scent is no affectation, fragrance is a delicate fragrance note is to let you captured it. Slide is tender and juicy peach fragrance of soul, unleashed a wave of perceptual and desire, you turned Hollywood star.

With the same name Max Mara perfumes
Max Mara this season for the elegant and refined in soft grey fabric to interpret intellectual woman, which launched the perfume of the same name is also the same selection of gentle, calm and full of female fragrance of color adjustment for the soul. Common Freesia and Morocco rose fragrance as if in possession of light put on a smooth silk, Dim and sexy, and radix aucklandiae end emphasizes women mature charm.

FerragamoF for Fascinating fragrances
Milky white suit full of texture, and dress was as pure as jade and as clean as ice by Ferragamo models as a flower blossoming Jasmine open on the t-platform, and Jasmine also Ferragamo is the latest subject of perfume. Clocks, and valuable and fascinating flowers jasmine, is famous for its luxury and sensuous aromatic, rich bottom notes of patchouli into flowers, the entire people of being stable dignified.

Cool summer which perfume do you like best?

In summer, and oil control, Sun protection products sales grow, of course, there are major brands of perfume. In the cool air conditioning in the room, in cool swimming pool and garden party after nightfall, what else can be compared and your a lady come up of a passing over one looming fragrance more memories unlimited? This summer, which perfume the hottest, let’s take a look.


This summer, which perfume the hottest


Ripple sweetie Dior flowers Eau de toilette

Ripple sweetie Dior flowers Eau de toilette 720/50ml



ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY deductive vast BURBERRY BURBERRY BODY perfume advertising release new “BURBERRY BODY” perfume, ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY deduction ad blockbusters

“‘ BURBERRY BODY ‘ is an extremely exciting release, we continue to create eye-catching, sexy and charming manner and capture can represent the spirit of the brand’s image.

Rosie’s own style, and she makes unforgettable beauty made her a natural to become the first Burberry Body using. ”
Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer-Burberry

“Very honoured to again cooperate with Burberry, capable of on my career and the brand has a very big help. First users were invited as Burberry Body is an excited acclaim.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Burberry Burberry announced publication Body–most sexy woman dating perfume

United Kingdom actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the first user of the perfume, and shooting the large multimedia advertising.

Large tracts of the advertisement by Director Christopher Bailey, only wearing a rose or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in satin coat and Burberry perfume Body.

Burberry Body will also be published through offline and online activities, including innovative digital activities and balance between tradition and technology, an extensive visible subversive of the means of communication.

Burberry will also create a “Burberry bodies” combination of image, shot by Mario Testino, show image for the perfume in the years ahead.

Burberry Body on September 1, 2011, released in more than 150 countries, more about the innovation of the small bottles, perfume and aroma of the information will be announced in coming weeks.

Burberry Body will later listed in China.

Through the translucent perfume bottle


When you use skin lotion gently rubbing absently,, seem to feel the temperature on the other hand; when the eye passes through Crystal clear bottles of perfume, just as firm with old craftsman sweet eyes, and this is made by hand and wash. Not uniform on the line, each is different, but also with craftsmen dense human and full of warmth. Just as Japan writers of salt yemisong said: because they are after a little work it out by hand, so that they themselves have a temperature, it lets the people who use it feel warm body temperature.

Investments that earn a steady not for compensation

Julie Alpinia blepharocalyx 2011 Nordic hand balm furnace/690

DRICH and LISE couple is Nordic renowned and sought after of all ceramic masters, in Denmark of their works is that people are eager to collect treasure, this time Julie Alpinia blepharocalyx together to create limited oil furnace, each is a master-hand pinch together. So this is not only the scent of trafficking only, there is also art masterpieces, buy as soon as possible, because limit may soon appreciate the works of masters, the money can not buy.

Why label it is crooked

Water keluoniyagulongshui of Parma/$ 850 500ml

This keluoniyagulongshui has always been polite society flock products, changes of the times, the times, this formula of colognes and fragrance has never changed from the distillation of perfume bottle design and packaging, has insisted all pure handmade, even the label of the bottle body is entirely by Italy paste master hand. Do you know why the labels do not always square bottle body? Acqua di Parma calls “implication of value of imperfect”, I think this is also the warm hand of friendship valuable place.

Hand-cut American muscle “cake”

Shi Dan Orchid Splendour struggle SOAP/$ 70 100g

About Shi Danlan shops, you’ll get a wide variety of hand SOAP fragrance fragrance four overflows attracted mosaic flower soaps or dissemination of sweet taste makes people a kind of sense of taste buds open. This is her Trump merchandise Oh! This perfumed soap has a special way of purchasing, fun. No matter which one you want to use perfumed soaps, beauty consultant will field cut according to your requirements, as much as the cutting of the cake, really want to bite her. Slightly dazed for a moment, think outside the dessert shop.

Flower made out of brush

Shu Uemura pony hair blush brush $ 480

No wonder every year fashion magazines In Style, winning best always Shu Uemura makeup brush selection. Edit new revenue in the bag this blush brush, touch the cheeks are often feel extremely fit and natural SUMI, one can build a whole blush effect, especially. Makeup effects and weave integration is so perfect, because each of Shu Uemura makeup brushes are all by the Japan senior brush craftsman a root of a hand-arranged, there is not a simple arc of trim. This will ensure that each brush is most fitting face design, while keeping the tail-end of the original hair and toughness.

“Wearing” 215 on diamond perfume

Jiaolan secrets of the top jewelry Queen perfume/3,598,000

She is not so much perfume is expensive and extravagant jewelry is more than appropriate. Titou Crystal substrate bee-shaped bottle of Platinum and precious gold was inlaid the unique beauty of 215 total weight 14 Carat Diamond, mysterious fragrance in the middle of the stone, once touched, wings spread, will release the custom and unique taste. The jewellery and perfume, brooches and pendants, necklace glittering Morse code on “born to love, for love and” temporary failure of immune function of all women. This moment, hundreds of hours of refinement and gem weight is not important. Do not blame the woman vanity, but she’s too romantic.

Buy ten bottles or zhongyang

Yashilandai family of perfect Tibetan flavor-distant/$ 2,980

If you want to be a rich layers, simple, elegant with a high recognition of the unique flavor, then you must not be missed “perfume nose” yashilandai Lady mysterious formula; if you desire to be special qualities, so this perfume than you are. Perfume bottle cap stones are made of mosaic formed by hand, because the combination varies, so you have a bottle is absolutely unique in the world. Precious memories of this exclusive, which has a great collection.

Do you know?

Manual making a flower Chanel mountain Camellia at least need 40 minutes; sewing a love horse Shi “Kelly” handbags of time about for 20-25 hours; shoes shoe square making a double Chanel light double color shoes need about 40 hours; who Jue sports car steering wheel of making cycle about for 10 hours, full leather interiors for 92 hours; making a only Po Perot 1735 wrist table to spent to tab stops Division 1.5 years around of time.

5 romantic perfume in late summer early autumn most fresh

Each perfume has its own unique personality, discovery and perfume to match your character. Hot summer is the most thin and cool you need perfume perfume, in the midst of refreshing cold, experience the vast beauty of perfumed world, into the subtle fragrance, without losing the charm, but can bring on the nose clear and clean atmosphere. Following, counting 10 for summer fragrance for you.

1, classic Tuberose Prada Womens perfume


A so unexpected ingredients mixed from India of tuberose, from Italy of acid orange and red and orange leaves, this created tubereuse luxurious ingredients for such a good impression of traditional perfume. To this unique senses of the perfume, fragrance of citrus and flowers combines harmoniously, you seem to stay summer breeze gently garden.

 2, Diptyque vetyverio neutral perfume

  diptyque vetyverio 中性香水

In the modern society increasingly advocating neutrality, neutral scent of fresh and unique also was chosen or accepted by more people. May 2010 has just launched the perfume, which is a new neutral perfume, while mixed male and female flowers of soft adjustable rigid breath smell. Top notes is a hint of CITRUS, rose and Yilan is the increase in the fragrance, ultimately end with male lilac, there are nutmeg and Cedar flavor, is a complex perfume.

Anna sui dreamland Yee margin Eau de toilette in China

“Romantic filled stories, intriguing plots, luxury Palace” all this as the perfect combination to give every girl to Princess dream – are coddled, and love, caught up happy life, full of exotic with the exclusive own Prince charming and romantic and remarkable “fantasy romance”.

Let each girl avatars of your heart gorgeous Princess, is Anna sui have been relentless pursuit. Combined with their own journeys in the sense of smell, never forgotten feelings of young girls, combined with continuous gain inspiration from books on costume design, film, Ms Anna bring each dream girls 2011 most magic us new flavor-not to be missed-Anna sui dreamland Yee margin Eau de toilette (Forbidden Affair), making young girls to achieve heart desires.

  Dream girl is protagonist eternal story

In a long, long time ago, dreamland, young girl saw a Prince, the King, feel the charm of Knights and castles, a taste of all the wonderful-fantastic-gorgeous long dance skirt, six white horses driving coach. In this romantic garden, each trees like whisper, whisper the secret between lovers, stone like the head around, just lost in Moon’s arms.

Despite growth, dream girls still forget these dreams. Girl fantasies he is Princess around in search of the dream scenes, eager to find her real life Prince. “Dreamland Yee margin” eau de toilette for her to understand the fairy-tale dream can come true, those fascinating scene, fun adventure and Imperial intelligence combating will finally become a reality. She circulated by the hard of hearing faint light fragrance, like a Crystal Crown, get ready to set off, go to the dance party, to dream in the world in the pursuit of dreams, never give up.

  Charming fairy illusion inspiration

“Dreamland Yee margin” eau de toilette design inspired by ancient Germany fairy tales, including “snow white” and “sleeping beauty”. Similarly inspire their design ideas there are Rococo style of garden design, Baroque palaces, France Princess boudoir, point bits and way of life in fashion, as well as the Palace of the Royal family. These designs seem to lead us back to the 18th century, the medium-term, and received lavish style.

  Packaging narrative sweet sweet love

The box design is a subtle romantic garden. At sunset, romantic garden of the Palace door is the place where lovers meet. They are hiding in the secret garden and quietly enjoy the beauty of the rose. The flowers bright one by one to drop covert space was provided not only for lovers, also filled with rich aromatic scent in the air.

Here comes through from the rose bushes, climb over the Palace gate to see his beloved Prince and the Princess, and surmounting the guard of Defense and the harsh mother watch Princess, is enjoying a treasured time alone. Here, they are fairy tale world of mysterious Baby Watch: elves, spirit birds, squirrels and butterflies, as along as audience participation and to witness the romantic times. At this moment, the whole scene such as a Midsummer night’s dream.

  Bottle contains attractive deep

“Dreamland Yee margin” eau de toilette bottle design reflects this beautiful love story. Through a circle rose can see this couple, they are similar to the other end of the garden (back of the bottle).

Inspired by the overall shape of the bottle and the decoration design originated in the Baroque style of full-length mirror. Dotted with small roses in relief on a neck ring, Cap the spathe as if about to bloom. Princess is reminiscent of the secret boudoir in those beautiful little jewelry.

  Soft and dreamy, advertising

Anna sui “dreamland Yee margin” eau de toilette in advertising for us to tell a fairy tale world of romantic love story. In a vaguely under the background of the Castle, a beautiful Princess walked quietly baroque garden gates, went to a hush-hush appointments. There, she met with her Prince charming, bathed in the twilight of their being wrapped in violet fog. Secret and whisper, hard time, all be fantasy dreams. The dream girls can have welcome romantic hug, hot looks for human eyes, and she found the perfect Prince’s magic. Here there are no taboos, is making her very happy.

Models Lily Donaldson version not be questioned is the Princess of perfect reality. Her violet lavish evening dress, the top of glittering Crown of Flash, mix fantasy necklace, she accentuates it mature charm of fashionable personality. Independence yet so innocent she’s ready to put into the arms of night of joy. Lily Donaldson sweet smile, soft skin, let people fully appreciate women unlimited Jiao soft and charming ambience. Night sky of starry shines light purple, Moon shiny silver light jumping lovers pour out of him. This confused and enthusiasm, excitement and dramatic night more highlights in the boudoir Princess Dresser that Rococo design of perfume.

“Realistic incarnation of Lily like a princess in a fairy tale, which is why we believe that she is the most fit this perfume of candidates. We have a common hobby of collecting antique jewellery. When we filmed this perfume ad had a good time. ”

–Anna Sui

“My favorite designer and recently had the opportunity to cooperate is also a friend of Anna, shooting ‘ fantasy Yee margin ‘ advertising blockbusters Eau de toilette. I have worked with Anna for many years, each time you have a chance to see her ‘ world ‘ makes me very excited. She is a truly talented designers, have an opportunity to differentiate to a whole new way of working with her filming of this perfume ad, made me feel honored. I loved ‘ the dreamland Yee margin ‘ eau de toilette incense speed–this is a very soft and perfume for woman, and I will always use it! “

–Lily Donaldson

  Introduction of fragrance

Innovative fragrance experience

“Dreamland Yee margin” eau de toilette Lihua originating from Red vinegar and fruit fragrance perfect regulation, timed release technology, continuing the fragrance melts your heart all into experience!

Top notes: lemon, Black currant and perfect fusion of black currant, continue to rekindle the fresh sensibility of greetings.

Adjustable: the integration of raspberry, rose petal and pomegranate fragrance, sweet, attractive, with a mysterious and romantic atmosphere

Keynote: violet, full of charm and mystery of lasting scent and musk in the dissemination of Chinese FIR, stretches and sexy seductive fragrance lasting around China and Finland.

China mainland-listed: August 2011

Capacity and price:

30ml RMB 375

50ml RMB 540

75ml RMB 695

Midnight passion perfume by hot looks for a man’s smudge

Introduction: rubbed out with somebody will inadvertently olfactory taste unique to him, not produced by the heart of a weird sense of sth Filled with every kind of taste fresh in the memory of emotion, with his unique temperature and air strikes, moments away their time, forgotten world,. Everyone on a certain smell of unforgettable, it’s a mystery hidden deep inside exclusive sth


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Anti-index: 100

Strategic areas: General

Strategic approach: spray perfume over the first, where down and flapping past on perfume, rotating a week, so that perfume evenly sprinkle each place in your body.

Choose fragrant adjustable: the warmth of ORIENTAL, diffusion of orchids, orange blossom, musk and amber, charming fragrance.

5 perfume making gentle removal of new woman

Said the perfume is the 2nd woman dress, representing the owner of temperament and character. Even if it is also a bottle of perfume, body taste is different in different people. The so-called “woman” and, of course, including perfume for women.

If you are a gentle Qing novel woman!

Character traits: you’re full of romantic temperament, easily immersed in love and sweet talk. Your devotion to the people don’t care about the feelings of love, my heart full of love for each other’s selfless.

For Perfume: Alpinia blepharocalyx Ms Chloe fragrance, Marc Jacobs Daisy Daisy female flower perfume, perfume, luolita Ferragamo young series rings perfume, Luo Wei Loewe honey Kiss perfume

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  Recommendation 1: Alpinia blepharocalyx Ms Chloe fragrance

Alpinia blepharocalyx according to a new fragrance to capture the personality of Alpinia blepharocalyx Lady rich creativity and self-confidence, fresh fragrance of great woman out of free nature and innate temperament of fashion, of Alpinia blepharocalyx concerns not a female, but to expose all of Alpinia blepharocalyx ladies colorful and charming.

Classic fragrance control

Same as the definition of the interpretation of Alpinia blepharocalyx fashion female, so can perfume fragrance. Alpinia blepharocalyx fragrance used classical Muscat, and a creative way to tune into a vibrant fragrance: translucent, warm and inviting.

Charm bottle

As of Alpinia blepharocalyx perfumes contain classical taste, in a fresh light fragrance possessing a solid radix aucklandiae, perfume bottle design also display their comparative philosophy. Designer Pa te grams. Rupert Wainwright from a fine of Alpinia blepharocalyx female shirt cuffs was inspired, in transparent glass who designed the beautiful folds a square cylinder. Oval bottle caps balanced line of perseverance, nostalgic charm exudes rich silver metal ornaments. Rarely in modern fragrance technology be applied metal ornament rings reflect its unique character. Final finishing is a bottleneck on petals woven ribbons fight the previous loose knot, rendering of Alpinia blepharocalyx perfume bottle atmosphere and elegant.

Interpretation of paragraph 7 exquisite perfume tranquil and elegant

Speaking of perfume, who probably are talking. In fact, in addition to the perfume, perfume can bring to users a copy produced according to the fragrant regulating different mood. Now let us look at the best interpretation of paragraph 7 of the quiet and elegant brand perfume!

In addition to the perfume, and ointment can in fact brought us a fragrant regulating different and have different moods. Xiaobian take you now to look at the best interpretation of paragraph 7 of the quiet and elegant brand perfume!

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  Ms Stella In Two Amber perfume cream

With it, I’ll bet they will definitely remember you, and it will be super good impression. This ointment, may occasion needs transform dense fragrance of varying transfer, a thin coating layer on the wrist, you give off calmly confident and elegant, if you want the stylish charm that he painted some supplementation, amber perfume will slowly penetrating the skin. Bottle combines a retro and modern design, dissemination of aromatic Quattro anytime, anywhere, unconventional to show your true personality.