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Love collection: life would so understand tears to understand life

Camouflage came out strong and there will always be collapsed one day, when a man is really going to cry when, be sure to watch out for, that can be sea fucheng real burst its banks clean up. Women may be stronger this time, just know life must be understood after the tears.


Life would so understand tears to understand life

Life always begins in their own crying, tears of others where you arrive at the finish. Thought in medicine, tears clean the eye of the penitentiary, is a stress-induced reflect external stimulation, starting from the time the fetus, there will be a foundation of tears. Thus, tears would have on the life imprint until after the end of life, and maybe some tears in the memory you have souls fly away.

People are emotional animals, a Passion, cannot for long repressed at the bottom, appearing to the outside, expression, language, movement, joy, sadness, crying and laughing, tears will accumulate in the orbital, water flow, drop a drop of emotion in the world. True also false in this world, has its call trap sth

Tears are not only associated with sadness, grief, and joy about. Angry anti-smile, Shad, who before the big surprise, or happiness, it is difficult to find the best way of expressing emotion, tears dripping out is often one of the first step. Laughing tears, Frank, so many emotions of complex overnight is hardly full of emotions, all among the liquid condensed in this started from one’s eyes.

Tears, seems to be with the woman’s fate, well run by bright eyes, if haze hazy, deep pond is a country of beauty and temptation, life and soul photo taken people flow unlimited. Tears spots jiaoyang Lamping chuan Lin Daiyu slightly forced away many a man’s heart, why is looking to “next sister Lin on high”, as you can imagine. There are tears, men often self-assertion is going to be fond of women, women are often taking advantage of never fear, harmony of love tears become a lubricant. But women not so much to use, because the face of a woman’s tears, men always scared, overwhelmed, or indifferent to, or run away from. Woman, keep in mind that most of the time, smiles and tears are equally important.

Men only weep tears does not flip, so men accustomed to hide the tears in my heart, let it flow in the blood, which is the impact of cultural traditions. Camouflage came out strong and there will always be collapsed one day, when a man is really going to cry when, be sure to watch out for, that can be sea fucheng real burst its banks clean up. But most men would choose no corners or closest woman was devastated Jedi cry before a game, most of the time he smiles hide the tears.

Dare dare laugh cry, is truly human. Heart Truth true tears is true.

A touching heart, we use tears moistens the world beautiful; has a heart of compassion, we honour through the tears of pain and grief; has a sincere heart, we use the tears to warm the soul.

Life in tears marching in, sweet and sour spicy cry subway learn, perhaps, to understand the tears, they understand life.

Men love scramble for what kind of woman

Sometimes, men like scrambling for a woman, what men like woman?

First woman: confident woman


Man appreciate the confident woman, because she makes men feel she is accountable for their actions, so that man is safe, you can rest assured hanging out with her.

Confidence does not mean that tough. Confident woman not only interpersonal skills were large elegant square, Frank, Jack is not dragging its feet, and will just right in front of men of weakness, docile, delicate natural feel free to show a woman. That gives men lamented, more ready to close.

Also have to say back, people are very complicated, more contradictory things and sometimes the more intriguing. Therefore, the wise woman to let man keep strong fighting spirit of the Conqueror on the one hand, on the one hand to let a man can’t resist your charms.

Part one of proportionality, unable to let a man afraid of disappointment, who cannot make a man feel up for grabs

Second woman: woman full of passion for life

Enthusiasm is the best lit man’s love. Love life of a woman, never give up any opportunities to enjoy pleasure, man not only infected more fanaticism will be given to the enthusiasm of return. Enthusiastic woman knows the joy of life, feeling fine, they are generally considerate, pure and bold, likes to meet the challenge, you explore life. Along with them, man will feel very relaxed, you don’t have to make a character wears a mask and upright.

Why bad men more like a woman?

People often naively thought that, as long as the Petite lovely, gentle good woman, in love will be favored and favorite of countless men, but the fact is, the men loved bad woman, what has happened to this community, what do they think?


Bad woman not to have been abandoned will favor him this idea is what

In love, when you’re still guessing those men he likes when I do, those “bad girl” is calculated with this guy’s mind together, what are the benefits to themselves when you are busy looking for a reason when a certain self-, “bad girl” have use of their valuable time to make boys happy. In fact, these “bad girls” maybe just a few strokes, but soon these boys will obligingly hooked up.

“Bad woman” get to the point

Maybe bad on women in the workplace, is very bad, their capabilities are very strong. But for her man, her behavior is very reasonable. Bad women as men get to the point, without more ADO, never hysterically shouting, but things look good, and they will not fix on trivial things, men also like this, because they know what they want to (men without that kind United States time, next to a woman every day can help her clean the ass).

Sometimes a man, get along with the bad woman, than with a two units in the West and emotional woman get along much easier. Because sensitive woman not put a foot right, always make a man feel very confused, never know themselves what they get in to them? Bad woman can express yourself clearly and courageously. As a result, they always can easily get what they want.

In addition, the bad woman man to know, in this relationship, he plays what role. Some men head to paste as, if the words you don’t understand, he did not understand anything. Man is afraid of women always want to play with them “guess” of the game, also hate to be after the wrong woman scolded in someway capricious woman brain thinking? If a woman can learn to Frank, many pressures will disappear without a trace of the man.

Seven factors you men loyal to marriage denied

Men always expect occurs outside of the emotional life of a kind of emotion, they are eager to get more women of all ages and pursuits. Women always want men wholeheartedly, never betray yourself, what exactly is the reason habits are unfaithful as a man?


Name: seven factors you men loyal to marriage denied

Aesthetic fatigue

When the first married couple disgusted by some men, or intimate relationships when you have a sense of discomfort will let the men go out to search for game. Some wayward woman would only cries hanging, two, three, but do not know how to use skills sexual attraction, seduction or encouraged to increase its charm, just put on a day late husband mother face to face, long, feelings between husband and wife, of course, it will no longer close.

Fragile mental

According to the survey, women often have a bizarre suspected heart disease often doubt that man for his infidelity, this time, some men in order to make you happy, it will really to seek extramarital affairs, and show off their merry Tsuyashi. In fact, also a fragile animal man, he needs to accompany, you need to praise or needs comfort. If you cannot find these in the home, he is likely to sth

Natural air flow

In fact, it is possible your airflow embryo in man is a born child, is the mass of individual people love Valentine, meant he would have many opportunities to make peach. Therefore, from the above we can see, married life is mostly need to machine interaction of the sexes, couples need each other to comfort and encourage each other, so when the affair occurred when her husband, wives to bear half of the responsibility.

Mature female private sex skills open


Superior bedroom skills can become more harmonious sex. Feels like hard work experience after an uncomfortable trip; like sunny spring walk in Woods; just like climbing to the peak of untold pleasures. However, perfect sex gives us far more than that, it also makes our body and spirit are an entirely new look. It in a most original way illuminating our love, strengthening the relationship between men and women.

They maintained the fire of love everlasting. Sex is perfect, is absolutely crucial to whether two people living together, earnestly do not maintain a love fantasy vegetative life, whether man or woman in need of this point, is completely consistent.

Woman “Lust”

Perfect first attitude is perfect for sex, he and her are sex covered with a positive attitude. If the men mate with itself as love sex, can be very obsession with her.

In many cases, of men lost in fantasies, rather than sexual behavior and his partner because he mistakenly believed that his partner is not a hobby. If you cannot understand different feelings on sex between men and women, this occurs very easily.

Woman like a man love sex. Different is that women only under the premise of love, to feel the passion. Therefore, the woman first felt a man’s love for her, felt that men love their distinctive ways, and then only will open the doors of her sex. Women, like men desire, this feeling sometimes strongly than men. However, for women, love is the basis of sex, only after you love needs met, importance will appear. Of women with men like. However, women need to feel loved, and then to sexual impulses and the fans. Even if a woman is just a little likely to be the feeling of love in their hearts, desire of her heart to be ready. In General, men awaken desire just need opportunities and locations. After the start of love and sexual awakening of men more than women automatically and more quickly. Even if a woman is just a little likely to be the feeling of love in their hearts, desire of her heart to be ready.

Men longing for perfect love

Perfect sex man lurking sense of achievement can be detonated, men from the frustration can also be liberating, he covered with passion and confidence to anything, including re-build the relationship between two people. Perfect sex men to the most original, most direct way, taste the results of their efforts. Victory of woman body meet is a man of spirit. Passion and wheezing of a woman, man conquer and occupy the nerve is activated. Heaven’s doors open, men wantonly to soar. Through the women’s meet, men can feel that she is so grateful for their imprint and love. Men sometimes ostrich-like, to hide itself, but when he returned to his world, you’ll find that had demonstrated that the desire for love is still deeply embedded in the minds of women.

Women need the perfect sex

Perfect sex can completely melt a woman, bring her from soul open your heart, feel the love, and to heart. Man smart and knowing touch, you can make a woman love feeling of vitality through touch and constantly rising. Women will not hesitate to believe. Man of passion and commitment to meet a woman inside the desire for love. Even if two people quarrel had just happened, tense atmosphere enveloped the whole family, provided by perfect sex, all discord will evaporate the clouds, a woman will once again conquered by her own sense of belonging. Perfect sex, women in love and be loved requirements to maximize in enthusiasm and satisfaction.

  Perfect love build a perfect relationship

Perfect sex clip tenderness snippet in your life, let a man and woman in his life time memories. Memories that can cause human brain and the body secrete a chemical substance, him and her most pleasing each other, meet each other, love each other. Meanwhile, the perfect sex can also deepen mutual attraction, stimulating the energy of love, even able to improve our health. Not only does it ignite a spark of vitality, also brought us beauty, a sense of belonging and appreciation and gratitude to each other and the entire world.

Perfect sex God to those who strive to create extraordinary gifts of love.

Cause is sex love important than friendship, rich. Perfect sex can soothe a woman made her develop own mature charm, it can also make a man more manly. Sex hidden huge power, can make our intimate or ruthlessly keep us apart.

Want to reach the perfect sex, rely on instinct and habit alone is not enough. With the passage of time, people love quality problems become increasingly prominent. The trouble is, this feeling changes too minor to persons unable to detect sex as if because the habit gradually becomes a habit. Like routine and uninteresting. In order to take care of our partner in bed, you urgently need some new skills.

Requirements are different for men and women for sex, if not fully understand the difference, then, after a few months or years – one day sooner or later, becomes sex – like a wash and brush your teeth need but uninteresting. Believe me, as long as you are willing to learn and grasp the perfect sex and doing some minor changes, this situation will be completely changed.

  Different chemical substances

This difference between men and women is reflected in Physiology. After the male hormone, would be quickly freed after the climax. For women, slowly release process, and long retention time of more after the climax.

Women need a relatively slow process to wake the sex drive. When she felt warm, erotica and attraction after only hungry for sexual stimulation. After her crush on a man, may take a few days time, began to want sex. Women need a relatively slow process to wake the sex drive. Men that demand is difficult to understand women, sex and sucking a cigarette they can even be treated equally. Once men have sexual desire, need to be put into action immediately. Wait a few days will greatly inhibit the desire of men. Women are not like this, they need more room before the sex.

Business trip home when his wife, the husband wants to have sex right away, while his wife want two people chatting, slowly brought their sexual impulses. If you cannot understand this difference between men and women, men very easily feel being abandoned, while women will have been felt.

Usually just familiar with men and women when men understand women sex feeling cultivation takes time. However, when they occur after the sexual relationship, men tend to stop feeling moist. But in fact, women before sex is still need for emotional solace. We can make a very appropriate metaphor of love is the “admission ticket”. Because men demand for emotion was relatively small, so the husband is difficult to understand his wife’s emotional needs. (Companion)

Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Women are often naive thought that, in the heart of man is no secret, their attitudes to love is to go forward, will not produce this or that idea. However, in order to live a happy, these must see through his secret.


Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Man-love when hero’s arrogant attitude, so it is easy to fall in love with the woman complained to him.

Men want women around to understand: all with the same woman to the place, it is a very boring thing (maybe women think so too, just embarrassed to say), and moderate dating other women, is a relief and relaxation, can have no other attempts.

In gender relations, women need men to tell her, he is willing to make any sacrifice for her, a man needs a woman told him, he is able.

Man thinks himself affectionate, is often a thin but without compromise in the woman’s eyes.

In the heart of man, to which degree of intimacy, to what extent is and love of a woman developing.

Man every once in a while, there will be emotional and physical strength drops to the bottom of a few days, don’t want to see anyone Hide read books, listen to music, see discs and mad play games out.

Has had love experience of men are know: woman is cannot but cheated of, similar like: “I will forever love you”, “I has been are will like now such pain you”, “what when need I, a phone I on immediately came”, “I yihou then also not like love you such to love also a a people” this words is must to said but forever adhere can’t of “cheated words”, who let woman so love heard does!

Men caught most of the old flame self-assertion, thought with their own people who have feelings, my heart will always save a copy, fantasy woman love him love him forever. Women only will beautify the eyes of men, men have unwittingly beautify lost love affair. So more men than women agree: break up or a friend. Whatever is left people still being left, most of the men are willing to continue to keep in touch with ex-girlfriend.

Molested women with boyfriends 89% odds be beaten

Many Otaku good depressed, they find little dark side is always missing build giant super good, looks pretty woman. On this issue, the Colt brother than a dozen years ago, in the dark video similar to the Office of the ancient puzzle, the Mong Kok Carmen conducted an academic demonstration of films, found that most attract young women is that they can for the slightest of woman shedeyishengua’m going all out and others struggled.


Regret is that this half-hearted knife moving guns most of the show in screen play, the reality of males to females in a beaten events rarely occur in human society. Thus, the women want to know today, I’ll tell you, sisters reality of men willing to fight for you in Sth

  网易女人《女人想知道》89% man molested their own abhorrence of the woman, ready to LUN fist. As long as the other dares to provoke, 45% of man-hands to mercilessly. There are 44% men like to try peaceful means before resorting to force, encountered be insensible leader will fight. Visible, if men want to bubble around girls of her boyfriend, mob risk as high as 90%.

  网易女人《女人想知道》11% man is a gentleman, their women being insulted both exercise restraint of a rational attitude. It is divided into two, one is known as the yes man not his fists, one surrendered and is expensive to send. But we have to tell this man, while women often want gentle man, but this time she would like you to have more aggressive and violent, the specific code of conduct can refer to the medieval knights and gentlemen. Also inserted a sentence, women want men to be more aggressive in another moment is in bed.

  网易女人《女人想知道》36% nurse wife of the man who is blind, who would dare argue and his woman, they no matter who’s right and wrong, are firmly on the love front external resistance. Eh-hem, men at this time, is a tyrant or a brave act for a good qualitative, fully depends on their women’s moral character. So “life highly depends on the wife of a man” this sentence, from moral standards or there is some truth to Ah.

  网易女人《女人想知道》35% man can become excellent members of the jury, because they banglibubangqin. Their rational woman, they brave early; your woman wrong, they loudly mediator. This shows that don’t and is both justified and have men accompany women to make red, because as much as a 71% chance of men to women was that they charge. (Companion)

Men like women 9-mature female traits

Now men too much stress, extreme fatigue, they more eager to female full warm arms. Considerate tenderness for mature female can ease the man inside pressure and inhibition, treatment has a very good effect. Research has shown that, 27-30 mature women are more vulnerable to get men of all ages and many more and more men to accept love sister and brother.


Many people in the blind pursuit of young nun die while his girlfriend, mature woman has become the focus of attention of many men. Research has shown that, 27-30 mature women are more vulnerable to get men of all ages and many more and more men to accept love sister and brother.

If only from the viewpoint of pure feminine beauty, is of course the younger is better. Young do not have much experience of feeling, also has a romantic and wonderful vision of love. But at the same time, young, slightly naive, many ideas have matured enough sophistication. Mature woman’s experience, wisdom, understanding that exudes charm can make a man of infinite yearning.

Now men too much stress, extreme fatigue, they more eager to female full warm arms. Considerate tenderness for mature female can ease the man inside pressure and inhibition, treatment has a very good effect. As your experience grows, increasingly strong female heart, men have a heart of love and inclusion, does not want younger sister wild tricky, having nothing to find fault. Mature women know how to love a man, thoughtful man. Most male mature female had the following of people lose 9-mature female traits.

1. woman

Mature woman who has an inner woman, men of human yearning.

Due to the abundant life, mature woman whether psychological or physiological aspects are more mature than younger sister, so that they jushoutouzu between ultimate charm, to endure years of more refined, more good-looking, more charming, the key is that they are more of a woman, their eyes and their body language is more abundant, and can be hit.

Such a mature female, male captured in an instant heart, better understand the needs of men, called How do not like?

2. air flow

Don’t mistake Jolly is a term, where Merry is definitely a Bonus Words, it with style and elegance related.

Small girls may be jolly, but Jolly is a mature girl sends out after years of cultivation in a Chen Xiang, imitation is not, unlike, this takes time.

Merry mature woman, eyes full of temptation is ambiguous, but it is not you will be able to get her heart. Flower is Yi Xie, only fruit can only taste. Mature female charms, obtained, General young women can imitate it?

3. the elegant temperament

Seen little girls love, they may throw things, crying, crying two three hanging, as if the whole world is destroyed, broken.

Mature women with elegant temperament, even breaking up, are generally elegant like a gentleman. When you know that your boyfriend was having an affair, she will be played down, finally sending a “break up, you slow, I had not sent”. For men, a cry of two hanging three will only make him more compelling to leave, while mature female elegance, is after the break up he still dwell.

Chen Kun-deductive fashion Basha large shows male Heartthrob

2011-07-19 | Source: love network

   Review: remember initially recognized Chen Kun-lien was in TV series like in the fog as rain and wind, he played a poor boy a gentle affectionate, subsequent film and television, he always seems to play make people feel deeply moved man, it seems this is the way he was. Not long ago he was still shooting a fashion Basha blockbusters, more is his temperament were evident.

陈坤演绎时尚芭莎大片 尽显男性柔情

Was said Chen Kun-temperament gentle, because he appeared of mostly is affectionately and affectionate of men, from like fog like rain and like wind under to Hua Mulan under, and painted under, he show in audience before of is one by one different of looks, fact, he on like is Botanical Garden in of a tree tree, although has crown cover top, but he who of label what is Hei Yin also is Xiyang, we also is difficult to min clearly. Recently, Chen Kun-deductive fashion Basha blockbusters, is called “spiritual wing of the brave” and, indeed, from debut to date, the boy had dapple of Apple wucuo.com have become an attractive man, his effort should not be overlooked.

Don’t take love in bed woman body deal

Every woman looks forward to a perfect love, but do not know for what reason, love is always with his body, so they sometimes silly thought that as long as man on the bed can love sth


Love on the bed women don’t do with physical trading

Everybody loves fantasies, woman, man is also true. We all imagine can have some admirable cause, lived in house and drove the car, there is a beautiful and has a connotation of a wife (husband), lived a luxurious life. We imagine these everyday.

Woman’s fantasies tend to have her inherent properties of the short Board, some “smart” men are holding the woman of along came Polly as the short plate, resulting in around women and soul dream, head over heels, as if by filling a magic potion.

A man can not accept a woman’s love, but most of men have not denied the woman’s body. In other words, for men, love and sex, can be separated, there is no inevitable conflict.

Women are not!

Women are often naive, they take it for granted that as long as a man willing to go to bed with her, making love interest and her around, also had sex acts sweet and heady, then, the man is also that she has missed, have feelings, there are hopes of retaining the man.

In fact, the fact is not, as she thought. Man is nothing more than “tax, state tax, land tax, stamp duty sth