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Boutique mask: the summer six mask replenishment

Mask replenishment is fucheng lack of moisturizer in the daily care, often two to three times a week can help skin maintain a relatively good state. In addition, want better display mask function, some preparatory work must be done well!

First, thoroughly clean the skin. If necessary, of course you can also use a scrub clean up dead skin, clear excess skin, helps import of nutrients. Second, before using a mask on skin toner. Not only does this reduce the chance of a skin mask-sensitive, also more conducive to the skin absorption of moisture. Finally, the finished dressing mask do not forget to repeat the day-to-day maintenance of order, painted skin lotion or cream can help lock in moisture, prevent loss of nutrients.

Special Note: mask must follow the required time to compress, please don’t wait for it to dry and then under! Since this time, originally added to the moisture in the skin and is absorbed by the mask back, the effect is counterproductive. Some girls like insufficient sleep with the mask, this is to explicitly prohibit the Oh!


Clinique Clinique moisture hydrating mask RMB360/6

Comfortable cotton texture mask, can cover all skin types. Full of moisture cream, skin experience fresh and relaxing and wonderful to enjoy. Gives soft smooth look and feel of the skin after use, and effectively reduced due to lack of water causes of dry grain and fine-grain, strengthen the skin’s natural moisturizing protective film. Refreshing and natural, without leaving adhesive greasy after use.

6 anti-aging tips for simple and effective

   Review: good skin is maintained up bit by bit, fine bainen where can suddenly become soft. Therefore, more attention to regular maintenance, skin gradually bainen. Below, xiaobian’ll teach everyone 6 anti-aging tips, very simple and effective, capable of delaying skin aging, skin becomes more and more better.

6个抗衰老的小秘诀 简单有效

One or one tablet of functional facial mask

Acne friend must do mask. Mask 2-3 times a week, doing simple Kwa root powder mask, the mask clearing, clearing the toxin for facial, eliminate facial spots, so as to gradually eliminate facial acne and acne scars. But women must go to bed early, not more than 11 points because at 10 o’clock in the evening to the next day at 5 o’clock in the morning, skin is a very good time to repair, this time good skin, skin becomes very well.

DIY wrinkle mask bright skin young

  Review: as the years went by, he grew older, quietly climbed up we face wrinkles. Watch their day grow old, cannot help but feel afraid. Xiaobian below will teach you DIY wrinkle mask, young hwan skin vitality.

DIY抗皱面膜 重焕肌肤年轻活力

PEAR mask

Material: pear

PEAR teems with nutrition and fat composition, when used to make a mask, one-fourth PEAR peeled and ground into mud-like, and add appropriate amount of flour, mix a little honey and 3 drops of lemon juice. Its effective lubrication and dry skin.

DIY抗皱面膜 重焕肌肤年轻活力

To Kwa root powder mask

Materials: Kwa root powder

To Kwa root powder contains many nourish skin, invigorates the ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, not only can be used for acne, while up to probation for skin beauty beauty, health, produced when the mask, smear joined a little honey and egg white potato root powder mixing evenly.

Summer how self-made Whitening mask whitening to help you easily whitening

   Review: summer is the most important thing whitening, summer how to whiten many MM focus topic. Summer smudge sunscreen alone is not useful at night when it is important to focus on the repair and maintenance, repair and maintenance is best done at night mask. Today xiaobian recommended some Whitening mask of fruits and vegetables are not only easy to make, very effective.

夏日如何美白 美白果蔬面膜来帮你轻松美白

Fresh milk Whitening mask

Whitening mask made of fresh milk method: prepare a small glass of fresh milk, fresh milk the best prior under the chilled in the refrigerator, so insufficient in the face will be comfortable point; then steam steaming face make facial pores open and eternal cotton pad full of fresh milk, in the application on the face, had 15 minutes to remove, clean water. Bainen insist on using this method will make the skin up.

4 homemade mask the delicate care of your skin

   Review: many MM is to have beautiful skin, you must select a set of expensive skin care products, skin or poor maintenance. In fact not the case, summer skin care does not necessarily have to buy expensive skin care product, yourself buy skin care can good skin care. Following xiaobian taught homemade mask, this 4 mask not only easy to do, but powerful and practical.

4款自制面膜 细腻呵护你的肌肤

“Sandwich” mask

“Sandwich” mask materials: bean curd, honey, hyaluronic dope and cucumber. Facial mask recipe is: bean curd mixed with some water and hyaluronic acid made from spun honey mixed liquid has an alternate, then rose pure dew soaked paper mask, then cut into thin slices of cucumber. First mixture spread on paper film and paper film deposited on the face, and finally posted on the face of cucumber. This “sandwich” mask is complete. The mask has a moistening effect well moisten the probation, makes the skin water run together. This mask may compress to 10-20 minutes is enough.

Self-made julep Masque removed face black strawberries

   Review: black was originally beautiful skin becomes intractable, especially in the hot summer, blackhead problems are more serious. How can I effectively get our faces of BlackBerry do? Small knitted today introduced several homemade julep Masque, make it easy for you to get rid of “Strawberry nose”.

自制去黑头面膜 去掉脸部的黑草莓

Yam and honey facial mask

Materials: regular fresh Yam, 2 spoons of honey

After Yam peeled and cut block 1, juice squeezed out poured into the juicer.

2, into the mixing uniformity of honey.

This homemade mask to prevent the skin from aging probation, use skin becomes white after white and delicate, and can effectively shrink pores, so that more detailed and smooth the skin. Suitable for neutral skin.

Speckle-removing Whitening mask skin an instant bainen paragraph 4

   Review: mask is very powerful is amazing, so many MM is very like applying mask. Because the mask has a good effect on the one hand, on the other, can relax in with mask, relief of fatigue. Want to whitening and spot-MM can look at the four spot removing Whitening mask, is particularly strong, can let you turn white.

4款祛斑美白面膜 让肌肤瞬间白嫩起来

Olay white whitening water spot-fading facial mask

Price: $ 130.00/5

Small comments on the series: this whitening and spot-Olay facial mask, stretch mask paper has a very good design, it contains extracts of hanfangmeibai vitamin B3 and precious essence, can effectively inhibits melanin generation, weakening color spots, skin white; also gradually improve skin, bright skin. This mask also penetrate into the skin easily, essence soon absorbed by the skin.

Most extreme summer hot mask to create water tender and delicate of American muscle

   Review: the Sun blazing like a ball of fire in the summer, intense ultraviolet radiation, dry air conditioning environment for skin and face more threats, making many beauty MM teeth. This summer, in addition to daily basic maintenance, mask less equally fucheng. Today, announced in summer hot mask list together to build a water tender and delicate beauty of muscle.

夏季热销面膜排行榜 打造水嫩精致的美肌

Dior Dior hydrodynamic Eijun nourishing facial mask

Reference price: RMB 390

Product specification: 75ml

Listed reasons: the mask has a very unique texture, after the smear on the face a little massage, you can put milk into ritzy moisturizing texture oily texture. As a creamy class mask, the texture is very thin, does not have a sense of heavy. Although massage when feeling a little oil, just after you clean it, you will find not only not greasy, and the skin is smooth and meticulous lot, absorb good effect, the skin of water run and luminance has greatly improved. Specifically recommends that once the mask is a little gentle massage, you can greatly enhance the absorption effect of the mask, as a great moisturizing face SPA.

-Made of brown sugar and honey facial mask skin delicate Velvet

   Review: brown sugar and honey facial mask, which has very good materials for brown sugar contains molasses components detoxification functions, can nourish the skin is honey and supplementary nutrition to skin; the combination would have better skin. Following a look at the brown sugar and honey facial mask is how to make simple and practical.

自制红糖蜂蜜面膜 让肌肤细嫩柔滑

Step one: prepare homemade facial mask material

First step is of course ready to produce brown sugar and honey facial mask material. These materials are very good find, appropriate amount of brown sugar, the amount of honey, coupled with an egg egg white. Mask how much, MM depending on your skin condition, free of regulation. Preparing these facial mask material is very simple, you only need to the supermarket to buy on the line. It depends on how you make below, if the mask very well produced, so as to beauty, to make the skin more delicate.

How summer self-made Whitening mask whitening 5 subsection to help you quickly whiten

   Review: summer MM always too white enough, always through a variety of ways to make themselves white, one of the most commonly used method is to compress to Whitening mask. But good Whitening mask is too expensive, cheap and can’t, do? Xiaobian there we made Whitening mask it below, not only saving money, whitening effect is good, and it is natural Oh!

夏季如何美白 5款自制美白面膜帮你快速美白

Aspirin beauty skin mask

Aspirin beauty skin facial mask recipe is: 5 to 6 tablets of aspirin tablets ready first, and then rolling it into a fine powder; and a uniform mixing spoon of water, stirring well after the cotton pad dipped in liquid intake smear on the face, probably waiting for a 20-30 minute facial wash with water. Suggestions: aspirin pill ground into very fine powder, so that clean the face not hurt if fear of allergies in the first test after the root of the ear; finished his mask to strengthen after moisturizing, smearing some moisturizing skin care products.