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He said harmonious sexual life with my contacts

He also asked if I could meet right with “together”, asked me not planning to get married this year if appropriate. I say nothing in fucheng as long as the right to. But he said could “together” refers to sexual relations, I euphemism to say, no problem as long as the appropriate sth Please see companion teacher teacher of analysis.


User talk:

I was divorced, after friends introduced a 5 years older than the man, a House and a car have a good income, was a shiyexing man. He said his business many, no time for love, we just talked a few times on the Internet, does not meet, but he looked at photos of me, saying I was his favorite.

But I am humble, because I photos I thin, he knew I was divorced, without children, he said that it was not my fault, he was just trying to find someone to marry, trying to find a good woman.

He also asked if I could meet right with “together”, asked me not planning to get married this year if appropriate. I say nothing in fucheng as long as the right to.

But he said could “together” refers to sexual relations, I euphemism to say, no problem as long as appropriate.

Because my leg a few days ago, unable to walk, he often asked when can I see him, I would like to meet again the wound has healed. But I cannot believe that a career men would choose a divorced woman?

And he is a confident man, and said that I will fall in love with him, I was afraid he could not really me. When we first talk he said he found his wife require higher, added requirements for sex is also high, his former girlfriend broke up due to a part because of this.

Although I have married, but very conservative inside, my appearance does not a conservative, I am fat, he will be disappointed after I meet, after several chats feel that he is the man I want to find, maturity, and success I not anxious feelings always euphemism to say it, but he’s very confident, also said he will make me fall in love with him.

Although not met, but inside he really looked forward to, but I’m not confident, afraid he seen me disappointed, and he was a personnel manager, countless read people, good people, I would like to ask if we meet, am I going to let him leave a good impression, I got a good personality are straightforward, never out of temper. Also if he made a sexual request, what should I say? The point directly say?

Companion teacher replied:

If sexual demands on him because of his condition is to be harmonious if himself spoke of feeling trapped, himself to be more painful than it is now much less confident.

All lies in your choice, man could own after receiving the love of first love, and this law embodies the most obvious in men, men love most is the purpose of sex-related, and is the love.

Now own to see the reality, really suited to such a man do, the conditions themselves are not able to love him, or they have no such condition, forget he is there a garage, only after the exchanges will learn more about each other. (Companion)

Five of the most vulnerable to being taken in constellation man


Most vulnerable to being taken in by constellation man

Said man limbs developed simple, but sometimes the Hulk has great wisdom, don’t assume that your little trick to put all men have turned round and, of course, there are a few men are particularly silly special easy trap, so which man is most likely to be the constellation little ruse liaodao it? Pick a star factory-star unveiled for you right now (refer to the Sun and Venus)

NO.1 Leo

Easy place to trap: “who would dare bearding? ”

Lion seat of men itself quite smart, but in woman before on not as has, main also is face concept mischief, dang Lion seat of boys in face pull no fewer than or is faced hero saved beauty of status Xia head on Halo between between has, in processing own of problem of when they also comparison rational, but in girls before or see girls was bully also or own family was bully and or work in the he think he of territory received violations of when, Lion men on cannot stand, he must to out defending, so as long as in this several aspects slightly effects small meter they on obediently drill into trap has.

NO.2 Aries

Easy place to trap: Aries men are rebellious!

Usually they are comparative unassuming gentleman, but they have one of the biggest weaknesses: is the most vicious others to hard! They born eat soft not eat hard, if you attitude good sub spoiled, has words good said they is is rational of, but if others to hard of, he on will performance was than others more hard, others called he to East he partial to to West to you see, so white sheep men were sometimes also often because this weaknesses was people using, especially others sowing dissension manufacturing misunderstanding on he said so and who intimidation he of when, he may will “pre-emptive” of into out peril to.

NO.3 Archer

Easy place to trap: “who do you say no types? ”

Sagittarius man looks and joking, loved and people care about nothing, looks mind care nothing, seems to be hard to catch his weakness was blinded by his trap, but Archer boys ignite is very low, a sentence like “you are not kind! “The provocation was enough to make him jump to eight feet high! They hate the unclear status mile people, when he felt he was tolerance and respect for others but one step on the head when anger to lose control.

NO.4 Virgo

Easy place to trap: “I think flat you can’t do it! ”

Virgin seat of men pride very strong, on they,, tianda to large face maximum, as long as was injury to he of pride, they immediately anger fucheng anti, must to pulling pour each other, especially others think he ability insufficient of when, then to to proved to each other see, even pay is large price he also long, therefore looks smart top, said up with reason thinking careful of Virgin men actually quite easy in the enrollment of.

NO.5 Gemini

Easy place to trap: “what? They all think so? ”

Gemini seat of men especially Bull comparison thick of some Gemini men, looks is quite difficult in the enrollment of, but actually cheated to they also is easy, just need method, need ahead of prepared, they is smart, but sometimes happens smart anti-was smart errors, at collected intelligence of they like analysis finishing they by collected to of information, dang information suddenly became complex of when they on is easy off into mysteries more drill more deep, especially if atmosphere was fried of is hot zhixia, he on has may moment the horse trips, obediently be captured.

Looks like there should be like dating a man on man

When you invite her for an appointment when, as far as possible with a decisive tone, men should have men like some higher chances of success!

  约会时 拿出你男人的霸气来吧!

Man is man, sometimes in terms of dating, man man you to get you an air of arrogance, to conquer a woman.

Many men think, invited the girls, you should try to embody the boy’s diligent and considerate, should respect the views of women. Yes, in most of the female mind, “thoughtful” man is the most ideal.

But invite the girl effect in this manner is often not very good. (Especially when the first date) for example, you use the “like to? “This question, at first glance, seems to be very polite, but in fact it gives the other party said” good “and” bad “two opportunities. “A shy, gentle, cautious, restrained” is a traditional virtue of East.

Although now open society progress, but the majority of women or to the passive, if encountered more conservative women, while boys have a favorable impression, but she may believe that men alone and that intercourse is not too deep for an appointment is too impetuousness.

Let men sought her advice, there will be no room for to defend themselves in the future. In order not to complicate, you simply say “no”.

So, when do you intend to go to travel with his girlfriend is, instead of “next month, would you travel? “Rather than” go together next month! “The decisive tone to invite her, easier to obtain her consent; said to his girlfriend” you tomorrow if at home, I called you “rather than saying” I call you tomorrow, you don’t go out “.

Such an imperative tone, accustomed to obeying the woman, had already made it clear that the other party, she is waiting at home as long as you can. Meanwhile, she thinks the man is a Jack, man can count on. Moreover, anything can be arranged, then, in her mind, may be a considerate man.

So, when you invite him for an appointment, as far as possible with a decisive tone, some higher chances of success! (Companion)

Made love what men want women make reflect


There is such a joke, there are a couple is having sex couple, wife while passively accepting, calmly asked her husband: “how much did you take this month bonuses”-when he finished both Cloud and rain, wife to turn over in a hurry out of bed, bare butt, panic said to her husband: “I forgot to seal the door, water must be burned again. “I tell you, the sexual life there is much interest in this-.

Woman sex “obligation” is of course a noble dedication, in fact, in this special “volunteers” before any man will feel joy of life disappeared, felt an untold suffering.

Also once had a wife, but also because lack of access to the enjoyment and pleasure in sex, considerable reluctance of business obligations, so man accidentally drops of semen leaking on the sheets, she jumped up, tear sheets, said: “this person hates you! please be careful, so dirty, really bad!” At this time the men from the peak of happiness fall into the abyss of shame, self-esteem is greatly injured.

Suffered such a blow, man can’t help but have an idea: that volunteers do not. Sex is the most intimate feelings and body exchange of love, dialogue is the mind and body at the same time.

Sexual love that kind of indifference and apathy when weary attitude is unacceptable, men will feel that your silence is a kind of protest, not satisfied, or careless, makes men not only discouraged, is also a great torment of men; full of resentment and dissatisfaction with sex is the greatest harm to both parties, which also talk about what sex of meet-and shortly.

Also once had a wife, but also because lack of access to the enjoyment and pleasure in sex, considerable reluctance of business obligations, so man accidentally drops of semen leaking on the sheets, she jumped up, tear sheets, said: “this person hates you! please be careful, so dirty, really bad!” At this time the men from the peak of happiness fall into the abyss of shame, self-esteem is greatly injured.

Suffered such a blow, man can’t help but have an idea: that volunteers do not. Sex is the most intimate feelings and body exchange of love, dialogue is the mind and body at the same time.

Sexual love that kind of indifference and apathy when weary attitude is unacceptable, men will feel that your silence is a kind of protest, not satisfied, or careless, makes men not only discouraged, is also a great torment of men; full of resentment and dissatisfaction with sex is the greatest harm to both parties, which also talk about what sex of meet-and shortly.

Best men with muscle control oil product oil man’s salvation

   Review : hot summer, oil has once again become the most important ladies and men’s skin care. Relative to the ladies, men’s sebaceous glands and sweat glands are more developed, so the oil problem is more serious. Today, xiaobian recommended for male members of several men best with oil products, reached oil-water balance of the skin.

最好用的男士控油产品 油肌男士的大救星

Clinique Clinique for men oil control moisturizing gel

Priced at $ 400/50ml

Clinique Clinique oil control moisturizing gel for men with advanced light-scattering technique, narrowing those coarse pores, moments can siphon off oil, facial skin look more smoother, effective control of oily, keep pores clean and smooth, making their appearance decreased, compact. Clinique Clinique for men with squalane oil control moisturizing gel, barley, wheat germ, combination elements, maintain natural skin oils to prevent drying and the pores healthy appearance.

Knot to treasure: married a different man after differences


Married a different man after the differences in results

Married a busy man

Every day someone to accompany his few things, a good memory, your birthday, your anniversary or your birthday, he will remember. He went home on time every day, doing good food, like to go shopping with you, children are taught. You’re surrounded by in his daily life, should have no regrets?

No, this man is often limited, does not have a lot of money, you have to play fight with hardships and he can get a subsistence living. Seeing another woman, Li over 40 still look handsome, slim fingers and you young, has rough skin, hand deformations, heart–what would be unwilling to marry a man diamond, how to marry a junk?

Emotional secrets were unfaithful heart by man from starvation

Unfaithful is every woman’s husband who saw I didn’t want, however, men seem to love with a woman that elude most games, they are always seeking ways to unfaithful, we’ll give you five great cheat codes below, let a man from starvation of unfaithful heart.


Five secrets for men and from starvation of unfaithful heart

Lennon Lennon I love you in marriage will always be burdensome life become depleted, which requires couples know how to operate the marriage, only the joint efforts of both sides before marriage. However, in real life, is often the women feel that they sacrificed so much, but still difficult to prevent derailment. The following 7 “prescription” to all married women.

Too centered, women are not good things, home is two people, should work together to operate

Prerequisite is for him and the children want to do, over time, the responsibility went to the home of a man, until he felt that all this is normal, if one day, what you want to require him to do for your home, then stir.

Prescription: is the sharing of family responsibilities, slowly to give focus to the man himself assisted well without braces, finally tired to death and not to please. Domestic helpers must also share part or you really think that housework is not tiring.

Second, the economic power to master, preventing heart fucheng less

Past total heard he said wage enough own with, results on don’t he a min, eventually simply he on consciously to children also not nourishing has, because total didn’t saw this less had money with, then critical of when, also can without he on can take to money, also money that course more without he has, anyway home was money has, own of money, used to please Mistress just good.

Prescription: even if a man less money then, they have come, though less than away, must have known of the whereabouts, their money to support the family or a woman, another woman spent lavishly help you over there. Fucheng and the economy does not prevent, secretly stashaway always have some.

Whitening whitening effect by 12 outstanding for men is no burden

   Review: MS who said White is just right? Now age, men can pursue whitening. In the summer, the men’s skin in addition to Sun, also need to whiten. Skin Whitening xiaobian described below by 12, for male students to fast whitening.

男士美白十二法 美白效果出众无负担

1, if you do not have to go out, avoid in ~ 10 in the morning at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to go out in the summer, because it is a day time Sun UV strongest, most powerful, damage to the skin most of the time.

2, to the extent possible, and make a parasol in the hat, Sun glasses, wearing long-sleeved coats to go out, to protect the skin.

3, sunny should be coloured sunscreen at a time and then go out, and should complement every 2-3 hours to clean again. Swimming should also be coloured sunscreen, and should use waterproof, high SPF sunscreen.

4, regardless of how the Sun, as long as engaged in outdoor activities, home should take a bath and bath with massage gently wipe the body, first with warm water and cold water shower and body some skin care lotion.

When a man is also dressed Meggings

Have you ever seen a man wearing stockings, please? No, accurately be called leggings. Regardless of whether you make a fuss, in fact, in the fashion world, man and children wearing leggings this is not new.

When a man wearing Meggings

When a man wearing Meggings

Don’t know how long the men finally can have “Friday in plain clothes”, and in advanced Western career, day on Friday, they were allowed to put on leisure suit, loosened neckline, no tie, revealing a small charming piece of the neck. Then, as the IT industry to take off, the men to dress more casually (the industry less well-behaved? ), Men began to surface the ankles, in the meeting room, whether it is wearing a pointed shoe or loafer man have habit to not wear socks. Next, they have more luck, who wears his shorts into the Office!

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When a man wearing Meggings

When a man wearing Meggings

Today, they liberate their ambition is more expansive, extending from the t to a fashion magazine, they wear leggings. What are Leggings? Dictionaries tell us call “stockings”. Definition of fashion craze of men to wear leggings from the men’s revolution before the Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane, he becomes increasingly narrow trousers for men, men “for him magazine (microblogging) or mounted men” debate between. Even today, Hedi have come down from the altar, but the “narrow” stalling down, evolution became the leggings. But when Martin Margiela have also introduced a lighter black leggings, I realize that this is a big wave, male model collective with his legs and walked in all the major t like a ballet dancer, and fashion also created a new Word meggings (m Men) to make it “officially”.

However there is a question I am wondering, even if we accept a man walking the streets like a ballet dancer or skaters, but in his “right of left leg, right leg and left, there is a blue fairy” chug exist there, it is a little too sexy?

Women don’t be naive or are ungrateful and Han

Our principle is not just speculation about his cheating, but derailments are concrete evidences strongly cannot forgive. Think about it, you can have concrete evidences, that he had something terrible?


Four “silly” woman cannot Han

“The man” for the header to forgive an unfaithful woman for men, more and take full responsibility for the lack of loyalty to now man, are you tolerate the bad boy, and even the good bad man. If men really “so”, why do women want to marry them? Themselves had they not died, not to mention the rights of single women have three Palace six homes. Now the serious gender imbalance, we’re afraid of what it is. If women could the enemy, all derailments at the bad man to death, when they make cheap, I’m afraid it is necessary to keep thinking about what leadership is very angry, have very serious consequences.

To rear a tiger is to court calamity-appeasement brings disaster type

“Man” is a woman of the same song

At noon that came without any warning. Executives suddenly in a good mood, has heard me downstairs to open a private kitchens, then came all the way companies go to dinner with colleagues. After dinner, I packed some husband likes to eat lamb brought upstairs. Husband unit near away from home, occasionally come back lunch break, I am far away from home, never back to noon.

Is odd, why not open the door. I’m sure is a thief, a call to colleagues tip. We stood at the door, some said the alarm, and some say breaking. Being busy, suddenly received a message from her husband, “I’m in the House, you let your colleagues go faster. “Next to an old big sister happened to see my text message, significantly patted my shoulder right away. My brain was in chaos, simply do not know how to end.

Old big sister find a pretext to go colleagues. Door opened suddenly, ran out the woman with a scarf wrapped head, while her husband is as firmly as a treatment of prisoners by me on the wall. Only one thought in my mind: “divorce”. When I say these two words, he cried, said love me very much, just join in for the fun of it with the woman.

He went to work in the afternoon, older sister to stay with me. She said: “man, when confused for a moment always exists. You have also seen that he still has feelings for you, why would you want to leave your man to the woman. Such a handle, if you’re generous, he certainly grateful dead. “Think big sister that seem to have a reason.

Unit who married male colleagues mouth every day say it is a romantic thing, not knowing that the Rails ‘ many times, only their wives did not find it. Later with diehard followers say this, they also mediate not advised.

Because the Moon man cheating and divorce with children alone also tell of, said he was very naive, if placed in the present, killed or divorced. “Men are like that, so long as he still loves, is nothing sexual cheating. “More realistic s said, she said that you can now wear a 1000 bucks for a pair of shoes, 2000 Yuan a piece of clothing does not rely on your husband. Got divorced, you are nothing “second girl”.

My husband has been good to me, absolutely no shown over, Darling. Think about it, he may keep that woman really join in for the fun of it.

After the husband not to talk to the woman, we were one. Is terrible, I soon found objects left in an unknown woman in bed. While the husband this time unlike previous panic, but rather understatement to say that a female customer fell on my car, I helped her pick up the resumption. His text messages and phone has become ambiguous. Sometimes standing on the balcony to answer the phone, one is more than half an hour. I was angry, he said: “don’t talk business, which to earn money? “His sweet expression, pendulum and clear is not a business.

One night he was drunk, shirt printed on lipstick prints. I questioned him, he patted my face beaming, said: “silly women, anyway, are you Gong Niangniang, afraid of anything. “He had the shamelessness to this stage.

-Spread of mother love

Secrets of the small man as long as possible

He is three years older than me, belongs to stable mature male people. Then when I, together with color, flavor and taste of oil cooked prawn and emerged from the many suitors. Friends say that I lived to too little Granny’s happiness in the future. I happened to be a mother flooded guy, once you fall in love with a man would not want him to be little bit bitter, see men all day aprons, not their love into the world.

Every morning I get up earlier than he, brush your teeth in his cup full of water in the way, on a squeezed toothpaste on the toothbrush. And then started doing earlier. Come home at night, I was the first thing into the kitchen to cook for him. Before marriage he has a high level of cooking, makes me feel insecure. I assiduously cuisine, one day, he was convinced to admit I was home a real chef. From that day onwards, he no less than the kitchen anymore.

Wardrobe was full I wash the ironing of clothes for him, after dinner, I wash the dishes, next to his watch, feel free to talk about things in the company may occasionally hold me from behind so sincere. Woman doing housework, men from behind and held her, chat talk with her, is the most romantic thing in my eyes. Winter night, if he is too lazy to take a bath, I can even play a pot of hot water for his feet.

Sometimes, he called my little mother. Despite going to work and take care of the large sons, tired tired. However, see that he is so attached to my, I think it willingly.

Prince and Princess of a happy life from the start when I’m pregnant black clouds. Because the reaction of pregnancy is very heavy, I couldn’t Cook for him, and the ironing. After the baby is slightly larger, I began to follow the nutrition of pregnant women develop recipes for every day of the recipes, natural not only his past preferences. At first he said nothing, just dumps every day.

Later, he started the spoiled, said that what little mother, let us not to have children, have children and you don’t love me, only to wash the feet do not have to wash my feet. Sometimes he would tantrum because of little things. Said at home is becoming more and more low, than even a birth of no little thing. I really do not understand why he’s own baby feelings are not, on the contrary also is full of hatred. Review known in recent years, he was from a stable mature men to over-age children. Now you want to be a father, is not only not ripe the opposite is more childish.

Quarrel between us more and more. In order to live, I quite a paunch to look after him. But he did not appreciate. He is to return to the past, he is the only sustenance to my feelings, how is that possible? ‘’

Today, children have been born five months, he still cannot meet the “father” role. Although occasionally play with a child, but more is with the baby contest or dark reflections. More frightening is that I found him with a five years older than his female colleagues close contacts, mobile phone is full of “big sister” from caring message. “Cold not, note the drink”, “to cool today, put on more”, “head still hurt you” sth Even though far, it feels very dubious, not to mention almost seven or eight such text messages a day, he was even reluctant to delete.

I worked hard having children, but he and others engaged in dubious. Think was really bad. Didn’t think of is that he didn’t feel guilty, but to argue plausibly that, you don’t care about me, does not allow other people care about me? He even said I was having an affair my affairs are children. Oh, how can a man is as naive as a murderer.

Some men of the Federation, mature on the outside, and sensible, also quite good, come home like a man. Lazy, strong dependence, emotionally fragile. Excessive demand for love of a man is often a pet out of a woman. When his wife’s mother is too rampant, the husband as his first son, this role men will soon get used to the son.

Is unfortunate, this is a no ties of consanguinity of mother-child relationship, once the “mother” for various reasons cannot, as in the past for his care. He will feel left out, even ran outside to find warm and do not feel there is nothing wrong at all. This bad boy will be exhausted woman, in order not to do is throw Grandma yellow face, you must start with a widespread convergence of mother love. Awkward spoiled child of weakness, his father’s love. This year, who filled their elders who unlucky.