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Japanese and Korean card wow design cute hairstyle to put Iraq eruption

日韩卡哇伊设计 可爱发型来装萌

“Ahoge” beam x screw length curls

Contemporary Korea are popular vertical spiral length curls from outside Alice curls are below the cheek, the entire face becomes more mellow and lovely, is very popular with teenage love! But want to play on this basis in popular hairstyle slightly disguised tender, cartoon people may wish to reference is located, in head with a long fringe or hair tie small bunches, making lovely “Ahoge” styling.

Loosely twist pigtail x thick and disorderly Liu haisu

Thick and heavy in ritual long wavy curls into a neat twist braids, while maintaining the woman can make you look younger! Tender and many charming sense of if you want to play, you can try this root relatively loose braids of hair, braids and free a day low of weaving, highlighting the sense of laziness. A fringe part away revealing the twist after twist up the forehead, more young Oh!

Double serving x a day low brown hair

Don’t want to exaggerate, try double serving a day low of Han. Also hair tied into a Dumpling in both sides, but feather-and a little less playful, more cute, suited to quiet some of Daddy’s girl. If the hair is too long and too much, you can separate the small winding Shu Tou, serving, hide the rubber band while also preventing the service too big and too heavy.

Gao Zashuang serving x Orange hair dye

With cartoon-like cute little serve to makes Luo Mary babes, serve high ligation combined with candy hair accessories, tender effect chuikangjianmi of play! Worth noting is that high ligation of the service not intended to be too large, so the moderate amount of hair in the most suitable for this hairstyle. Skinned MM dare try vibrant orange color of hair, cute face!

How to create a OL pursuit of cool hairstyles

Do you want to become even more beautiful in the summer? Let us walk into Japan, learn the Japan beautiful girl hairstyle secrets, atmospheric and fashionable hairstyle OL clan sought after, Oh!


Build from OL pursuit of cool hairstyles


Hair build steps

1, with little hair wax-coated hands, hair is bounded by the ear is divided into two parts. Ears more than part of the bundle in a bunch. Pick out some of the top section of hair, making fluffy feeling.

2, about a bunch of good hair into two units to their direction after stretching, so fluffy hair, with hair-knot to tighten.

3, with a small external hair around the ring, fixed with small black hair clips. This step can make the hair look more natural.

4, wear a hair band. Finally fixed the location of 5cm on the hairline, hair slightly lower with a hair band 1cm. (Companion)

Count six embarrassing for men and women in summer events

With the advent of summer, a heat wave strikes, changed our life environment, also adapted our mood. Summer dress, grace smart cant ‘ help but beauty for women, was a severe test: crowded car, going to work, stopping by, appointments, sth Everything is not quite the same as always, inevitably trapped by the heat, heat completely flummoxed, as hot embarrassing. Here we count about six embarrassing event for men and women in the summer.

Event: Removing makeup

In summer, many working women have come across such problems, out of the House of good fine makeup in the morning, a sweating, accidentally becomes dahualian. Stop sweating, constantly fixing makeup, last the entire face becomes embarrassing “Panda eyes”, “mask of makeup.”

Solution : summer should use the decolorization of waterproof and lightweight class Foundation cream and waterproof mascara, make-up is completed using Finishing Powder, liquid makeup, you do not have to worry about the make-up was damaged by sweat!

Event two: Mao Heimi Khan

Come summer, lots of female beauty is for his whole body is relatively dense hair black anxious: fine hair so heavy, how to wear a sleeveless attire, how to show short skirts ? Refreshing nichang and smooth the skin if exposed armpit hair and legs under the charming splendor, beautiful will be greatly diminished.

Solution: removal methods have a lot of fine hair, shave, wax removal, hair removal cream, electric hair removal, laser hair removal, choose the right method, radiant show good posture and white beautiful skin.

Event three: the smell of sweat

This summer is so hot, even sit still was sweaty, pores are always in the open State, the smell of sweat started deposition, wipe also wipe not facial tissue. Into the air conditioning room with difficulty, but the unit smell of sweat is hard not to go, very worrying indeed.

Solution: the heat of the summer, choosing a fragrant body lotion is particularly important for us, Germany owned by Henkel Fa flower fragrance series bring you the unique feel, combining various aromatic fresh and personalized, giving everyone in any different choices for different occasions. ACH Fa fragrance series contains unique components, in addition to 24-hour confrontation outside the taste of fresh skin lasting, also contained a large number of moderate, encouraging aromatic elements. At the same time product properties of mild, also played on the skin protection of probation. All products are skin scientists certified.

Four hands sweat drip

Ceremony of shaking hands was normal. But come summer, sweating of the Palm will bring each other feel impolite, not health, embarrassing himself.

Solution: for excessive sweating of the hands, first wash-frequency should be increased in order to keep the hands clean, it is best to take good handkerchiefs and small towels, before shaking hands with people wipe the Palm sweat, clean and environmentally friendly. If hand sweating is particularly serious consideration should be given in traditional Chinese medicine or surgery.

Event five: Happy Together

Skirts being blown up, under the skirt peach show, embarrassing! Bus arrival, due to the time the emergency stand hurriedly, moment in public “Happy Together”, embarrassing!! Complete toilets, inside skirt even in small, also strut, walked with vigorous, finally being reminded her boyfriend, awkward embarrassment!!!

Solution : the girls wear skirts in the summer walking, standing or sitting should pay special attention to prevent zouguang, before you sit down, you should first longzhu skirts with their hands under the mat in the body, legs tightly closing, tilted 15 degree place. Changes from a sitting position when you stand, stand shall note the legs move closer, soothe skirts with their hands, walking behind the back of the check and correct.

Events Saturday: hair greasy

Hair is soft and fine, really hurting in the dry summer also always oily, obviously just washed my hair yesterday, someone will kindly remind you: Hey, are you the shampoo–really look bad! Greasy falling hair, itchy heartbreak also associated with increased head chip, head, instantly make people confused, lost his confidence. Actually get those most commonly encountered in the summer of embarrassment, just select a suitable wash hair care products.

Solution: from Germany of Henkel group, professional hair care brand: Syoss yun. Its all products are used and Japan Palace level hairstyle master cooperation development of professional level Asia people made mass exclusive formula, real understanding different hair of different demand, special added and hair components extremely similar of amino acid and angle protein, in-depth penetration to made core deep, to hair most professional of repair nursing, brings touch get of Shun sliding, as if for hair equipped with has a family professional Salon Division! Yun series washing Syoss hair care products can not only rich nutrition intensive hair hair, thus giving strong moisturizing and nutrition, activity and can also make hair with elastic. Recommendation should wash a head in 1-2 days of summer.

Variable hair shiny summer hundreds of students travel

Bidding goodbye to tedious and also to get rid of the shackles of paper, of long vacation to a shining summer outing, is whether short hair, long hair, straight hair, select a lovely sweet hair and your girlfriends go outing.

Cute young girls

Summer in July, hair all tied up more refreshing, YY tail furred, heart-shaped Kuroshio, extremely cute little girls feel.


Pigtails pigtails, behind the ears tied up, clean, refreshing, reveal the shape of the forehead, so lively and dynamic atmosphere of youth.

Cartoon style

Lovely cartoon style student hairstyles , soft curls cute girls, even fringe, Blue Bunny hair ornaments, Meng Meng girl intelligent card wow flavor.

Low hair tie

New elegant low hair tie, around the cheeks and a fringe of hair, cute round Apple face up, in the back half of Shu Pan, young students into soft Lady.


Don’t miss the summer dumpling-head, bunch of head hair, seems simple, but students of fit young sister, Qi Liuhai somewhat cute, images on both sides, soft temperament.

Shuttlecock-head tie

Shuttlecock tie of the considerable increase in activity, Qi Liuhai for adding lovely in the summer, tied bunches of naturally spread more youthful.

Elegant and charming 6 classes in Europe and America hot hairstyles

Suitable hairstyle always babe adds a bright color, upgrade immediately charms. In what shape do popular this season? Please believe that a suitable hairstyle will make you immediately change the United States. In 2011, will learn the following 6 kinds of make you beautiful hair.

1, straight hair

Ornella muti-blue and purple smoke makeup make eyes look more charm, near-white gold-coloured hair, people feel a little strange mystical.

Sophie Reade powder run special Ruddy cheeks and lips, skin health, bright and supple long golden hair, shining brilliance of the charming, sweet, invincible.

2, exquisite plate

Gemma Arterton if you would like to highlight their own makeup, try this sense of complete full disk, simple hairstyles would better highlight the key of you want to show.

Maiara Walsh rich sense of texture, revealing broad forehead, used with a simple, beautiful makeup makes instant release sweet gentle breath.

3, lounge

Carey Mulligan playful sweet braided hair free sites in his head, the hair color of the gradient slightly, mix fresh and bright makeup, as delicate and charming Princess.

Taylor Swift lounge was low hair, did not give people a sense of heaviness. Girls full of cat eye makeup, Lady atmosphere full of charm.

4, short hair

Neutral super model Agyness Deyn increasingly woman, play the mash, cute with short hair blending Hale closed eyeliner and lip makeup water run, very naughty.

Halle Berry-short micro-hair, make eyes look more playful, grey-brown smoke makeup and deep colour matching. Blush and lips is a hint of honeydew.

5, long curly hair

Amanda seyfried is the same as the spring fairy in lens, smile, pink blush of large area SUMI and pale gold hair, special feast for the eyes.

Anne Hathaway thick make-up, matching color sensation full of curly hair is stunning enough. Draw eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelash in detail. Blush and lips of rose color highlighting the aerobic color texture.

6, curls

Katehudson join when the New York premiere of the musical nine, small end of smoked and stereo profile makeup, romantic Golden retro curls, is a look back at Pak Mei.

Cheryl Cole bronze cheeks with breath of summer, Brown the smoky eye shadow and colour have echoed throughout the makeup and hair looked very graceful and restrained with.

Korea girls summer favorite five stylish hairstyle

Summer was to comb her hair up, then how to comb my hair? Edit collection Korea streets of fashion girls hair, to give you a cool summer of the beautiful!

Pastoral selection retro small Pan head

Summer hair curtain will feel annoying? Was her sweat and hard to handle. Then try this hair, head curtain to burn large volumes, way to into the Unit disc in the forehead. Hair, later split into two, begins after two ear hair rolled up in the upper part, from the Middle into two section, medial to the distorted way in the back part of the centre-right and lower half is in the form of editing and pigtail hair in ear downwards after the beam into a small hair. You can choose the most popular headband, must choose the wire can shape the styling of your own, such as models or choose a pastoral style of collar.

Sexy love the most one-sided braided hair braided

Incomplete statistics show that men think women are the most sexy is the appearance of hair on the side of the shoulder, in the summer not so sexy! Then try aside hair together, not so easy as you think this hairstyle, but to the other side of the Ministry began compiling from scratch. Like you used to place the hair on the left, then starting from the right side braid, made Scorpion braid to the left part, taboo is part of the hairstyle too tightly, and always leave a lock of hair around Pijin bind parts at the tail.

Travel hot selection of crooked hair

Once big thermal distortion in Korean hair, now by CCI to help you build, the hairstyle is the great love of travel and people in the party, to quickly build and suitable for many occasions. First of all, will damage the roots of the hair, root damage if you think this way home it’s hard to take care of, then curls in place. Rooting rolled in small curling iron with a small volume, so you can also create a round and round head, and hair in mind caught up in a bundle, in the cerebral side full breechesgathered and loosely around the hair, to tie of the round start hammerhead, fixed with small black hair clips.

Reformists want to try valgus volume

Many hair in curls, the book will teach you, to the inside volume, you can achieve the Visual age reduction effect, over the summer, we tell you volumes to the outer volume! Curling iron, selection of maximum, the hair to the outer volume, starting from the root of the ear part rolled up, the tail part of touchy, along the direction of the volume form of arc. Volume after the hair is divided into two parts, respectively, to the outer volume with, ear part gently by hand pulling, maintain full arc, and the site to gather together at the end of. This line can face a line of thin, make the face look smaller.

Korean star charged with love and disseminated

Braided hair is Korea young female star makes a required one. Those on the age of 30, still want to play in the TV series teenage stars of the age of 20, Hairstylist to the best proposal is the use of tail furred out to reduce the sense of age. This hairstyle seems simple, the most important part is how to handle the extra hair at the back. In the braided hair braid first to separate the hairline 4:6 before, and resolutely 5:5. After the braided hair braided on either side, and the part after the brain, excess hair tied up inside to go in first, after Combs smooth on the outside, then surrounded by good tail furred tail bottom, blocking the defects at the end of.

Woman to allow boys to a Hyatt has the most exciting hairstyles


Gorgeous short PEAR

Comments on the hair: pear hairstyles full of gorgeous atmosphere, sense of heavy component from the fringe to the tail gives a stable mature taste of elegance, by fringe bevel processing and front hair feeling slightly messy, freed from oppression and monotonous.

Barbie “the Sun” beauty Eyelash hidden rules


Make-up girl knows, promoted “flair” the most effective way is to make the lashes look long and beautiful. Oriental eyelashes are generally soft and short, not so curly, think Barbie doll with seesaw’s long lashes, except sticky false eyelashes and mascara brush seem to have no alternative. In fact, there is also a “hidden rules” applicable – planting his hair follicles to lashes. Today’s planting technology to build dense beauty Eyelash eyelashes while more permanent, natural without scarring and recovery-oriented fast. Of course, if you’re not “forever” just want immediate, simulation lashes effects of grafting is also not bad.

  If you only pursue “once”–simulation lashes grafting, true and false eyelashes “merge” like terms

  Characteristics: quick and easy, affordable

From the plant cunxiu (ShuUemura) on display at the eyelashes false eyelashes, get to the first United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed to promote formula Latisse Eyelash growth. Simulation eyelashes around a root of a species in its own lashes, a few years ago is exclusive by big star and beauty industry. In the blink of an eye has become everyone eagerly try to cosmetic means. Simple to like hair, no wonder girl to a mature woman from clean sweep. “Planting” officially began work, beautician according to customer’s degree of density, length of Eyelash and expectations eye eyelashes, choosing the right false eyelashes, with special waterproof glue, stick a root on real eyelashes. General, lashes for grafting to maintain in a month or so, you need to paste on a regular basis.

Many SPA and beauty salons provide Eyelash growth services, specific steps, including an even more artificial eyelashes stick on your own eyelashes. At home enjoy this service need to spend far less than abroad, formal way as long as 500 to 700 dollars, and the United States average of $ 300.

Up to the trial Q&A

Q: plant simulation lashes can maintain how long? Will hurt their eyelashes and the skin around the eyes?

A: If the proper care, do not rub eyes, wash action when the gentle, not coated lashes mascara-grafting can be maintained for two weeks to a month. Since the eye is sensitive parts, although formal grafted with false eyelashes were imported by Sable and it can, but after all, contain chemicals, combined with graft glue, how much stimulus to the skin around the eye, causing some real eyelashes fall off.

Q I heard of glue used for domestic and import volume, what about you?

A: usually imports about 100 Yuan on the glue will be more expensive than homemade glue, say this is simulation of extended eyelashes solidity, in fact, this high or low and glue does not have any relationship, major new metabolism was with lashes itself slowly falling. However, imported glue on irritation of the eyes are relatively small and not feel so hurt.

If you want to “forever”–autologous eyelashes grow, hair support

  Characteristics: permanent thickening, no Deputy probation

This Eyelash implants is a technique used by their hair, each side about implantable 40-50 Eyelash hair follicles. Eyelash growing is conducted under local anesthesia, about two hours. Surgery, by professional doctors after Microsurgical removal surgery ears or occipital healthy hair follicle tissues after, then split it into several small units with healthy hair follicles, with professional equipment is split in good hair implantation of eyelid, achieves the encryption of Eyelash enhancement effect. Transplantation of hair is the hair itself, so the high survival rate, generally above 95%. Although hair transplantation surgery pain not to go home after surgery. Eyelash growing avoid surgical site stained the water within a week after the operation, four days after a shampoo, but excessive fucheng rub taking part. Eyelash growing period of about five days or so of swelling after surgery, with ice cold compress 3-4 day, ease the swelling. Within two weeks to try to avoid rubbing eyes with your hands, avoid falling hair follicles.

Up to the trial Q&A

Q: the effect of transplantation of eyelashes less obvious than imagined, but also fall off, is the operative failure?

A: eyelashes of initial rest period began, about a 3-6 months. In addition, in repose had just planted during the period of hair may also fall off, but after a rest period before they start to recover, grow new hair, and thereafter will not easily fall off. And after transplantation of eyelashes has its own laws and characteristics of hair, so the trimmed on a regular basis, the volume you want to burn.

Q: take parts of the hair follicles will be affected?

A: scalp and body as the other parts of the skin, with a certain degree of flexibility, a scalp width in 2cm, direct draw suture. Speaking from the micro, take the spacing of average to slightly increase the hair around the area, but from a Visual sense, don’t see any obvious differences. After a particularly long after the pillow and ear hair covered from top to bottom after a, in no way detracts from the appearance. Similarly, after some time, also repeatedly taken hair.

Eye haircut deduction that person lives 8 summer feelings

Long hair flying, against girls charming gentle temperament, and optional to transform hair-do a hundred girls. However, summer is up, how to take care of to make elegant hair refreshing and claimed the human eyeball this? We recommend 8 recurrent hair styling, or romantic feelings or personalized!


Eye haircut deduction that person lives 8 summer feelings

Romantic Style: ornate hair

Comment: hot in recent years of “Bao Bao TOU”, took out the cute hair accessories, let hair flat, a little larger, mature and elegant charm immediately rendered, fluffy hair of the head and sides have a sense of air, as is readily do up, but I run, huali Li fashion sense.

Keys: head hair messy and both sides feel is focused, mature elegant but playful fashion.

 Suitable for face: an oval face, oval face, round face

Summer creative hairdressing DIY make a woman apart

Hot summer, do not always mean to create that simple hairstyles, without the slightest sense of creativity that, and seems very dull without some fresh sense than we are today, I’ll take a sense of hair style. Following up to show you a new sense of flower hairstyle DIY! Well worth it.

First, the new flowers of Pinus massoniana


After the completion of the effect.


1, began the first electric stick hair clip volume.

2, catch up and tie the hair of all low Masson, loose feeling way adjustment.