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Street of 3 when everybody does not know modern bags pats collocation to need not expend brains

Summers is tide show figures show taste t, whether ordinary girls love fashion, or is skilled in matching the “Monster”, General and ultimately several bags to put it down, but that several big packages of each quarter bought is too prone to hit too embarrassing! Phoenix fashion so this specially recommended for everyone 3 both stylish and not easy to “hit” a bag.

Aoliweiya·bale mo (Olivia Palermo)

Woven handbag full of small fresh Garden, aoliweiya·bale mo (Olivia Palermo) likes to weave handbag match prints, national costumes of the wind element, particularly match small white shirt, feeling very simple but elegant, and boyfriends shopping on the back of the bag when, should be all the more sweet and pleasant.

Gerard Darel about $ 2,158


Goddess model dress party you will be the focus?

Star in the party dresses is particularly highly, fashion dress represents a respect for guests and a way of showing their fashion charm. Next, we’ll enjoy several dresses!


2011-Cannes Film Festival on Bing Bing Fan, Bingbing Li, Xiao ran Li competing interpretation of Elie Saab has recently launched the 2012 holiday series, solid color use of variety of high-brightness makes mubuxiajie. Meanwhile, lace, beads of joining is made that each skirt revealed the essence of luxury. So a woman of exquisite curves can wear out skirts who could not love?

International Model transformation of taste part Gracie’s life

2011-07-25 | Source: love network

Review: a successful woman always has no comparable personality style, Grete SI·kedingdun (Grace Coddington) is always a deep pale face, prominent Golden red hair said, not only is a 1960 ‘s model of the prestigious international, also known in the fashion magazine VOGUE, Creative Director, to The Devil Wears Prada and Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) comparable.

国际模特的蜕变 品味名编格蕾丝的人生

Youth, Grete SI·kedingdun (Grace Coddington) living in the United Kingdom on a small island in Wales, although far from the town, but by the VOGUE magazine, she gradually learned the fashion world. At the age of 17 to participate in model into the fashion world after becoming one of the many models, even if very cruel, she kept going. Until 26 aged because car accident for plastic surgery, 顴 bone looks has obvious of bump, also therefore was hairstyle master Vidal Sasson fancy, and for she design has modeling, modern of several what shaped 狀 short hair, distribution Shang Mary Quant of mini skirt, concentrated heavy of false lashes and eye line, very sexy charming, by David Montgomery Palm mirror shooting, was as young as 16 歲 of Manolo Blahnik hanging in wall Shang.

Dong Jie boarding wind of fashion magazines, couple hardness with softness of interpretation

2011-07-25 | Source: love network

  Review: pure smile like a little girl, have a dignified and elegant like a buxom lass, so quiet good, as the name Dong Jie, can only make people think that “pure” those four words. The most impressive is the noble family, she appeared together with Liu Yifei, at the same time makes a success of their two people. Recently, Jie Dong to a smart dress code appears in the fashion of l ‘ OFFICIEL fashion magazines.


Pure, sweet, said Dong Jie, recently in the fashion of l ‘ OFFICIEL under build, wearing jackets of Hale, romantic chiffon skirts, as well as the huge accessories, showed strong mature yujie modelling. This mixed with feminine, soft and strong style was right on the nose by deductive, became the clothing and most of this tide of quarter’s most beautiful scenery. Her debut, she was Zhang Yimou phases becoming “happy girl” fame, but the minimum speed of “Lady” has become a good wife and loving mother, rarely seeing her figure in entertainment circles, but Dong Jie still look as ever, there was something of a mature flavor.

Princess Royal Wedding held a fashion icon of sister Street inventory

April 29, the United Kingdom in the Royal Wedding, not including Prince and Princess is the focus of attention, Princess sister Pippa Middleton has also become a focus for the day. Her good looks than his sister, even than the sister is old, but as “members of the Imperial House” have to have the attention. Later, Pippa Middleton beat the street quickly became popular, even more as people are scrambling to imitate vogue icon!

To look at her fashion modeling with us, what is worth learning, and what is her weaknesses in the match’s kitsch!

Princess Royal Wedding fashion icon offering out sister Pippa Middleton

Princess Royal Wedding fashion icon offering out sister Pippa Middleton

Princess Royal Wedding fashion icon offering out sister Pippa Middleton

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Five constellations high temperature days and fresh dress mix

Presently, awaited gold hot summer vacation period coming up! Ready to open our arms to embrace the cold cold sea yet? This summer on the select a kind of dress to match to show different fashion, bring good fortune for yourself? Na network 7th leading lady for the 12 constellations on your dedication July lucky match!



Advantage: no white pie in the sky.

Vulnerable: never to magnifying glass to see each other’s shortcomings.

I have not met bearing: direction of zhengdong

Open articles: Lily perfume

Extract the leisure: participate in volunteer

Total transport index: ★ ★ ☆☆☆

Love games less this month, with the others the power of migration potential is expected to rebound; career games alternate, would make you a little by surprise, but after you learn to calm response to turn once again available; a single spark can start a prairie fire, at which the opportunities embedded in the ignored by you where Oh!

Chiffon shirt of the semipermeable nature is not only a fashion favorite single of pretty girls, street heat round in Europe and the single mix product! Chiffon material to loom striking a Pearly shine, low-key gorgeous!

Domestic female star Street fan victory and take a rain Yee yujie shabby s

Female Star dress up always we talk about the focus, it was fashionable some shabby some lady was pure invincible fan, come to see with the Phoenix fashion female stars of the recent fashion index.
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2011 summer’s most popular color of bag do you like?

If you claim to be a fashion person, then you know Kelly represents the identity and taste package! Elegant and intellectual OL, straightforward fashion for modern women, dynamic and lively vitality woman, let us feel the unique charm of colour, to an absolutely beautiful gorgeous up!

  小资必败 糖果系潮包(1)

MM, stardom is no longer a dream, bring it on, you’re the Queen! When bright skin with a fusion of classic style, it shows you the noble temperament, is to reach your perfect dream

Fashion bags online shopping secrets successful package selected trilogy

To give all sections of the Digest of all kinds of bags is probably the network, to the store to buy fewer bags style, selection of room for small, buying up super bad mood. Online shopping bags is the fashion of native exports. Network of false, true and false difficile, uneven pros and cons, how to buy fashion bags it? Will now offer Internet access for you to buy fashion bag trick.


Fashion bags online shopping skills sharing

Some say that one’s taste of the most important is not to see how her clothing, is what is what brand or style, but to see her back pack bag. Packages, although not like clothes, however, to suit your style and build quality to a bags to show their style, this is the successful buyer.

To the store to purchase bags takes a lot of effort and patience, specifically not many shops selling bags, and if you finally find one store is not selected style or will they prefer to buy one, it was all undesirable practices. Online shopping is a powerful, online shopping fashion bag material wise move, then, how to buy fashion bags it?

Mo Wandan darling of the fashion world models of success

2011-07-15 | Source: love network

   Review: China has such a model, she is not a second generation, there’s nothing excellent background and family, or high blood, her success more to his step-step out. She conquered the fashion in just five minutes guicai John Galliano, also called Asia’s most beautiful models by Amarni, the darling of the fashion world is model Mo Wandan, glamorous but moving hundreds of sweet and lovely girl.

时尚圈的宠儿 模特莫万丹的成功之路

Now is a model of the Bentley, Chief of the East model Mo Wandan, 18 years old and left the fashion stage, was once the youngest principal model in China, is also China’s first fashion season around the international Chinese models of the four major fashion weeks. She long was a Zhang fusion of faces, sometimes cool pride, sometimes naive, laugh up can cold was anema eCore, also can became sweet elegant of Princess, at any time avatar for hundred variable girl, but regardless of how variable, are has that and health furniture to of unique temperament she not only conquest has fashion guicai John Galliano, also was Amarni called Asia most beautiful of models, has a ordinary of girl transformation into fashion ring of Queen.