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Us eyes & makeup perfect temperament route remix “Brown”!

Mm pupil as the United States of more and more important part of the eye, pupil chuikangjianmi zoom binocular effect because the United States, even more than you spend an hour drawing the makeup effects to superior. Don’t know whether you also frequently wear American pupil of habits? Face of the beauty of the colorful and diverse as pupil magnification, are you also wondering about the kind of eye makeup match the natural? Today s xiaobian they bring you beautiful eyes super model of the person, makes you immediately fall in love with the magic “mirror” tour!

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  Temperament route BROWN American pupil


1. moist end of flawless makeup, made the overall make-up look more elegant.
2. gold and brown eye shadow, eye each other and the United States reflect.
3. eyes eyeliner at the end of a slightly longer rallies more charm.

  Foundation moist end of flawless makeup

Use the Foundation brush to liquid Foundation uniform floor brush in full face
Pour the liquid Foundation on the dorsum, with a brush dipped in. Follow “from the middle to the sides, from bottom to top” direction, the uniform liquid Foundation on the brush.

Then dip gently brushing the proper amount of powder on the face
Using makeup brushes, a small amount of powder on the face-scanning. Nose → → on the order of the lower jaw slightly swept along the face powder.

Last puff of light pressure to do makeup
Using puff, press gently on the face as a whole. Prevent Foundation embedded pores, and avoid removing makeup, Foundation and skin close fitting.

  Brown Eye Shadow gold-brown eye shadow

With a slightly glossy light brown eye shadow base
Light brown eye shadow base, bright eyes. Golden eye shadow or appropriate use of coffee, covering the eyeliner and eyelid position, eyes became softer.

Eyelid crease deepened eye shadow
Hit undertones with a slightly darker than brown eye shadow strengthening applied to double eyelid folds, giving looks three dimensional feeling of layers.

Silver Pearly light head
James silver with Pearl eye shadow, ㄑ words painted on the eye. Take care not to brush brown eye shadow colors, mixing eye make-up become dirty.

  Looking for a cat’s eye on the Cat Eye Line line

By decoy first outlined the innermost eyeliner
Select easy SUMI waterproof eyeliner or eyeliner along the contour of the upper eyelids, head from eye to eye, painted a basic black eyeliner.

Then: to pick on and draw the cat’s eye line
: Again, has been painted on eyes, smooth eyeliner on the stroke. Eye tail parts can be slightly higher, to create a cat’s eye effect.

Upper and lower eye convergence, stressing the eye effect
Eye has to fill up, outside of the upper and lower eyelids eyeliner eyes, along the outer corner extending slightly, setting a big eye effect.

  United States eye TIPS

Brown invisibility glasses to extend pupil distance, let the water run in both eyes glossy, is most suitable for Asian color.
Pupil of Asians most of it Brown, but there are dark brown-light brown, so Brown beauty also depends on the pupil when the pupil color shades. Eyes are very large MM, Brown selected poor binocular may be without God.

Bausch and Lomb-lace eyes (Amber Honey Brown)
Ring lace pattern, specially designed for Asian women, easily creating deep eyes elegant temperament.


With retro flavor of oblique fringe BOB

Taking sides and back, to above the ear as a starting point, random within and outside the volume or volumes. Note to go shoot when rolled up, the volume result set on the sides of the neck.

A right eye pupil basis, set the Tau Road. Take the fringe of the Central Committee, in order to create the rounded nature of effects, from hair began to roll, enhance the retro feel.

Thickness of the hair on his head to fluffy, forming rounded at the top, followed by full glossy. Liu haisu after finishing to the ears, preauricular retain a small hanging bunches.


Help lighten dark circles, eye skin, a “Apple”-like magic. Contains the latest upgraded formula, add natural mineral powder, with high color rendering formulae, the quality of Feng Runshun slide, let you Cover Makeup face thinner after through nature, while maintaining a more permanent good results. Perfect combination light Cover 380/BOBBI BROWN

By light effects to eliminate the skin soft bump for fine shadow, around age in appearance is smooth on the surface of the skin. With this starting point, conveying the light inside the skin to eliminate shadows on the surface of the skin. Jolimark hwan mining hydrating liquid Foundation SPF25PA++30g 240/SOFINA

Perfect echo of the autumn season, letting artists palette becomes your collectibles. Four mysterious dark eye shadow eye shadow, suitable for creating hot looks people smoked eye make-up. Professional color eye shadow 1.4g*4 420 disk/M.A.C

With the classic color of practical “watercolor”, can help you easily SUMI sense very strong eye make-up, purpose is creating gorgeous three-dimensional three dimensional visual effects. Color pure and lasting, wet or dry. Four color eye shadow $ N07 3.4g 149/SEPHORA Sephora

Fine color particle process bring lasting plump color, special ink jet technology, mass eye shadow powder is extremely delicate, feeling incredibly smooth. Single special polymers, absorbing skin excess oil. Four colour surge eye shadow 4.8g gold $ 330/Clinique

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Stay in bed の Gospel! 5 minute “commuter makeup” so fine

It is getting colder, you get up speed is also gradually declining? To draw a delicate make-up you can take a long time, MM would rather sleep in a few minutes than cosmetic, such an outcome is only unkempt goes to work every day! Master the following several points, a refined commuter makeup can be completed in as little as 5 minutes!

  BB cream get a bottle of the base and Cover

BB cream wipe out thin sense key: it is recommended that only needed about size of a peanut face, crowded into the back of circle push, and from the face, large-area parts of show of hands, such as the cheeks, forehead, etc, from the Center pushed around to the sides. If you want to create a full run, you can use the pearlescent BB cream or Pearly BB cream and common BB cream blend.

“Powder” layer brush thinner

Sense of heavy brush to eliminate powders: slimmer, please throw powder puff powder brush modified! Powders-compacting of scattered light using the brush, and then along the skin texture to draw a circle on the brush, manufacturing soft matte light perception. Brush a layer of uniform layer slowly powder of the covering skin, just like polished smooth feeling on the more, when enough even on oily skin to disappear on behalf of powder.

Selection of lipstick

Lip color is dark, and can choose nude shades or orange shades of lipstick to make lips appear more luster and colour that suits you, conversely, your lip color looks pale, pale, you can select powder purple tones of lipstick, makes people more rosy.

Let lips look so tender elastic skills

Prepare normally use lipstick and slightly thickened Lip Gloss. Overall smudge lipstick lip, lip Centre part coated with a thick Lip Gloss, you can let show sexy lips feel a more three dimensional impression.

Eyes line eye tail heavy and slightly enough to rally

Eyes line must first draw up from part of the eye, close to the eyelash roots have been painted into the corner, the line from fine to coarse, especially outside the corner touches the lower eyeliner and local, to boldly bolded eyeliner, and starting to rise slightly, this will let your eyes look bigger, and God, and not sagging. When painting the eyes look down as far as possible, this can Shu expanded the upper eyelid, was fully populated by decoy Eyelash root, it is not easy leaving unsightly gaps.

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“Color:” fun with upper black eyeliner has been out!

Eyeliner has become almost a woman always cannot be separated from the things in the face, although you can give the eyes Flash crowds spirits, but black eyeliner a bit aggressive. Color: recently started the rage, killing all they can give you soft second Oh!

-Colour: let your eye Institute “speaking”

  Anna sui magic bright waterproof liquid eyeliner

Fengying perfect eye-color sketch, turned glamour cat eye heart sweet little devil, ultra-long-term waterproof and tear SUMI formula, moved to tears do not fear, waterproof elastic film including color, Ultra durable sense of makeup!

Usage: select single color, to the little finger fixed cheekbones, pulp fixed eye head, section links. You can also mix add shine bright powder makeup, or light eye color, enhanced fixed color.

  Max Factor xianrou persistent:-dark blue

In addition to color color touching, Max Factor xianrou persistent: is also very easy to control, with the sponge head is easy to draw a meticulous lasting eyeliner, uniform color. Beginners can easily draw a bright and clear and precise eyeliner, beginners are applied.

Usage: used before:, first along the tip on the back. The eyelids, fingers up distracting, very good view Eyelash root of tail from eye–> in the eyes of–> eye head, 5 traverse eyeliner. According to make-up needs, to slightly lift at the eye tail, add makeup effects.

  AUPRES stars show off:-Gold

Creating glitter effects, make the eyes look larger and more bright, simple deduction Pro power electric eye. In addition, the “light” can also make more black pupil intelligent eyes, full of charm.

Modeling expert Hairspring chess comments: you can enlarge the eyes, sequins and Pearly light reflection helps to enhance eyes magnified effects, texture soft, easy to paint, strong adhesion, makeup lasting bright, touch is soft, smooth, easy to paint can dry quickly.

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Makeup is a skill or a fake?


Make-up needed skills is camouflage?

  Make-up required “skill” or “fake”?

Many women love make-up is not only because “not” or “bad”, let the unpleasant experience in cosmetic leave shadows in the hearts, they lose their enjoyment make-up pleasure.

Breakthrough “professional skills” restrictions

Famous make-up artist Tom Pecheux said: “make up not which individuals born, more fucheng just a flourish of the pen and it ‘ s done only diligent practice, practice makes perfect. “So when we always complain when no professional make-up artist-like skills, also should consider whether the exercises for their homework done?

TV show or magazine beauty Edition of a book, Professor in the makeup section, “Step by step” is the eternal topic–”make up” always been emphasized time and again. But for makeup without much experience, there are no trained people, often difficult to follow, often due to poor results and also defeated the makeup of spirits.

Xu Xiaojie aged 23, had just entered the society of her, also began to learn simple makeup, wants to make it look more mature, to increase confidence. “I find many female colleagues around me will draw eyeliner, also said the black eyeliner on the book will not only make the eyes more expression, can also trim of eye. “She bought the most popular liquid eyeliner. “But vanished after he delighted in 2 minutes, my eyes are not as I imagined it, like calligraphy succinct neat sum down, but like two tiny caterpillars are posted on the eyelids. “This, celebrity make-up artist airlines Hyatt said:” for a novice just starting to paint eyeliner make-up, should avoid difficult to control the liquid eyeliner. Can try to select a texture is relatively hard, good grasp of pencil eyeliner.

At the time of painting eyes, first along the roots of eyelashes, with eyeliner points evenly on a small point, and then a little bit on these small points connected by lines. Then tip care eyeliner don’t smooth area modification of perfection, you’ll have a seemingly good eyeliner. “No one is concerned about whether our cosmetic steps and speed professional. Therefore, the process can be, as soon as they achieve the purpose of appropriateness in make-up better.

Enjoy the fun of magic

Called myself a “camouflage expert” cosmetic Benefit, was created by a pair of twin sisters. They believe that: cosmetics is a fun thing, you can transform shape like a dress; makeup is a simple matter, cosmetics should be easy to use, does not require as much skill and tools, we can quickly put your “fake” polished and beautiful. Benefit without full series, product number is not much, will launch a new product for a long time, but after the listing is enduring. For example, various liquid blush color Cover, plus a few fingers, you can make skin full of glory.

Author of the makeup of life password Zhu Zhengsheng said: “the purpose of the make-up of, or let us look more beautiful, more perfect. “Some people think that make-up is very simple, is to let the eyes become nothing more than highlight; mouth red point; colour look uniform.

Was also expressed that the make-up is too complex, lashes to entrainment wane not only, but also looks symmetrical; lip color and colour match; Foundation should not be too light or too dark … … Originally simple makeup, often become complex because of the blind pursuit of so-called makeup skills. Actually, fun make-up is that can quickly get changed, like magic in General.

Japanese sense of beauty makeup the latest tricks to get rid of a single face major transformation

Alas? With this from a few years before beginning to now?. Suddenly find cosmetic bag is not changed. Mix has changed that is clothing, makeup but never change sth!! Really know how to tie in with the clothes at the same time transform makeup, this is the fashion expert. Even cosmetic as long as the use of the same methods, can achieve stunning results. Let the expert Professor this improving trend changing makeup tips!

General brown eye shadow powder with little changes make you an instant up

Ultimately, Brown natural makeup eye shadow powder. Although convenient end rendering effects when used is always the same ….

Even the same Brown makeup can also create different beauty makeup effects

Get rid of rustic feel, fit the eye is naturally lovely make-up demonstrations of the inner eyelid, eye shadow and eyeliner eyes on power-oriented neither too deep nor too. Why always gives corny impression it!?

Only emphasized the prominent eye tail, other parts of the makeup too much heavier! Check out rough thick eyeliner along the edge of line, but will make eyes small. Eyeliner to slim as possible. Wearing false eyelashes you can make the Centre of gravity falls in the eye and enhance the sense of fashion.

Means of lateral sweep blush to enhance sense of leisure

Transverse, oval manual brushing cheeks red, giving the impression of strength. Not only is pink, and orange. From cheek to extrude to begin brushing is to enhance the secrets of fashion.

Just as long time but keep makeup color. MAJOLICA MAJIORCA PUFF DE CHEEK OR302 1365 Yen/Shiseido


To stand out against the beautiful lips eyes water Michelle Eau

To emphasize the eyes, mouth to show easily with elegant shades of lovely feeling. Intermediate location to smudge with full lip, side extends outward to build solid beauty of lip.

Make the face look more pretty spring baby pink nun. LIP GLOSS MACARONPINK 1260 Yen/T-Garden

Round fine eyeliner and eye shadow to show you the natural beauty of power eyes

In overall eyelid and orbital positions of eye shadow to semicircle round brush to enhance the sense of leisure. False Eyelash eyeliner and a minor move, lateral expanded and can make eyes look more glamorous impression!

Orbital with 1 eye shadow of a color, smaller than the orbital ring area of semi-circular brushing with a b color. 2 check out slender-shaped eyes (from eyes beyond the level of 1~2mm). Finally put on a product 3lai jointed with painted eyes, and beyond the eye tail a few millimeters. ① AUBE Couture designing pression eyes 552 Yen/Kao SOFINA ② ultra eyeliner 02 Yen/SONIA RYKIEL black eye lash VALUE PACK VP-2N 1050 Yen/MURAKI

Want to know charm suitable for small family of eyes eye makeup tips! When it comes to make-up, with dark brown gradient makeup as Muscovy. But always feel more heavy makeup eye becomes as small as ~ (tears)! To upgrade the main tone with a secondary color! Small eyes a family if you use a gradient color eye makeup, would seem less eyes only! Use 1 tint, can make your eyes and have a sense of extended so as to achieve profound results.

Increased eye colors to demonstrate the natural charm of the Qing large, pale eye shadow protagonist status stood out, creating a sense of extended eyes. Matching with Brown eyeliner & long eyelashes to adjust the softness is key.

Product color brush 1 a whole eye socket. Light pink eye dark sinking could be swept away, face impression bright moments. Products color brush 1 a lower eyelid is slightly rough, wind tear bags made of bright and smooth effect. Eye sideline with 2 check out the product line, and then put on product 3 upgrade highlights. ① COFFRET 3D GROSSY EYES 02 yen, CASE<L>735 yen (Editorial Department is available to the query)/with KANEBO cosmetics (six-sixteenths available) ②/Shiseido MAJOLICA MAJIORCA CREAM PENCIL LINER BR611 892 Yen ③ Eriko Lash EE L-8 1050 Yen/MURAKI

Eyes more open looks childish to have mature temperament!

Because the distance between the eyes a little big, so easy to look smaller than actual age. Wanna show mature charm that is consistent with age! Entire makeup to gravity to centrally gather! Eye makeup, and blush, and shadow, entire makeup surface gravity are to gather in a decentralized line of sight to the central authorities. Not only can enhance eyes power, can successfully interpret sophisticated impression.

“&Lt;” eyeliner to create stereoscopic effect FACE!

Focusing on eyeliner. Eye head sketch “<” the shape of the line. This time, also at the edge of the eyelid eyes head one-second on check out of thick rough lines, to a deeper impression.

① ESPRIQUE BLEND DIMENSION EYES A-4 2,940 yen (to the editorial office can query)/KOSE ② INGENEIUS WATER PROOF PENCIL EYELINER 01 Yen b 001 Yen/PAUL&JOE/RMK Division ③ BRONZER BEAUTY (limit)

Eye shadow, then, to open the way to draw the eyes-tear Groove. Eye color brush 1 a, b-brushing-orbital, then c color brush out the second layer. Product 2 eyeliner eye first one-second coarse rough sketch of a line. Products 3 in nasal root and shadows on the lateral sides.

Products 2 eye head sketch “<” the shape of the line. My eyes line, not too stressed eye tail section, to the maximum extent eye tail must STOP.

Then add blush to perfect the Visual effects, starting from the cheek protruding position, brushing down sideways blush. Maintain a sense of harmony and eye, the focus moved to the central authorities. Ponte soft white and delicate peach color. DESIGNING PUFFY CHEEK 412 Yen/Kao SOFINIA

Very fine eye lines & half-Deputy false eyelashes you have natural and lovely feeling!

Clutter gradient layer of the eye & bold deepened eyeliner, are reasons for seem too sharp eyes. Halo opened line at the junction with cotton swabs desalination of eye shadow, eyeliner only sketched at the eye tail.

① KATE DUALBLEND ② CRAYON&POWDER/KANEBO cosmetics EYES EYES GD-1 1365 Yen 05 Yen/RMK Division ③ PERFECT AUTOMATIC LINER BK999 1260 Yen/Shiseido TAKAKO STYLE EYELASH extension NO.16 1260 Yen shop/KOJI

Orbital brushing with a product of 1 a color & eye head, then expand the brush width 2 b color. Check out with product 2 eye shadow pen eye line. Product 3 of eyeliner painted thin, do not exceed eyeliner at the end of the eyes, then product 4 false eyelashes eye tail drooping eye effect.

B color area of the product 1 and product 2 cross-boundary, with cotton swab desalination Halo opened. This way to soften the probation so as to create impression gives a gentle eyes.

Make sweet breath more poached egg-shaped blush, within a large area of the cheeks 4 brushing color pink. Then, to the central location in overlapping brush deep pink to show feelings of teenage? vivid pink. VISEE MINERAL CHEEKS PK-1 1575 Yen/KOSs

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Makeup man teaches you 3 steps to build charm cat makeup

Eyes eyeliner pick on sexy moments can make people become attractive, do you think up to be retro-charm the Cat Lady? Simple steps teaches you how to build a flying “little wings” eyeliner!


Light-colored eyeliner base

Step 1: end of light-colored eyeliner

First the elbows on the table, starting from the inside of the eye, first with the delicate gold or light brown eyeliner pencil eyeliner shape sketch out broadly, then by it then trace out precise pick fault on tail.

Makeup MM can be directly used for highly skilled liquid eyeliner or eyeliner one-time wings to draw perfect eyes, ignore the step base.

Your five fingers is the most superior cosmetic brush

Make-up artist in front of you on the rows of makeup brushes you can’t put a name, you must be feeling, is the difference between professional and amateur! There is no better tool, could not handle anything. But in fact, the Masters champion many fingers, hands on them, is the best makeup brush texture.

Thumb-the liquid Foundation brush

Thumb strength than the other fingers, belly and the plot is the largest, needs a large area on the most suitable to smear makeup, such as liquid Foundation, Frost-blush. Fashion week backstage, I often see indiscriminate comfortable make-up masters as a model Foundation on, the most common action is, once the Foundation is on the face, with the Palm of the hand held models face and lateral to the Temple from the ALA of the thumb “push”. This movement absorbs slightly thick liquid Foundation, at the same time in case of scribble unevenness of brush marks, or with fingers.

Index finger – Eyelash curler + eyebrow comb

Best use of the index finger is can help Eyelash volume warping when mascara after you finish coating can be used on the side of the first section of the index finger gently hold up entire eyelashes, Eyelash cocked it up as a whole.

Eyebrows clutter when index finger can also act as eyebrow comb, comb eyebrow shapes, brow position eyebrow with a thumb and index finger gently pinch a perfect ending.

Ring finger – Cover + eye shadow brush

Eye and lip weeks these sites to avoid the strong pull of the skin is very thin, which many people already know, most light finger strength in all fingers, our smudge eye cream often used nameless pointing around the eyes, promoting the absorption of Burgundy cream. Likewise, the eyes, right now, and the corners of which most need to Cover part or most appropriate to use a finger to point, make the concealer and skin color to blend.

At the same time the ring finger is also a versatile eye shadow brush is great. Width of a finger and eye shadow brush is basic, you can even use only the ring finger can turn out of a smoky eye, a lot of makeup guru is what to do. Dip with a finger-tip takes a small amount of eye shadow, along approximately eyeliner rubbing, and dip take different shades of three colors, the same action repeated three times, you can turn into a smoke based on the makeup, the color range of SUMI, practice to master. In addition, popular this season in the middle of the upper eyelid point metal on brighter colors, this operation is also not a finger-tip MO is. Finally, the characteristics best suited to brush of the finger does not absorb liquid cream eye shadow cream.

Little finger – Eyeliner Brush

When the eyeliner drawn fails when turn to small pointed out that field! Small finger can be used to rub the eyes line, decoy painting is broken into small smoke (microblogging) smoked makeup, eyes eyeliner at the end of the line of perfect time than just above the little finger to the oblique pull, 1960 eyeliner natural black smoke turned into 21st century makeup.

Hand-steamed face-spray machine

Cosmetic facial skin warm hands before heating, fully able to play the effect of steaming the face, this action will allow the next Foundation is more futie. And to has smudge Foundation this a step, to Foundation liquid in Palm in the rubbed open, entire press in facial, Palm of temperature not only can activation skin, Palm skin dissemination of moisture and Foundation liquid Kun hop in together, let Foundation liquid more ritzy, you will found, with Palm Shang of powder makeup, more thin through and futie, cents than Shang makeup zhiqian do has a facial.

Palmar tripe-a blush brush

Buy blush without brush do? I’ll dip with the bone of the thumb below the belly to take powder blush then push zygomatic sites, Scribble blush color red for the first time, went on to hand out the stomach continues to push up until a natural transition. The Palm during abdominal desired location close to zygomatic, when pushed, today can put the whole position, let more natural blush.

Unbeaten super eye King MM の invincible big eyes small eye surgery

Curlz, eyes blinking blinking, Super big eyes remain unbeaten King! Slim MM Oh, because only by makeup, you can let your eye changes and large! Don’t doubt, picked up the makeup tools, challenges major eye surgery the day after tomorrow!

Zhang Shao Han is a skinny Petite big eyes sister, but her eyes often appear too thin studies or does sth, not God, modified with less eye makeup became her fucheng, full wrap-around eyeliner, layers of deep eye shadow, eye extending above the tail to the diagonal triangle, intense make eyes look.

Elva Hsiao presentations in the programme have been their invincible makeup, eyes instantly increases the effect definitely make her three times ranked major eye makeup first of native title, double false eyelashes, as well as three textures of eyeliner was her secret weapon.

Eyes eyeliner

Clear eyes is to create the Basic eye makeup, with black eyeliner along the inside of the eye paint eyeliner, fill up the roots of eyelashes, make sense of contour eyes are obvious.

1. along the inside of the eye contour outline eyeliner, note eye tail and eyes the same width.

TIPS: to make eyes look more in God, you can use color invisibility glasses to increase effect.

2. pick 7mm cat eyeliner on the eyes, eyeliner tail-up location to eye-brow extension at the end of.

3. the inside of the eye and the inside of the eye under eyeliner on connected together to form a “<” shape that makes the eyelids may swell eye outline clearer.

4. Finally, under paint eyeliner, makes the contour of the eyes more layered, note last eyes Halo to use eye shadow brush line, creating a natural level of the eyes and eyelids boundaries.

Eye shadow article

Sense of depth create a make-up of eye relief eye shadow is a secret weapon, Asian eyes for the selection of a brown eye shadow, smudge color shades of eye shadow in different parts of the eye, is a large focus of the eye.

1. the upper and lower eyelids smear light eye shadow base as a whole.

2. a little bit of overlap at the upper eyelid one-second smear darker Brown.

3. under the eyelid and eye one-third scribble dark brown eye shadow.

4. corner smear light eye shadow, Halo opened softly with the brush color boundaries.

Eyelash article

Thick long lashes will make your eyes sparkle, in addition to pasting fake eyelashes, in fact, you can also use different volume mascara to create a more natural effect of warping of the eyelashes.

1. the natural volume Eyelash curler Eyelash curler.

2. effects of artificial small brush Eyelash comb mascara first be opened.

3. effect of thick mascara base after.

4. the lashes quickly grafted fiber grafted on the has a good brush mascara eyelashes.

5. Finally lashes with a small brush mascara comb away that more suits on the grafted fiber brush eyelashes stick.

4 step easy to get the perfect eye makeup

Transparent eye makeup, as its name suggests is to build a sense of eye make-up water on, color not gorgeous, bright but you want to be close to the sense of natural light. Liquid + silty and the best combination of water run: sense of + glitter powder, here we have to complete a beautiful transparent eye makeup and impact.

Part1 water run eyeliner

Transparency principle: simple, streamlined eyeliner lines give as smooth as water, flexible feel

Water run these steps:


Painted eyes

1. first with liquid eyeliner along the roots of eyelashes painted on eyes, note the transparent eye makeup emphasizes is the vague sense of transparency, eyeliner along the roots of eyelashes must fill up the gaps, avoid white space. Maps of the streamline shape, not too rough, Yiqi he Cheng as possible.

Mezz Captivate Eichhornia crassipes makeup show noble temperament

   Review: while the growing trend of nude makeup, but not everyone is suitable for light make-up. Want painted bright little eyes big eye makeup, que Viva round eyes into danfengyan, it would not have to rely on the thick eyeliner became as slaves. So don’t reload is tender, thick eyeliner try charm of Captivate with Eichhornia crassipes makeup!

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2011Chanel high in spring and summer ready-to-wear show, the models makeup looks as fresh as in Garden stroll quiet count, clean, there is, at the corner of the line stretching up interpretation black eyeliner was evident.