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Earth color is naked eye makeup is abstruse and innocent inviting

Naked-eye makeup Earth color deep innocent tempting

Calculating power makeup nude full

Delicate liquid eyeliner along the eyelash root outlines an eyeliner, eye refreshing, the meat is pink base, the earth eye shadow from light to dark, creating deep eye level. Instead of thick eyelashes long, distinct roots fresh but full of power.

Man say: eyes set off deep levels of larger and more gods, dusty eyelashes glitter glitter was really innocent and tempting.

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4 false Eyelash adhesive hydro eye beauty

False eye lashes can make eyes more deeper in God, but in this hot weather, sticky false eyelashes is easy because the sweat grease off today to MM recommended several strong false Eyelash glue, let the innocent eye makeup you can maintain all day!


  DUO Eyelash adhesive

Reference price: 90 $

Selling point: false Eyelash adhesive for sales of the best in the world. False Eyelash glue only meet medical surgical standards. DUO adhesive is M.A.C for QC merchandise, M.A.C considerate drill using DUO adhesive false eyelashes and human.

Netizen watermelon said: buy 7g, very good very mild discharge, not to hurt the false eyelashes eyelids will not undermine, took it to even a few dollars a pair of Taiwan pure handmade fake eyelashes can be reused, too much praise! Note that need clothes drying on coating then stick, stick well also need technology. Then again, eye skin cannot be sloppy, look at it on a secure, also will buy again.

Barbie “the Sun” beauty Eyelash hidden rules


Make-up girl knows, promoted “flair” the most effective way is to make the lashes look long and beautiful. Oriental eyelashes are generally soft and short, not so curly, think Barbie doll with seesaw’s long lashes, except sticky false eyelashes and mascara brush seem to have no alternative. In fact, there is also a “hidden rules” applicable – planting his hair follicles to lashes. Today’s planting technology to build dense beauty Eyelash eyelashes while more permanent, natural without scarring and recovery-oriented fast. Of course, if you’re not “forever” just want immediate, simulation lashes effects of grafting is also not bad.

  If you only pursue “once”–simulation lashes grafting, true and false eyelashes “merge” like terms

  Characteristics: quick and easy, affordable

From the plant cunxiu (ShuUemura) on display at the eyelashes false eyelashes, get to the first United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed to promote formula Latisse Eyelash growth. Simulation eyelashes around a root of a species in its own lashes, a few years ago is exclusive by big star and beauty industry. In the blink of an eye has become everyone eagerly try to cosmetic means. Simple to like hair, no wonder girl to a mature woman from clean sweep. “Planting” officially began work, beautician according to customer’s degree of density, length of Eyelash and expectations eye eyelashes, choosing the right false eyelashes, with special waterproof glue, stick a root on real eyelashes. General, lashes for grafting to maintain in a month or so, you need to paste on a regular basis.

Many SPA and beauty salons provide Eyelash growth services, specific steps, including an even more artificial eyelashes stick on your own eyelashes. At home enjoy this service need to spend far less than abroad, formal way as long as 500 to 700 dollars, and the United States average of $ 300.

Up to the trial Q&A

Q: plant simulation lashes can maintain how long? Will hurt their eyelashes and the skin around the eyes?

A: If the proper care, do not rub eyes, wash action when the gentle, not coated lashes mascara-grafting can be maintained for two weeks to a month. Since the eye is sensitive parts, although formal grafted with false eyelashes were imported by Sable and it can, but after all, contain chemicals, combined with graft glue, how much stimulus to the skin around the eye, causing some real eyelashes fall off.

Q I heard of glue used for domestic and import volume, what about you?

A: usually imports about 100 Yuan on the glue will be more expensive than homemade glue, say this is simulation of extended eyelashes solidity, in fact, this high or low and glue does not have any relationship, major new metabolism was with lashes itself slowly falling. However, imported glue on irritation of the eyes are relatively small and not feel so hurt.

If you want to “forever”–autologous eyelashes grow, hair support

  Characteristics: permanent thickening, no Deputy probation

This Eyelash implants is a technique used by their hair, each side about implantable 40-50 Eyelash hair follicles. Eyelash growing is conducted under local anesthesia, about two hours. Surgery, by professional doctors after Microsurgical removal surgery ears or occipital healthy hair follicle tissues after, then split it into several small units with healthy hair follicles, with professional equipment is split in good hair implantation of eyelid, achieves the encryption of Eyelash enhancement effect. Transplantation of hair is the hair itself, so the high survival rate, generally above 95%. Although hair transplantation surgery pain not to go home after surgery. Eyelash growing avoid surgical site stained the water within a week after the operation, four days after a shampoo, but excessive fucheng rub taking part. Eyelash growing period of about five days or so of swelling after surgery, with ice cold compress 3-4 day, ease the swelling. Within two weeks to try to avoid rubbing eyes with your hands, avoid falling hair follicles.

Up to the trial Q&A

Q: the effect of transplantation of eyelashes less obvious than imagined, but also fall off, is the operative failure?

A: eyelashes of initial rest period began, about a 3-6 months. In addition, in repose had just planted during the period of hair may also fall off, but after a rest period before they start to recover, grow new hair, and thereafter will not easily fall off. And after transplantation of eyelashes has its own laws and characteristics of hair, so the trimmed on a regular basis, the volume you want to burn.

Q: take parts of the hair follicles will be affected?

A: scalp and body as the other parts of the skin, with a certain degree of flexibility, a scalp width in 2cm, direct draw suture. Speaking from the micro, take the spacing of average to slightly increase the hair around the area, but from a Visual sense, don’t see any obvious differences. After a particularly long after the pillow and ear hair covered from top to bottom after a, in no way detracts from the appearance. Similarly, after some time, also repeatedly taken hair.

11 tips to save money for you beauty tips

   1. overnight tea can increase Eyelash


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Drink tea left out cold, at bedtime or dawn the next day, with cotton swabs moistened eye lashes, capability to achieve the growth of eyelashes, get to try it! Guaranteed price is the most economic “Eyelash growth fluid”, as used tea bag, reredi deposited in the eye, can get rid of dark circles!

Mezz Barbie make-up intelligent eyes blaze

Warping is a dense and volume flexibility key to charm eyes. You want the eyes like a Barbie-like bright and blink, be sure the eyelash ultimate thick, root volumes, Alice, eyelashes under fucheng also ignored.

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1, in order to highlight the sense of depth and charm of eye, first with liquid or gel eyeliner light points in the roots of eyelashes, enhanced eye stereoscopic effect.

2, with all effects significant mascara long elongated upper and lower eyelashes to make. Relatively sparse eyelashes, can be used at the sparse local clusters-the thick density increase Eyelash eyelashes, Eyelash curler clip up.