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Us eyes & makeup perfect temperament route remix “Brown”!

Mm pupil as the United States of more and more important part of the eye, pupil chuikangjianmi zoom binocular effect because the United States, even more than you spend an hour drawing the makeup effects to superior. Don’t know whether you also frequently wear American pupil of habits? Face of the beauty of the colorful and diverse as pupil magnification, are you also wondering about the kind of eye makeup match the natural? Today s xiaobian they bring you beautiful eyes super model of the person, makes you immediately fall in love with the magic “mirror” tour!

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  Temperament route BROWN American pupil


1. moist end of flawless makeup, made the overall make-up look more elegant.
2. gold and brown eye shadow, eye each other and the United States reflect.
3. eyes eyeliner at the end of a slightly longer rallies more charm.

  Foundation moist end of flawless makeup

Use the Foundation brush to liquid Foundation uniform floor brush in full face
Pour the liquid Foundation on the dorsum, with a brush dipped in. Follow “from the middle to the sides, from bottom to top” direction, the uniform liquid Foundation on the brush.

Then dip gently brushing the proper amount of powder on the face
Using makeup brushes, a small amount of powder on the face-scanning. Nose → → on the order of the lower jaw slightly swept along the face powder.

Last puff of light pressure to do makeup
Using puff, press gently on the face as a whole. Prevent Foundation embedded pores, and avoid removing makeup, Foundation and skin close fitting.

  Brown Eye Shadow gold-brown eye shadow

With a slightly glossy light brown eye shadow base
Light brown eye shadow base, bright eyes. Golden eye shadow or appropriate use of coffee, covering the eyeliner and eyelid position, eyes became softer.

Eyelid crease deepened eye shadow
Hit undertones with a slightly darker than brown eye shadow strengthening applied to double eyelid folds, giving looks three dimensional feeling of layers.

Silver Pearly light head
James silver with Pearl eye shadow, ㄑ words painted on the eye. Take care not to brush brown eye shadow colors, mixing eye make-up become dirty.

  Looking for a cat’s eye on the Cat Eye Line line

By decoy first outlined the innermost eyeliner
Select easy SUMI waterproof eyeliner or eyeliner along the contour of the upper eyelids, head from eye to eye, painted a basic black eyeliner.

Then: to pick on and draw the cat’s eye line
: Again, has been painted on eyes, smooth eyeliner on the stroke. Eye tail parts can be slightly higher, to create a cat’s eye effect.

Upper and lower eye convergence, stressing the eye effect
Eye has to fill up, outside of the upper and lower eyelids eyeliner eyes, along the outer corner extending slightly, setting a big eye effect.

  United States eye TIPS

Brown invisibility glasses to extend pupil distance, let the water run in both eyes glossy, is most suitable for Asian color.
Pupil of Asians most of it Brown, but there are dark brown-light brown, so Brown beauty also depends on the pupil when the pupil color shades. Eyes are very large MM, Brown selected poor binocular may be without God.

Bausch and Lomb-lace eyes (Amber Honey Brown)
Ring lace pattern, specially designed for Asian women, easily creating deep eyes elegant temperament.


With retro flavor of oblique fringe BOB

Taking sides and back, to above the ear as a starting point, random within and outside the volume or volumes. Note to go shoot when rolled up, the volume result set on the sides of the neck.

A right eye pupil basis, set the Tau Road. Take the fringe of the Central Committee, in order to create the rounded nature of effects, from hair began to roll, enhance the retro feel.

Thickness of the hair on his head to fluffy, forming rounded at the top, followed by full glossy. Liu haisu after finishing to the ears, preauricular retain a small hanging bunches.


Help lighten dark circles, eye skin, a “Apple”-like magic. Contains the latest upgraded formula, add natural mineral powder, with high color rendering formulae, the quality of Feng Runshun slide, let you Cover Makeup face thinner after through nature, while maintaining a more permanent good results. Perfect combination light Cover 380/BOBBI BROWN

By light effects to eliminate the skin soft bump for fine shadow, around age in appearance is smooth on the surface of the skin. With this starting point, conveying the light inside the skin to eliminate shadows on the surface of the skin. Jolimark hwan mining hydrating liquid Foundation SPF25PA++30g 240/SOFINA

Perfect echo of the autumn season, letting artists palette becomes your collectibles. Four mysterious dark eye shadow eye shadow, suitable for creating hot looks people smoked eye make-up. Professional color eye shadow 1.4g*4 420 disk/M.A.C

With the classic color of practical “watercolor”, can help you easily SUMI sense very strong eye make-up, purpose is creating gorgeous three-dimensional three dimensional visual effects. Color pure and lasting, wet or dry. Four color eye shadow $ N07 3.4g 149/SEPHORA Sephora

Fine color particle process bring lasting plump color, special ink jet technology, mass eye shadow powder is extremely delicate, feeling incredibly smooth. Single special polymers, absorbing skin excess oil. Four colour surge eye shadow 4.8g gold $ 330/Clinique

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Makeup “naked” beauty makeup in the age of four elements

What kind of makeup most OL owners favor it? Course is a natural nude makeup looks fine! However, this makeup is actually need very strict skills. Below, describes the four key elements of nude makeup of small series for members ‘ reference.

End of 1, makeup

With the end of a very thin layer of makeup, attitude of health to restore the skin texture, creating a transparent texture. But dark skin sinking to do? Base with a Pearlescent effect is definitely your best friend! They are often thin texture, containing fine particles of light, using optical theory, realizing the skin every angle of sparkling effect. Then, you can use the Foundation brush evenly on a sweep of very thin liquid Foundation . Remember, the “white” is not equal to “naked”, as far as possible on the Foundation selected in a transparent or slightly deeper than the skin a little bit as a benchmark.

2, eye shadow

Punk Fan Er carbon black eyeliner can be temporarily “class”, soft bare light brown or brown eye shadow can be a show of skill. In order to eliminate eyeliner, first with eye shadow flat brush Eyelash roots create a little crisper naked Brown effect and Sumi of the circular eye shadow brush, carefully draw a circle way to eye shadow SUMI apart. Layers of mascara is also a need to avoid the effect of brushing, Alice long clean the volume effect is King!

3, blush

Teenage-like sense of shame, the success or failure in the blush on the choice of. If the end of your skin and makeup white, congratulations, very temperament test of soft pink roses, pink peach you can manage. Dim yellow colour to grey-brown, or slightly orange coral shades of blush, showing a harmonious effect. Brush gently from the inside out at the laugh muscles, SUMI and in detail, and keep the clear sense of the overall makeup. Delicate shadows in a careless a color, can be completely simulated natural dusky in the sunlight.

4, double lip

Implement the nude spirit of thorough, lips should be dominated by matte flesh tone. But close to the skin, it is easy to make an impression of disgruntled. So slightly with a sense of ice crystal meat powder shades of lipstick easier to create elegant and noble impression. Similar to the principles of color with blush, light shades of lipstick for dark skin to MAK a stylish temperament, ice white pink skin soft and lovely. Use lip honey would seem too calculated, simply select high moisturizing lipstick.

Party commute all get 5 Pearl eye shadow shiny not tacky

Although the SUMI make eyes deep enough, such as the Earth, but is not bright enough, how can a more superior then? Pearly eye shadow can create a sparkling effect. Edit as you recommended 5 Pearl eye shadow and shiny but not tacky.

KATE illusion light colored eye shadow

Reference price: praise 170RMB rate: 87%

Description: shining detail of glorious, matching with shades of color, brush out the charm of the most charming bright eyes. 5 with shades of light and shadow illusion, created bright eyes. Endless Pearlescent.

Recommended: KATE eye shadow of real economic and easy will not drop powder, color well. Easily removing makeup, good price, good good!

Shining index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Qing index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Clarins four color satin eye shadow

Reference price: 380RMB praise: 88%

Description: harmonious combinations of 4 colors. Intense color effect. Mirror-like, full of sense of design and packaging. Color deep lasting, beautiful luster and vivid.

Recommendation: have long coveted, some years ago didn’t buy out jazzy color limits, this time to buy, and the color is like, black is a little dark green looks like, and then the purple wine-red, there is also a champagne gold, and white, big love! And miss the very similar. This eye shadow boxes are also highlights of Clarins open super nice Ah

Shining index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Qing index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

LUNASOL double phantom eye shadow

Reference price: 350RMB praise: 79%

Description: create beautiful eyes full of shining like gems of 5-color eye shadow. Never SUMI, re-apply the eyes of more profound, displaying bright color gloss like wetting and noble.

Recommendation: buy a cat’s eye stone, can be elegant or enchanting, very hundreds taking a eye shadow. Especially in the Sun, Flash is very beautiful. For the amplification of the eye effect is good.

Shining index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Qing index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Chanel four eye shadow

Reference price: praise 560RMB rate: 94%

Description: to be completed with personal exclusive makeup. Detailed texture with a variety of color combinations, creating and ever-changing makeup effects. Texture detail, easy to push, will not have creases at the eyelids.

Recommendation: buy is silk satin Pearl new 2011 20th, left corner of the upper-right corner of green and pink mix is my favorite. Very beautiful very gentle, so buy this, and very satisfied! This sparkling fragrance home

Shining index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Qing index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dior charm colored eye shadow

Reference price: praise 550RMB rate: 84%

Description: mixture of pigment and Pearl particles melt for best makeup status, silky smooth texture powder makeup perfect fitting eyelids, skin surface detail smoothing and uniform colour. You are free-by-layer overlay makeup, and is not in the least heavy. Bright and rich.

Recommendation: in the new world department store to buy, I selected is the color of the Earth, very beautiful, playing in the eyes with a lot of flavor. Without a flash powder during the day, evening activities can be combined with Flash powder. Very bright Oh! Night and day are available.

Shining index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Qing index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Most Japanese men invincible sells eruption makeup

Japanese makeup has always been celebrated as a cordial and pleasant, sold eruption is Japanese girl next door of the patent, Even I cannot help loving her upon seeing her. let a man Oh.

Sense of invincibility Meng electric eye create method:

STEP1: eyeliner & eye shadow

First with eyeliner pencil sketch on the inside of the eyelid and lower eyelid eyes one-third Department and fill the corners, and eye shadow overlay in my eyes line;

Second light camel eye shadow lay in the eyelid, and camel eye shadow painted on eyes, deep first position of the first one-second;

Type v at the eye tail, adding stereoscopic effect of eye, painted at last next end one-second, increasing the sense of eye makeup.

Painting a bright colorful candy and makeup this summer up Honey Girl

That only spring to colourful? When bright when the sun shines on us, unlimited enthusiasm and vitality is out! Beautiful candy color makeup, your avatar summer honey girl!

Sunny Bikini girl, nude colored slightly Orange makeup shy sexy, matching red lip gloss, finishing pens, outstanding overall make-up highlights.

Color waterproof eyeliner can let you in on the swimming pool or beach shape shiny, colorful color sense of dynamic young! Volume powder with orange lipstick, decorate aerobic color!

As beautiful as flowers to drop, improved lip makeup more in daily life, convenient travel. Walk in the Sun, who cast envious eyes to you!

Water run lip jelly build blingbling lip makeup effects, watermelon powder eye shadow recruiting attention!

A summer style combined with dress color makeup, to avoid the color complex, green eye shadow only prominent eye makeup, and lip color you choose and the color of the clothing line. Colorful flowery, but not unexpected.

Practical gray purple eye enlarged eyes and gentle

Compared with smoked black makeup, grey-purple eye makeup more gentle clean, is headed for major brands eye shadow color in spring and summer of this year. Below there woman grey purple eye makeup for a very practical nature.


Purple gray colors elegance eye make-up makeup procedure:


Step1: light pink eye shadow sweep the whole orbital, bright dark sank the skin around the eyes, but also to make the eyes more in God.

2011 the latest make-up trends tell you obsolete and pop

Spring/summer 2011 new changes in the makeup and so feminine facial features more stunning, tell you that out of date and popularity.


How About It

How About It:

Step1: light pink eye shadow painted on the upper eyelids, an area slightly larger, then lashes with a dark grey roots increase.

Step2: brow and inner corners draw a Pearlescent color eye shadow, so that the eyes become more solid.

Step3: eyeliner on the eye tail longer pick, make a charming cat’s eye-eye.

Step4: evenly coated in fluorescent pink lip, lip lip gloss for Central light, to create a sexy appearance of Michelle.

Amuro の bright charm party makeup instruction

We all know that drawing a color during the day and fresh beauty makeup, to add to his glory, and to go to the party the night before makeup we often have problems with, not the makeup too thick felt vicious, that is too light lights was buried at once. We all think late makeup bad scale handle, there is no imagination so hard Oh! Small series will teach you today by Amuro (Amuro Namie) makeup styling demonstration to learn late makeup party makeup or descriptive.

We observe the Queen make-up room, you will see that as long as the eye makeup, through the dark eye shadow with a little modification, easily shaped with a strong power of the eye.

Plus of cosmetic products containing detailed light perception or Pearly lustre, emphasized in the eye and lip, can through the reflection of light in the night, also with some sweet charm, at once the impression you can have a dramatic change.

Point 1. above increase the eyes bright satin Brushed finish on the pupil

Select most easy match clothing of eye shadow shades, recommendations as deep grey Department or deep brown Department of eye shadow, Shun look type, by eye head painting to eye tail, and by eye tail to outside elongated 0.5 cm, through more shallow of with shades eye shadow, Halo dye in orbital Department, last, select Pearly shades, cascading brush wipe in pupil above, let eyes has shine deep sense.

Small Pearl eye shadow focus: Pearl eye shadow above the pupil, try not to exceed the eye fold, as long as the cascade on the dark eye shadow, a vague sense of gloss.

Point 2. fine Pearly cascading pink cheek color adding stereoscopic effect

Select pink cheek color shades, through brush wash takes, in a wide-range circle manner, even Brushed finish on buccal, then with fine Pearly Pat to smile muscle, in addition to increased outside look, you can improve the texture of facial skin, light makes skin look more natural.

Point 3. pigmented lips

If girls like, if there is no pink lip, is the most touches the opposite sex sexy lip colors, select a powder colour Lip Gloss, carefully painted-lip contours, lip is to emphasize the most important peaks of the site, will make the whole more fengrun attractive lip.

Point 4. match flowery hair accessories

The volume after you create a volume, and then through a simple braided hair, making the hair more a sense of line, and on match flowery sweet beauty hair accessories and, finally, in some hair spray on hair spray, make you move, exudes subtle fragrance.

Copy on Amuro (Amuro Namie) gorgeous charm of makeup, you can also change 15% micro-sweet sexy lady.

Invincible budding electric eye to create law to your heart

   Introduction : have to say that the eruption, is a Japanese nun innocent makeup, makes girls ‘ special live, as the fashion capital of Asia, Japan really don’t degrade its name, whether playing soft hairstyle of delicate make-up is also makes a very commendable, the innocent eye makeup, white and delicate lip, no wonder they can sense play counts as an eruption of tender goddess!

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  Sense of invincibility Meng electric eye create method:

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  STEP1: eyeliner & eye shadow

First with eyeliner pencil sketch on the inside of the eyelid and lower eyelid eyes one-third Department and fill the corners, and eye shadow overlay in my eyes line;

Second light camel eye shadow lay in the eyelid, and camel eye shadow painted on eyes, deep first position of the first one-second;

Type v at the eye tail, adding stereoscopic effect of eye, painted at last next end one-second, increasing the sense of eye makeup.

The Miss Hello Yoon boon but make-up method

This eyeliner is enough Han Sung paintings, but also European and American brands of eye makeup eyeliner after start up this strengthening trend, but Europeans because of congenital eye relationship, will draw this glitter eye Super “killed”, plus outlines deep, Europe and the make-up is more emphasized my eyes feeling of eye shadow under the wire. So the ~ recommend this eyeliner eye shadow is Asian and welfare for everyone.

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