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Women want to go to the eye bag understand usage of eye cream

Eye cream with so many features water run, compact, light, dilute black eye … … On top of these features have added do not stick them greasy, not oil, it won’t take makeup effects and eye massage is equipped with various textures, various features written more to play a multiplier effect.


Eye cream using tips:

1, the amount of:

Before you can use a new bottle of eye need to carefully read the product manual, serious and responsible brand product characteristic of this eye cream, use method, recommended dosage, as well as the recommended order of use are written clearly. Generally speaking, a pair of eyes for the size of a grain of rice. If it is a moisturizing eye cream or gel-like eye cream dosage based eye dryness degree increase, as appropriate, but if it is the repair of components of oil-bearing eye cream, please be sure to follow the instructions on the dosage used, to avoid weak delicate skin burden the last cause eye fat particles.

2, use manual:

Accepted eye cream dip using manipulation by the ring finger is taking eye cream and then along the inner corners, the upper eyelid, eyelids gently slapped a ring under the outer corner, until the eye is completely absorbed by the eye skin. Each brand, of course they may have their own unique massage technique, so please in strict accordance with the manual approach using, in order to maximize the role of eye effect.

3, the method for selecting eye cream:

The recommended method is to targeted select according to their own eye problems eye cream, rather than simply based on the components to select. If eye skin have the coexistence of several types of eye problems, recommends using effective eye base cream, such as yashilandai, Lancome eye cream is a good choice. Using essence can under eye skin after the end of the most prominent issue smudge with a moisturizer, whitening effect, or compact light ripple effects eye cream.

Ruin the family women how to choose the right eye to eliminate eye fat particle size

How to choose one’s own eye then? One thing that is making many girl headache? Eye cream selection is not good, most likely beauty Ah not actually disfigured. Many sisters because of improper selection of eye cream, eye began to form the fat particles. Removal is difficult, ruin the family female today’ll teach you how to choose the eye cream, Oh

Sold on the market of species eye gel eye cream, eye cream, eye mask, their probation are:
Eye gel fresh texture, more suitable for oily skin, it without any burden to use, eye bags, dark circles, soothing skin have a certain effect.
Comparison of eye texture thick, some LaTeX -like, also have a jelly-like moisture high, not including eye problems have improved, can also improve wrinkles, fine lines, etc.
Eye mask is also a good skin care products. It belongs to the SOS emergency, when suddenly the use of eye effect. But because contains more active ingredients, so it is best to use under the direction of the beautician

What kind do you fit?

1. moisture: suitable for use in dry environments.
2. resistance to ageing: with the crease and Sun function, suitable for screen workers and summer use.
3. Compact type: oil-rich nourishing ingredients, suitable for black eyes, dry skin and skin aging women.
4. sensitive: suitable sensitivity, problem skin for females.

Ruin the family elected women help you pick a right for your eye cream:

Gel eye cream: gel eye cream is mostly of plants, will avoid eye of fat particles. Gel eye cream will feel after using eye firming, such as INDENE, like a spring eye cream is pretty good, for young people to use for women 23-35 years of age.

This eye cream are good feedback from many people. At the test centre is the girl with the Nice, worked very well for water. Whether pouch, black eye was fine lines, effects are super good.

. Daily eye protection
Common watermelon helps nourish skin, cucumber slices, stick eye protection. Wash without hot water, rubbing the eyes, not a lot of water before going to bed, so as not to wake up and puffiness around the eyes. In addition, preparing ice in the fridge for every morning before make-up cotton eye, can effectively fight puffiness, dark circles. Diet: eat more foods rich in collagen, such as chicken skin, pig, pork knuckle, fish head and fish soup.

Well said. Ruin the family wishes all women were increasingly meimei; beautiful, Oh

Red light crafts energy hwan live youth-production muscle

Modern lifestyle is gradually eroding consumption in women with her beauty. For example, stay up unhealthy lifestyle, work pressure and the outside world, such as pollution, a number of factors can make the skin look tired, losing its vitality, and because the large pores and dry, rough skin and Dim, there is nothing elegant about.

In 2009, the first of all, Shu Uemura discovered the magic of Amalaki red plant ingredients, it is introduced into the red and crafts series-a revolutionary skin assigned to live product series to counter the early signs of skin aging. Shu Uemura to focus on the Asian Red plant ingredients, such as the legendary Amalaki, its powerful antioxidant-rich restore skin vitality, combined with ancient Japan pharmaceutical secrets with modern technology, has developed this new centralized care intensive red light extraction and production of tender skin essence lotion. In 2009, after sensational budding, due to significant effect and become the essence of the Shu Uemura brand sales in the first dew *3. Immediate recovery after using the skin elastic and soft touch, eliminate dark heavy, compact the pores, end of smooth muscle. Listing only a few years, the Red essence gel extraction have celebrities around the world and winning in the women.

Red light extraction mining tender skin essence lotion 30ml/560RMB
Energy contained in every drop.
Healthy red shiny, twinkling lights!
Red light extraction mining tender skin essence lotion, a drop of energy only, you can give your skin an instant recovery, lustre at first glance.
Core is dual restoration from the cellular level: through activation of skin cells again filled with energy *1 and skin cells, by blocking the *2 up to 99.9% of oxidation damage, thereby protecting skin cells.

Red extraction skin care product lines, with you immerse us in the world, nurturing your tired skin. September 2011 will be listed on the new special eye care products: light red extraction mining tender skin eye ball cream gel, designed for immediate activation repair aging eye skin, fatigue and powerful design.

*1 test confirmed that enhancing mitochondrial activity in vitro.
*2 plant complex of Red energy extraction product comparison placebo test in vitro: suppresses the formation of double markers for oxidation of tyrosine-a-.
*3 accordance with Shu Uemura global sales volume (2010)

Red light extraction mining tender skin eye ball essence lotion 10ml/480RMB

Say goodbye to tired eyes, dark circles and bags under it!
Improve energy flow around the eyes, flashes bright eyes.

Powerful antioxidant plant essence of red, with the metal ball rolling applicator, combined with Japan by traditional Acupressure, mining energy release red light!

Every morning, the day before or at any time to sleep every night for fast efficient care; incorporates extracts of Ragnal complex of Red extraction of energy and vitality formula helps reduce dark sank, puffiness, dark circles and bags under the. Release abundant fresh vitality, digital compression to optimize the effectiveness of massage ball, keep your eye immediately back to life, or prepared for the subsequent makeup.

Apart from massage effect, light red extraction mining tender skin eye ball essence lotion can bring down the eye area temperature up to 2.1 ℃ *, brought immediate refreshing and sedative effects.
* In Vivo

Shu Uemura original Japanese Acupressure methods
Shiatsu means “press the fingertips” is a type of action the purpose in hand massage and acupoint for way of relaxing.

1. when using face unward, the ball rolling Massager gently inclined toward the face, to obtain the proper dosage.
2. slide the ball in the upper and lower eyelids gently rolling Massager, direction is from the inside of the temple began to eye, repeat 2-4 times.
3. use metal massage ball, gently press the 3 to 3 seconds, stimulation to achieve the effect of lightening the swollen congestive.
4. hit circles with a finger gently repeating the same massage, massage your eyelids.
5. with your fingertips to Pat, helps the skin absorb.
Temple press complete Acupressure to achieve deep relaxation.

New component:
Ragnal extract

Stimulate the microcirculation in *1 limit *1 water retention, eliminate puffiness and alleviate dark circles and bags under, to eliminate signs of fatigue.

Red energy-extraction complexes
Contains pomegranate + Amalaki+ red lycopene, enhance *2 the skin cells of energy flow, block the oxidation of *3 up to 99.9% harm.

Fit perfect eyes 20+MM eye cream is no longer a dream

   Review: many girls eye just 20-somethings has appeared dark sinking, puffiness, fine lines and other eye problems, in order to slow the eye skin aging, eye care must not be ignored. Xiaobian recommended for 20+MM below several valid references to black eye for colour, eye cream around the eyes, realize the dream of perfect eyes.

适合20+MM的眼霜 完美双眸不再是梦

NO.1 Pui-ling Fei Eyecon to black eye cream

Reference price: $ 360.0/14g

Highlights: star product of Benefit, against dark circles. Unique “back in black” feature, this is one can effectively improve the puffiness and dark circles, bright colour and play down the fine lines of eye cream around the eyes.

Recommended reason: this eye cream can promote the microcirculation of the skin, improve the black eye, fade wrinkles and moisturize skin around the eye as a whole. Because it is a concentrated extract extract, just with a thin coating of layers at a time on it, after using a few days will find black eye situation has obviously improved, the skin around the eyes became moist smooth, feel younger.

Moisture: ★ ★ ★ ★

Light effects: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Skin cleansing maintenance is the key

Makeup for many women who are less fucheng. Most people spend a lot of time on makeup, but too lazy to make-up. In fact, this very negative to the skin. And make-up is first step in the maintenance of skin, makeup remover do good, beautiful maintenance has laid a good foundation.

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Eye makeup remover DIY

  Eye makeup remover DIY

Eyes more vulnerable parts of skin tissue, it would be inappropriate to use the generic should select the eye special make-up products, cleaning products, and meet the most gentle make-up techniques, prevention crease.

In addition, also please note, if you are wearing contact lenses, remove before you remember make sure to make-up so as not to dirty with oil cosmetic lenses.

1, put a small amount of eye makeup remover products. Down on the cotton pad.

2, gently wipe on the eyelids, making the cotton pad in cosmetics to dissolve makeup remover oil, which can reduce friction, then wipe clean cosmetics.

Want no black eye, wrinkle only do 10 things

Select contains vitamin e, chilled spoon light skin, the skin around the eye massage, add water, eye to eye week remover, sunscreen, drink a cup every day to do eye beauty tea eyesight … Method is not, if we stick to prepare the following 10 points, black eyes, and wrinkles are the clouds!


1. Select products containing vitamin e to dark circles eye cream

Dark circles containing vitamin e products generally have better outcomes for removing dark circles, of course, removing dark circles is long-term work, always persevered patiently in order to play the good effect of Oh.

2. chilled spoon patted skin

You could be standing in the refrigerator freezer two stainless steel spoon and used after eye cream every morning, with cold metal spoon flapping gently around the eyes, to stand out and swelling of the probation. A long, dark circles, eye wrinkle eradication also have larger probation.

3. skin around the eye massage

Using eye to eye a day week detailed massage according to clockwise beat, let it slowly absorbed, eye skin becomes compact and eye after you clean the product, preferably with the ring finger to gently slapped on intra-week, lap at probably under 100 is sufficient.

4. supplementary eye water

In addition to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or at the Office to prepare a bottle of drops, keep eyes shuilingling.

  5. eye weeks Remover

Cosmetic ocular skin injuries much of the week, so the make-up to be particularly careful when, selected specialized eye make up Remover, especially to be particularly careful on the choice of cosmetic cotton, closing cotton pad to select key, which will not stick in the eye and eyelashes on batting.

Say goodbye to fat particles around the eye to reproduce smooth skin

  Review: eye skin particularly vulnerable, it’s maintenance, fat particles occur around the eyes, and particularly difficult to disappear. Therefore, to have a perfect bright eyes, pay special attention to maintenance of the eye, just below the small series to learn how to prevent and stop fat particles around the eye.

挥别眼周脂肪粒 重现平滑肌肤

Usually how prevention

1, if eating more greasy things, don’t immediately to bed, a small amount of water several times, diluting fluid and sebum secretion.

2, choose more refreshing eye texture, to extrapolation from the inside out, back and forth and do not reverse the smudge.

3, if art eye makeup for the second time within a day, make sure to discharge clean make-up before, makeup, based on clean skin.

4, feeling tired, drink warm water. Cold drinks and frozen food would increase the moisture in the body, metabolism variation.

How to eliminate the fastest fat particle size

1, when fat grain has just produced, suggestions of traditional Chinese medicine should be eating pearl barley of dampness, used to drink water or boil congee can be survived; when the fat particles has been hardened for half a grain of millet size, doctors recommended medical sterile needles, down the pores open pick apart from fat. You’d better go to beauty salon pick, pick after their attempts to learn the right methods. Of course, if not to do any processing on fat grain, natural metabolism of fat particles can also fall, only to stay a long time.

Remover as key steps to protect the skin

Makeup for many women, as in eating, sleeping less fucheng, most people will spend a lot of time on makeup, but would not make-up work, busy day returned home. Hastily to clean it and let it go. In fact, this very negative to the skin. And make-up is first step in the maintenance of skin, makeup remover do good, beautiful maintenance has laid a good foundation.


Eye makeup remover DIY

Eye makeup remover DIY

Eyes more vulnerable parts of skin tissue, it would be inappropriate to use the generic should select the eye special make-up products, cleaning products, and meet the most gentle make-up techniques, prevention crease.

In addition, also please note, if you are wearing contact lenses, remove before you remember make sure to make-up so as not to dirty with oil cosmetic lenses.

1, put a small amount of eye makeup remover products. Down on the cotton pad.

2, gently wipe on the eyelids, making the cotton pad in cosmetics to dissolve makeup remover oil, which can reduce friction, then wipe clean cosmetics.

Unbeaten super eye King MM の invincible big eyes small eye surgery

Curlz, eyes blinking blinking, Super big eyes remain unbeaten King! Slim MM Oh, because only by makeup, you can let your eye changes and large! Don’t doubt, picked up the makeup tools, challenges major eye surgery the day after tomorrow!

Zhang Shao Han is a skinny Petite big eyes sister, but her eyes often appear too thin studies or does sth, not God, modified with less eye makeup became her fucheng, full wrap-around eyeliner, layers of deep eye shadow, eye extending above the tail to the diagonal triangle, intense make eyes look.

Elva Hsiao presentations in the programme have been their invincible makeup, eyes instantly increases the effect definitely make her three times ranked major eye makeup first of native title, double false eyelashes, as well as three textures of eyeliner was her secret weapon.

Eyes eyeliner

Clear eyes is to create the Basic eye makeup, with black eyeliner along the inside of the eye paint eyeliner, fill up the roots of eyelashes, make sense of contour eyes are obvious.

1. along the inside of the eye contour outline eyeliner, note eye tail and eyes the same width.

TIPS: to make eyes look more in God, you can use color invisibility glasses to increase effect.

2. pick 7mm cat eyeliner on the eyes, eyeliner tail-up location to eye-brow extension at the end of.

3. the inside of the eye and the inside of the eye under eyeliner on connected together to form a “<” shape that makes the eyelids may swell eye outline clearer.

4. Finally, under paint eyeliner, makes the contour of the eyes more layered, note last eyes Halo to use eye shadow brush line, creating a natural level of the eyes and eyelids boundaries.

Eye shadow article

Sense of depth create a make-up of eye relief eye shadow is a secret weapon, Asian eyes for the selection of a brown eye shadow, smudge color shades of eye shadow in different parts of the eye, is a large focus of the eye.

1. the upper and lower eyelids smear light eye shadow base as a whole.

2. a little bit of overlap at the upper eyelid one-second smear darker Brown.

3. under the eyelid and eye one-third scribble dark brown eye shadow.

4. corner smear light eye shadow, Halo opened softly with the brush color boundaries.

Eyelash article

Thick long lashes will make your eyes sparkle, in addition to pasting fake eyelashes, in fact, you can also use different volume mascara to create a more natural effect of warping of the eyelashes.

1. the natural volume Eyelash curler Eyelash curler.

2. effects of artificial small brush Eyelash comb mascara first be opened.

3. effect of thick mascara base after.

4. the lashes quickly grafted fiber grafted on the has a good brush mascara eyelashes.

5. Finally lashes with a small brush mascara comb away that more suits on the grafted fiber brush eyelashes stick.

Eye makeup remover kaiwenniuer teaches you skills

Everybody wants to know the make-up, and will not hurt your skin, dirty Remover will not damage the skin! Especially eye, due to the extremely fragile skin around the eyes, if you have makeup on long stays in the eye skin, it will cause stimulation to skin, severe cases can cause pigmentation and early aging. So unless no other makeup on your eye, or the first step when you were in makeup remover will remove eye makeup.

Which make-up makeup of cotton texture is best used to remove the eye makeup?

Kevin teachers: these cotton pad simply boil down cotton and blends texture textures, because pure cotton easy batting, easy to be on the melt viscosity of mascara, so blended the texture of cotton pad is best used to unload eye makeup.

What is the right step for eye makeup remover?

Kevin teacher: 1, first with cotton buds dipped eye and lip makeup remover is erased spangle product intake, avoid damaging light into the eye. 2, eyes looking up, eye and lip makeup remover covered with cotton pads on the upper eyelid and eyelashes stick together wait about 10 seconds. 3, cotton pads with upwards in a zigzag manner, completely mascara removal. PS: preferably not cotton tablets de flocculation, without batting only dip-stick, the unloading, the bad, Oh.

Many thrifty shoes will often ask: false eyelashes can repeat, please? Usually infarction more hard more can repeat with, but Remover Shi never can with hard pulling of, to first with cotton bar dipped take eye Remover liquid sliding lashes roots melted glue; then with cotton tablets dipped take Remover liquid deposited in lashes Shang dissolved lashes cream, makes true and false lashes separate; last then with cotton bar sliding lashes roots, another hand while light pull, such unloading except of false lashes only not

People who require constant eye makeup how the maintenance?

Niu Er (micro-Bo) teacher: 1, and soft remover, selected a paragraph good of eye Remover liquid, if how unloading are also has residual makeup, recommendations don’t then unloading has, excessive unloading eye makeup by caused of skin hurt will than unloading not clean also came more large; 2, and Remover Hou wet deposited, with has relief sustained effect of rose liquid distilled from Honeysuckle flowers or Lotus leaves or whitening cool skin water to makeup cotton dip take cover in eyelids deposited five minutes, can digestion Remover Hou skin minor Pan red inflammation.

Super simple homemade natural makeup remover?

Niu Er teacher: 1 article cucumber, peeled playing into mud; 2, and plus ½ Cup organic milk, low temperature Cook ten minutes; 3, and sieve filter mixture, mounted into confined container in the; 4, and dipped cotton balls, remover, with warm water washing clean; 5, and to remaining of mixture placed in refrigerator in the, a week within using finished, on more difficult unloading of eye makeup, plus little Dutch Dutch BA oil or olive oil in cotton balls Shang unloading can.