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Goddess model dress party you will be the focus?

Star in the party dresses is particularly highly, fashion dress represents a respect for guests and a way of showing their fashion charm. Next, we’ll enjoy several dresses!


2011-Cannes Film Festival on Bing Bing Fan, Bingbing Li, Xiao ran Li competing interpretation of Elie Saab has recently launched the 2012 holiday series, solid color use of variety of high-brightness makes mubuxiajie. Meanwhile, lace, beads of joining is made that each skirt revealed the essence of luxury. So a woman of exquisite curves can wear out skirts who could not love?

Temperament necessary sleeveless dress for women is fresh and reduction of age

Age reduction is always the woman on the physical and psychological abuses, who do not want to “forever young”, sleeveless dresses this season was more crazy Oh by all women, not only in reducing age would still be cool! Some basic items to freely mix that is elegant, essential sleeveless dress for summer age reduction this year, manpower necessary Oh!

  夏日必败无袖连衣裙 清新又减龄(1)

Korean unique silk sleeveless dress

Simulation of chiffon and satin fabrics, Europe and the retro-style, unique loose piles of collar, waist silk fabric with bow tie, cool and neat sleeveless, distribution of elegant temperament of a young lady.

OL dress elegant, cool beauty when taking career Naohide

Come July, temperatures, and high levels, a beautiful and elegant, cool dress, of course, less fucheng. Summertime, dress can not only make people feel the refreshing feeling, more able to create an exclusively female sweet elegance, is absolutely OL fewer items than fucheng, how popular workplace dress style this season? Together look!


Leopard dresses

Cool bunt sleeveless dress, fashion beautiful Leopard pattern of improvement, small high-waist trim to create a perfect proportion, matching a pair of high heel sandals, long beautiful legs clear.

Specially charming elegant suihua summer losing to take stable


2011 spring and summer, perfect printing popular beyond doubt, but too many splendours of stamp for OL appears to be too tricky to lose sense of prudence, in fact, as long as the chosen style, a little mix prints dress can also take out an elegant gesture. Now we pick a beautiful printed dress, for you to add unlimited summer Look sweet and romantic, yet elegant and sober.

Elegant soaring trips matching charm

   Review: dazzling swimwear has one visual fatigue and urban white collar mounted in the weariness of life, they dress up as good as fresh, elegant xiaobian today to tell you some holiday mix and let you in the beautiful seaside or in the small town, has a more pleasant mood and isn’t as pretty dress!

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Short sleeve puff sleeve Leopard your waist dress

Women will never be able to resist the temptation, Leopard patterned waist dress collection. Show the full sexy atmosphere, puff sleeve design, playful sweet taste. High-waist-version of your lumbar, neat elegant temperament.

Denim jacket + holiday dress Sun Sun cool summer leisure

Even full of rich, resort-style dress must have been in length this summer must-have items, loose skirts are not only elegant and charming, more modified figure. A cool denim jacket is definitely long full skirt inseparable! Appearance, denim jackets make the total look more layered, daily wear long skirt does not seem to be too exposed and screened dewlap on the arm; function, denim jacket to wear off freely, for sooner or later, indoor and outdoor temperature difference of the transform can be clever. This n-birds with one stone, it is no wonder that the stars all love doing!

This week’s best dressed

Whitney Port

Three-section thin and elegant long skirt, Delta short denim jackets make it perfect proportion figure, decorative tassels backpack, Panama Hat and retro style of sunglasses are essential, along with the nature of the summer holiday look easy to build.

Rumer Willis

Beautiful white printed dress and Delta short denim jackets fit most wanted, was jushoutouzu by Rumer feeling full of knowledge.

Candice Accola

In the look, whether straw Panama hats, a relaxed boyfriend jeans jacket or the suihua dress, simple cloth bag, each single product, and even smile in the pastoral style theme for sweet service.

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The most stylish cleaner “de sister” rose purple dress

“History of the most stylish aunt cleaning” “de sister” almost 50 years old, in a fashion magazine for 7 years cleaner. There is no money to buy a big, but attaches great importance to match, often through fashion magazines with Amoy to dress dress up yourself, and what does think how old can a fashion.

Maintains cleanliness the aunts dressed in exquisite rose purple dress

A handheld MOP cleaning aunt, wearing exquisite rose purple dress, dark shoes and a black silk stockings, which is recently fans poured all the users, is called “history of the most stylish aunt cleaning” “de-sister”.

“De-sister” in rose purple dress

Photo description appears: her sister called Tak, nearly 50 years of age, in a fashion magazine for 7 years cleaner. Excellent temperament, wearing different clothes every day. Photos in the “de-sister” in rose purple dress, foot dark high heels, tools such as handheld MOP are clean.

Foot dark high heels

“I thought she was a fashion editor, results when she says she is cleaner, has me completely to the earthquake. “He said, when he decided to up the distinctive cleaners take a group photo.

Actress playing fluorescent color-color of the most important

Elegant RolandMouret2011 the attack EvaMendes a spring/summer dress

CFDA Awards, DoutzenKroes assault on sexy J.Mendel asymmetric high fire-red-cross dress skirt

CFDA awards. JudithLight was last seen wearing a PamellaRoland green dress very eye-catching

CFDA awards. LindaFargo choice of innovations attacking JilSander Orange pants

New York, the CFDA awards. EmmanuelleChriqui shines bright yellow DavidMeister belly band Delta short dresses skirts the attack a red carpet

New York, the CFDA awards. BCBGMaxAzria dew shoulder and vent the attack ChanelIman a dress skirt

European and American actress interpretation of summertime tide ride

Guide: this week star were have wear Shang assorted big-time dress went to various fashion party, on the color, from beautiful of yellow, and pieces red, and gem blue, to most insurance of black and white two color; on the style, from wrapped chest to drag to long skirt, all is will star were perfect of figure outlines of vividly; on the details, wrapped yarn, and lace, and Leopard sheath, and embroidery Align Align display.


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KatieCassidy white gown dress +Coach snake embossed handbags, dress who forged decorative highlight small waist narrow skirt charming lines, sandals shiny black crystal embellishment on the dissemination of playful flavor is particularly prominent.

Zhang Yuqi charm sexy dress show upgrade

Review: jump out of the star girls, star Zhang Yuqi for pedestrians have been rising steadily and a new work! Pigment pigments in the knife in the ridicule of a modified image of handsome, handsome beautiful human soul, much like Lin Ching-hsia of the Orient “unbeaten” model. Yuqi Zhang attended the activities outside the Opera gown shape, more often racked their brains.


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Simple black dress, u-shaped design of the chest, highlighting Yuqi Zhang that pride built! Mix a Pearl pendant on a necklace for the black dress has added something of a sense of nobility.