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Love your breasts develop life care plan

We all know that the female breast is vulnerable to attacks of disease areas, such as hyperplasia of mammary glands, Mammary, breast cancer, inflammatory. Acceleration of the pace of modern life, many women busy every day, almost ever gasp to pay attention to your health, breast health is ignored. In fact, all female breasts life need care, but also in every period has its significant characteristics and care focus.


Infancy: don’t squeeze the best don’t rub

Whole breasts of infants are at rest. But babies born under the influence of estrogen in the body of the mother, shortly after birth may have swelling of the breast or nipple, and so on.

Care focus: Note Don’t squeeze don’t rub, let it be, so as to avoid infection. Local hot compress to promote absorption. With the decline of infant female hormone levels in about 3 weeks later, normal and natural breasts entered a period of rest.

Adolescence: observe the breasts

After puberty, the second features began development. At the age of women at the age of 9 ~12, began development of breast, breast milk a first nuclear and development slowly increased, nipples prominent, while menstrual instance.

Take care of the key: this period is the breast tumor-prone period because strong female hormones, endocrine or uncoordinated. This time, be very concerned about her daughter’s mother breast changes, such as a keloid is a nipple, if long, if there is an exception to timely medical treatment not shy.

In addition, time is important to wear the right bra. Cotton goods for good, not too tight or too loose, too tight can affect blood circulation, negative development; PTOSIS caused by taisong is easy. Youth is the second peak of growth and development, should also strengthen the physical exercise and nutrition.

Breast enhancement secrets of small chest Masahira woman goodbye inferiority

In addition to breast enhancement surgery breast enhancement, food, do you still have other more effective methods of breast enhancement? 4 tips to help you easily can with plump breasts, even big chest of woman also need us, and even gained with the operation of fullness in the chest, this little trick can also make strong compact chest


Hypnotic breast enhancement

1th – hypnotic breast enhancement

Tricks details: tell myself “my chest is getting full and getting straight”. Psychologists emphasized the breast directly retaining the woman signs of mental development. In many cases, growth of breasts is the decision of the brain implied to it. This implied relationship with breasts closer than we think, exceeding the physiological effects of fat and glands within the breast.

Get rid of small chest hold double c peach beautiful chest

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  “Peach chest”

Duration: 3 months

Increased index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Rebound index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Breast massage promotes the secretion of gonad hormones, ovarian estrogen secretion, so as to promote breast development, do not let breast meat because of the weight loss.

“Action points” before going to sleep every night with a towel 3-5 minute hot compress on both sides of the breast, then use the Palm of the hand from left to right breast massage around 20 times, stick to massage 2-3 months can yield good results.

Magic beauty massage the chest up

Woman of beauty, the perfect is the chest of a woman showing off the capital, but not all women have the fullness of chest. Some women would choose to do breast augmentation surgery, but after all, this approach is risky, and on the body have a certain degree of hazard, so if you want breast enhancement,, try xiaobian preparing Super abundant chest Massage workshop, you can let your secret rose Cup, Oh!

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  Workshop NO.1, centralized

The hands are placed in the breast on the external side, the Tiger. Hands from the inside out, with the Palm of the Tiger hold up breasts, hands all the way to the outer edge of the breast to breast side loosely after. Operation 15~25 repeated the action.

  Workshop NO.2-touch

With his left breast-lightly to the right, on the contrary, gently touch the left breast with the right hand, one touch 3 minutes total. Touch can be rotated, vertical, horizontal, three alternates, or can be any touch of no particular line. This 3-minute touch, are extremely important throughout the breast massage. Designed for small chest MM massage essential oil bag bra

  Workshop NO.3-handle

Massage cream evenly smudge on the breast or breast enhancement oils. Ten fingers open, hands distinction at the bottom side of the breast, starting from the bottom and slowly push the direction of the nipple. Perhaps one side of the cover with hands Palm is case sensitive nipples, five fingers in the breast bottom, radial, and direction of the nipple, repeated more than 30 times. Shrouded breasts with both hands, to the nipple as the Center, draw circles clockwise at the bottom of breast. Art of time Division to a small, repeated more than 30 times. Completed in the future, then draw circle counter-clockwise, repeated more than 30 times. Then the index finger, middle finger, and famous for the three fingers, from above the breasts start to draw a circle below the breast, don’t stop when you return to the breast, to push on to the clavicle, repeated 30 times.

Flat chest injuries do not create Star Beauty milk

In summer, perfect chest on your charm index upgrade is definitely five stars! Plump and firm chest-absolute is the most important part of the female. MM they have to worry about small chest, don’t assume Cup size is just born, actually nurture: is King! Xiaobian today to tell you how to create perfect chest of secrets!

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  1, use beauty breast cream

After the bath, containing plant proteins and active beautiful breast cream for breast enhancement factor or American Thoracic emulsion, massages, take this increase the elasticity of breasts. When massage, chest first breast cream or beauty emulsion evenly, follow the “from bottom to top, from the outside” massage with four fingers in the direction of, then gently turn beat bottom of the breast. Such persistence over time, you can clearly see the under breast shrank, chest has also become more compact.

Breast implants five large mined areas you know

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  误区 One: breast augmentation material will give your body to cause harm

Expert answers: breast augmentation in the main method is a prosthesis, is currently the most secure and most mainstream mature breast enhancement methods. Silicon gel prosthesis using a hemispherical soft material made of polymeric materials. After a long period of development, science, confirmed and ratified recognition, innocuous prosthesis material not only on the human body, long term implantation in the human body, but also to select the shape for you depending on the body. Even if there is any discomfort, can complete remove the prosthesis, so ask us not to worry about breast augmentation material would bring harm to the body.

  Myth II: big is beautiful breasts sexy

Expert answers: for women, breast, is an important manifestation of female second features, is also a display of female charm for the purpose of the modern choice for many views of the beautiful big is beautiful, which blindly pursuing big ideas, in fact, there is a cognitive misunderstanding. Breast is not larger and more beautiful, and most important is to and shape aligned itself to the most beautiful. Breast aesthetic standards are plump, well-balanced, flexible and resilient. On both sides of the breast are symmetric and consistent size, shape, location, distance between two breast larger than 20 cm. Footprint of breast 10~12 cm in diameter, from the basement to the surface of the nipple height of 5~6 cm. Breast outstanding, central difference 17~20 cm suitable. Two nipples in an equilateral triangle with the sternal notch.

Grasp the breast enhancement 4 things to make you confident

“Eat”, is a very simple and effective method of beauty breast, if you want to have a beautiful chest, it must be regular consumption of food containing necessary for body heat. In addition, substances such as proteins, vitamins and trace elements in the diet can facilitate normal breast development, especially in the growing, more should get enough nutrients and food the US methods of chest, to ensure that breast development is completely beautiful.

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1, not on a diet to lose weight: want to have full upright chest, will ensure adequate nutrition, not advocate blind on a diet to lose weight. Because breasts not including glands, adipose tissue, and how much adipose tissue are one of the important factors which determine breast size. If a person cannot guarantee that even basic nutritional, very slight, breast adipose tissue must be small breasts too small, no American has.

2, protein is important: substances such as proteins, vitamins and trace elements in the diet can facilitate normal breast development. Particularly when puberty should take in enough quantity of nutrients mentioned above, to ensure that breast development is completely beautiful.

5 thoracic killers in the us don’t let breast shrinkage

Many people in the resentment of his chest of small congenital deficiency affects, need to do a lot of things to remedy the day after tomorrow. But do you really think this is a natural result of? In fact, you may be from different aspects of life would kill again in the chest and development opportunities, introduced by a small p series for you below become strangled five killer, you have pride in the chest!

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  First, the murderer

   View errors Read–”the chest of a woman is like time, total is still crowded crowded”

Long out of the Groove of the effect of reducing or preventing breast milk endolymphatic fluid backflow, poor local blood, leading to hyperplasia of the breast and chest movement restriction for a long time, will also affect normal breathing. In addition, makes breast milking ditch fiber bundle and mammary duct in prolonged pressure would affect the puerperal lactation and discharged, directly affect the future of nursing.

Against method: milking ditch sparingly, do more chest exercise, a balanced diet.

Learn secret breast enhancement of chest twice

   Review: “Groove will fire” is a popular word on the network, visible cleavege males have much of a temptation to enable more girls to join the ranks of milking Groove, y-milk trench lines are also called chest of woman “line”, this “business line” really as crowded as a time squeeze you?

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  Chest secret: one of the seemingly perfect chest is sick

Bowl-like, firm, and gully deeply, “little cherry”, such a chest was perfect enough! However, perfect just entertained specific external worship, envy of compatriots, as well as their own vanity. In the modern work, and life stress with prices at a time of rising house prices, also no small pressure in the chest, and this may be the beginning of chest diseases caused by hormone imbalance.

When the gynaecologists have on hyperplasia of mammary glands used to see when not to blame this disease, and to tell you, “never mind, 9 of 10 has this trouble, look just fine. “This is definitely not placate people’s minds. Instead, such as pain, hyperplasia and tumors of the breast, chest diseases already fortress fell to the health of most people. Brutal management, outside of the so-called pressure, BRA breast massage, excessive pursuit of beauty, let us ignore it most of this really needs to be healthy.

Solution of

Self health is the first step to determine chest illness or not, normal female in every month should check for yourself. If the check is in little doubt, had better to consult a professional doctor who earlier! Bud is the correct attitude to our health in the chest.

Step1: stand in front of a mirror, placed behind the head on the left hand, right hand touching the left breast, fingers put together, and gradually moved clockwise from above the breast check, press on the outside, a foreign order down, down, up, armpit, system check for lumps.

Step2: the index finger and middle finger gently squeeze the nipple, observe whether there is blood of secretions.

Step3: place the right hand behind the head, left hand to touch the right breast, the first two steps.

Adjust position massage refused chest not droop

Every woman want to have a pair of breast of plump, resilient, make the composition of the smooth, mellow, graceful curve specific to female beauty. Who all want to keep the chest curve at the age of 20, but repulse the enemy but the passage of time, gravity, pregnancy physical changes such as breastfeeding, gradually lost its pride.



Select a suitable underwear

Point 1: choose a suitable underwear

Breast PTOSIS MM, if you want to overcome and remedy these shortcomings, first of all to choose the right BRA, underwear size according to the chest may be.

Full Cup of for full surrounded breast, it can will diffusion or relaxation of breast tightened, for chest full or relaxation of female; half cup can directly support breast of Xia half part, vertical of chest with can will chest line high, makes chest full has spherical sense, comparison for chest droop of female; side Cup can will breast by on both sides to middle pushed, makes double milk full, for chest outside spread or flat of female; three-fourths Cup is for chest full but droop of female.