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Eliminate the sense of monotonous の makeup perfect match pretty dress

No matter how popular the hairstyles and clothing, makeup could always play the decisive probation. So, let the hair & clothing industry colleagues, Professor you will perfect integration of fashion dress and makeup tips!

Suit laminated wave head naturally lovely makeup make you big up

Wave of hair full of gentle breath, conservative makeup seems good, but does not meet this trend. Miss Garland stylist really wood for our promotion of young girls by a Professor of fashion beauty makeup!

Bold does not draw eyebrows to highlight a lovely sense to lock elements of this year, don’t draw eyebrows go natural route. Eye don’t use eye shadow, only with Brown eyeliner on OK! Edge line outline the eyes. INGENEIUS WATER PROOF PENCIL EYELINER 03 Yen/RMK Division

Sun air Blush Pink is used to demonstrate the sense of pretty, blush brush to a higher position, can give people the impression of innocence. Malar higher place to oval brush, make the link up cheeks, above the nose also brush the blush. Shui Run and shiny texture MIX 4 color group. VISEE MINERAL CHEEKS RD-2 1575 Yen/KOSE

Lipstick 2 mix customized my exclusive color, vivid orange product 1, pink product 2 and mixed to create a bright coral pink. Her fingers points simple scribble decorated full of sense of Fengying charming beauty of lip touches the water. ①M· A· C-LIPSTICK MORANGE 150 Yuan/m · A· C (domestic sales) ② SUBLIME LIPSTICK 04 Yen/SONIA RYKIEL

Suitable color for dark hair makeup make you big up!

Dark hair, one step worse, let the entire face impression will easily look dark ~ sank. So, just by being a popular stylist Miss essential teacher is most proud of Mr YEUNG Sum justice Nikaido, using color cosmetics to taste full of childlike innocence make-up proposal!

Colorful eyeliner eyes from small edge surface over the tail, select popular coral. If brushing the whole eye, there will be “too deliberately” feeling, only in the eyes of linear brush. M· A· C SMALL EYESHADOW SUFF/MAKEUP ART COSMETICS USA 2,415 yen (six-seconds qualify for sale)

Harmonizing the blush of colour highlighting the eye & lips, blush just selection easier integration of skin color along the zygoma simple brushing. Here, if you choose fresh colors, then, would seem too keen to note. To blend it with your skin orange. Even the look naturally lively. FACECOLOR 17 Yen/PAUL&JOE BEAUTY

With the fingers extended even to create this year’s popular water run us lip. Lip, use positive red tide. After careful sketch out lip contour with a lip brush, gently with your finger to spread it. And eye color coral is also very compatible. Fresh and bright colors with a lasting hair colour effect. PURE MAT LIPSTICK 3,509 Yen/NARS JAPAN

Match French romantic sailor style star makeup make you big up! Vintage French sailor wind modelling, and adding of teenage star style make-up of the atmosphere combined with seamless! Makeup beginners start with the easy to try, make up this course.

Fashion eyeliner is not straight up! When it comes to AV wind, eye easily thought up the tail of the line. In fact, the sketch-eye tail in a straight line when painted, can have the best line of arc! Retain the dark lines. MAQUILLAGE PERFECT FINE LINER WP BK999 3,150 yen (to the editorial office can query)/Shiseido

Scissor hands blush descriptive adds a sense of leisure! Hand to facilitate eye width of “scissors”. Then gradually moving down, items 1 and 2 mixed blush brush. Slightly closer to the central location can enhance the sense of leisure! 2-color MIX becomes orange-red. ① FACE COLOR ACCENT 301, ② with 302 $ 280 (domestic sales)/ANNA SUI COSMETICS

Wind modelling health combined with 70's on holiday makeup make you big up! Makeup Miss very good shot of Tin, propose suitable match full of bright shades of makeup style holiday modeling method in Southeast Asia. Selection with blush and lip colors, create able refreshing style.

Vitamin shades to enhance summer style! On the upper eyelid with brown eye shadow. Lower eyelid, with a yellow tail brush to eye one-second. Bold sense of abandon of eyeliner to interpret with free. Combination 2 color eye shadow stick. The POP of yellow is used. The other side is green. DOULE EYECOLOR 05 Yen/ANNA SUI COSMETICS

Health Central blush brush UP method. In cheek extrude location, hit circles with orange blush to paint the way. Build a fresh breath of both girls the tone. Coral Orange show vivid facial expression. SHEER POWDER CHEEKS 02 Yen/RMD Division

Lip pen simply smearing, with coral shades 1 lip pencil smudges across the lips, then opening Halo 2 Lip Gloss smudge. Complete show with the natural temperament of plump beautiful lips. ① ve LV et mat/NARS JAPAN ② ESPRIQUE lip pencil 2,470 3,150 yen AQUADARPE PK871 2,625 yen (to the editorial office can query)/KOSE

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Makeup “naked” beauty makeup in the age of four elements

What kind of makeup most OL owners favor it? Course is a natural nude makeup looks fine! However, this makeup is actually need very strict skills. Below, describes the four key elements of nude makeup of small series for members ‘ reference.

End of 1, makeup

With the end of a very thin layer of makeup, attitude of health to restore the skin texture, creating a transparent texture. But dark skin sinking to do? Base with a Pearlescent effect is definitely your best friend! They are often thin texture, containing fine particles of light, using optical theory, realizing the skin every angle of sparkling effect. Then, you can use the Foundation brush evenly on a sweep of very thin liquid Foundation . Remember, the “white” is not equal to “naked”, as far as possible on the Foundation selected in a transparent or slightly deeper than the skin a little bit as a benchmark.

2, eye shadow

Punk Fan Er carbon black eyeliner can be temporarily “class”, soft bare light brown or brown eye shadow can be a show of skill. In order to eliminate eyeliner, first with eye shadow flat brush Eyelash roots create a little crisper naked Brown effect and Sumi of the circular eye shadow brush, carefully draw a circle way to eye shadow SUMI apart. Layers of mascara is also a need to avoid the effect of brushing, Alice long clean the volume effect is King!

3, blush

Teenage-like sense of shame, the success or failure in the blush on the choice of. If the end of your skin and makeup white, congratulations, very temperament test of soft pink roses, pink peach you can manage. Dim yellow colour to grey-brown, or slightly orange coral shades of blush, showing a harmonious effect. Brush gently from the inside out at the laugh muscles, SUMI and in detail, and keep the clear sense of the overall makeup. Delicate shadows in a careless a color, can be completely simulated natural dusky in the sunlight.

4, double lip

Implement the nude spirit of thorough, lips should be dominated by matte flesh tone. But close to the skin, it is easy to make an impression of disgruntled. So slightly with a sense of ice crystal meat powder shades of lipstick easier to create elegant and noble impression. Similar to the principles of color with blush, light shades of lipstick for dark skin to MAK a stylish temperament, ice white pink skin soft and lovely. Use lip honey would seem too calculated, simply select high moisturizing lipstick.

Blush + shadow law creating sexy little face

Leniency has obvious corners of the mandible, is a lot of pain in the East, this square-shaped face, and today we face of aesthetic beauty is a far far cry from sth Cosmetic surgery if it is already quite developed, the removal of mandibular remains risky. Learn to visually adjust the face with make-up, easy quick and safe cost-effective!

Square face face skills: mandibular shadow blush + glyphs a, Delta short hairstyles

Square shaped faces need soft of prominent mandibular angle contour lines to break the sense of Hale, blush and hairstyles of the volume key modified jaw line.

Square face coping skills point:


1, modified with shades of blush cheek-taking into account the mandibular angle.

2, the zygomatic Department modified color fusion of blush and shades of blush.

3, hair outburst “a” sense of the word, add a sense of volume hair.

4, using Fengying, curled hair of arc line occlusion of mandibular branch.

Step1, starting at the cheek-modification

A coup to rescue tired face

Girls always have the habit of staying up in the city, but no matter how late you stay up late the night, not elements towards the unkempt work, Oh. Small p teacher to teach us today “stay up late makeup” can a tired sweep and also will teach you a full of energy of the hair is to make you look very viable tips Oh!

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Now meimei possibilities there are more and more to stay up, and the skin will look very tired the next day, water shortage and dark completely ran out of the sinking. If you want to rely on the thick makeup to cover up what is simply the worst idea, Oh! Therefore, it becomes especially important to immediately restore the luster of the skin.

Sometimes when the overnight shooting star makeup, I will be the makeup on her application for 10 minutes before the mask. Never look down on these 10 minutes, it can make you the vitality of your skin all day. In addition to these, we can also use makeup tips, let others see you completely exhausted. Blush is the most critical to build out your aerobic and highlight color. High light part, I will advise everyone in makeup on the steps of the milk before use, it can make makeup look very natural. Foundation and blush, suggest that we must choose silty texture, because staying up will increase skin oil, while the Pearl Foundation will make you look oily face. How to make eyes look up spirit?

Your five fingers is the most superior cosmetic brush

Make-up artist in front of you on the rows of makeup brushes you can’t put a name, you must be feeling, is the difference between professional and amateur! There is no better tool, could not handle anything. But in fact, the Masters champion many fingers, hands on them, is the best makeup brush texture.

Thumb-the liquid Foundation brush

Thumb strength than the other fingers, belly and the plot is the largest, needs a large area on the most suitable to smear makeup, such as liquid Foundation, Frost-blush. Fashion week backstage, I often see indiscriminate comfortable make-up masters as a model Foundation on, the most common action is, once the Foundation is on the face, with the Palm of the hand held models face and lateral to the Temple from the ALA of the thumb “push”. This movement absorbs slightly thick liquid Foundation, at the same time in case of scribble unevenness of brush marks, or with fingers.

Index finger – Eyelash curler + eyebrow comb

Best use of the index finger is can help Eyelash volume warping when mascara after you finish coating can be used on the side of the first section of the index finger gently hold up entire eyelashes, Eyelash cocked it up as a whole.

Eyebrows clutter when index finger can also act as eyebrow comb, comb eyebrow shapes, brow position eyebrow with a thumb and index finger gently pinch a perfect ending.

Ring finger – Cover + eye shadow brush

Eye and lip weeks these sites to avoid the strong pull of the skin is very thin, which many people already know, most light finger strength in all fingers, our smudge eye cream often used nameless pointing around the eyes, promoting the absorption of Burgundy cream. Likewise, the eyes, right now, and the corners of which most need to Cover part or most appropriate to use a finger to point, make the concealer and skin color to blend.

At the same time the ring finger is also a versatile eye shadow brush is great. Width of a finger and eye shadow brush is basic, you can even use only the ring finger can turn out of a smoky eye, a lot of makeup guru is what to do. Dip with a finger-tip takes a small amount of eye shadow, along approximately eyeliner rubbing, and dip take different shades of three colors, the same action repeated three times, you can turn into a smoke based on the makeup, the color range of SUMI, practice to master. In addition, popular this season in the middle of the upper eyelid point metal on brighter colors, this operation is also not a finger-tip MO is. Finally, the characteristics best suited to brush of the finger does not absorb liquid cream eye shadow cream.

Little finger – Eyeliner Brush

When the eyeliner drawn fails when turn to small pointed out that field! Small finger can be used to rub the eyes line, decoy painting is broken into small smoke (microblogging) smoked makeup, eyes eyeliner at the end of the line of perfect time than just above the little finger to the oblique pull, 1960 eyeliner natural black smoke turned into 21st century makeup.

Hand-steamed face-spray machine

Cosmetic facial skin warm hands before heating, fully able to play the effect of steaming the face, this action will allow the next Foundation is more futie. And to has smudge Foundation this a step, to Foundation liquid in Palm in the rubbed open, entire press in facial, Palm of temperature not only can activation skin, Palm skin dissemination of moisture and Foundation liquid Kun hop in together, let Foundation liquid more ritzy, you will found, with Palm Shang of powder makeup, more thin through and futie, cents than Shang makeup zhiqian do has a facial.

Palmar tripe-a blush brush

Buy blush without brush do? I’ll dip with the bone of the thumb below the belly to take powder blush then push zygomatic sites, Scribble blush color red for the first time, went on to hand out the stomach continues to push up until a natural transition. The Palm during abdominal desired location close to zygomatic, when pushed, today can put the whole position, let more natural blush.

Four blush tip shape the perfect face

Maybe not you features Peugeot enough, maybe not your makeup technique is not high enough, but what you don’t know much about you on how to face the blush. Want shiny himself up, blush is also on a very important aspect, different faces require differential treatment.


States face blush descriptive key: SUMI blush

Square faces of the face that we often say, square face edges are too obvious, to the feeling of the people is not easy to close, lacking gentleness. At this point we can weaknesses by SUMI blush.

Selection of blush brush oval head, from the outer orbital, temples, and then connect to the Apple most vertex of the muscle, when painting a convergence, mellow approach, such a modification of the maximum allowable too obvious corners. Draw attention to blush when Apple muscle gravity cannot exceed the highest point.

Personality makeup Rong Chu bloom attention a new STYLE

Pale blue eye makeup
Only in the eyes of tail slightly SUMI formation echoes the pale blue eye makeup and hair color, emphasizing the individuality at the same time but not grandstanding seems, overall dull brick red blush with bare lips fully highlights the special eye makeup.

PINK punk eye makeup
Punk makeup, Pink is one of the very important elements, also very suitable for daily make-up. First with black eyeliner to create a sharp eyes, and then use the monochrome pink eye shadow SUMI at the upper and lower eyelids.

Red lips retro makeup
Retro red lips beauty makeup has always been a popular symbol, but daily build to grip fashion can not give people a sense of distance, lip color you can choose a lovely cherry red, stressed on eye makeup only in the eyes of the Department.

Vibrant streets makeup
Zombie doll’s personality makeup, full of Visual impact, although the overall make-up with a stage effect, but eye shadow and blush with shades, SUMI is also in the context of the “rules”, added taste somewhat playful circular building practices.

GAL punk makeup
GAL make-up of today’s most popular now, due to the make-up of emphasis is placed on the eyes, so, in other respects corresponding weakening, however is to note the makeup, Eyelash treatment under it’s like a big stain on lie there.

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Peach Blossom to charm most eruption of white and delicate eye makeup fresh peach air

A bright red face, one assaulting bright red lips, coupled with clear aura eyes and believes no one can resist the makeup so attractive, want to encounter you One this summer, change their customary make-up and put on attractiveness full peach makeup is the best policy.

Blush is a highlight of the short and focused so that blush drawing of pick faces, but it does enough eruption

Rolling beauty lip absolute is to increase the attractiveness of the choice of, also in the summer to protect your lips, Oh

Misty eyes is one of the sure win tactic of peach blossom makeup, round eye Apple fans of how many men die

Orange beauty makeup is very popular this year, keep blush, and lip color harmonization, Oh

Large gills dusky dyeing can better bring out the delicate little face, lip makeup to match well, Oh

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Blush descriptive striking natural aerobic v face color

Many people think that brush the blush you can create lovely feeling of obvious, but in the end only to find the makeup of dirty, not at all like the natural concentration of aerobic. Today to introduce centralized cosmetic blush drawing of the face, let you easily change little face and also have aerobic.

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End of impeccable make-up is important

Mainly we neglected the importance of clean makeup at the end, to let more pink coloration to the net, you can choose to Cover makeup products at the end of the force and humidity is high enough, make your skin shine with saturated, while matching Cover, spots do not influence the overall vision.

Crazy の different faces in bright red blush tips

Maybe not you features Peugeot enough, maybe not your makeup technique is not high enough, but what you don’t know much about you on how to face the blush. Want shiny himself up, not only with the help of eye makeup and lip makeup, blush is also on a very important aspect, different faces require differential treatment. What kind of face you are, for which you blush descriptive, do you know these?

Face blush descriptive key: SUMI blush

Square faces of the face that we often say, square face edges are too obvious, to the feeling of the people is not easy to close, lacking gentleness. At this point we can weaknesses by SUMI blush.

Selection of blush brush oval head, from the outer orbital, temples, and then connect to the Apple most vertex of the muscle, when painting a convergence, mellow approach, such a modification of the maximum allowable too obvious corners. Draw attention to blush when Apple muscle gravity cannot exceed the highest point.

Faces blush key: diagonal “u” shaped blush

Relative to the country’s face, round face painting is relatively simple, it can be said to a round face is the most easily acquired in four faces. Just use the “u” shaped blush reflects the effect of face on the line.

Apple with a blush brush muscle below the highest point of the bypass the top to the bottom of the outer edge of the eye, blush of bias too much to grasp, distal muscle from Apple the highest point to the outer edge of the eye gradually Dodge, natural excessive while creating the stereoscopic effect.

Goose egg face” blush key: mushroom blush

Can say that an oval face is the envy of most girls are the perfect face, but even with such a perfect face also does not mean we can ignore the importance of blush. Create mushroom blush more fashion sense.

Select a big blush brush, Apple at the highest point of the muscle from the inside of the Circle line, not only to better reflect its temperament and sense of fashion.

Long face the face blush key: transverse blush

Long face although no advantages of goose egg-face, but blush to make up for the method is very simple, with lateral blush method can achieve unexpected results.

Pulp-stained smear of cream blush, from Apple’s highest sideways across the zygomatic muscle under into a outer orbital, smudge was completed, under 3, 4 (after finger, if you are concerned about too heavy can no longer use blush brush to sweep it over, but avoid sweep back and forth). Just start without too heavy, blush centre location to zygomatic.