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Beauty tips for five small easily removing black

Black is really in trouble, take a face full of black to destroy, in summer, girls of beauty skin care of the most frequently asked questions, I’m afraid is julep. Although julep approaches have a lot, but if you want professional julep, create ideal zero pores American muscle, also leave a small tricks to master the following Oh!


Miaozhao small julep female skin clear without pores

Data and statistics, 87% Asian women have seen troubles and cleaned thoroughly enough and the skin takes on a growth trend, the following would you recommend julep’s four unique skills to see which method can you intended, in black complete nipped in the bud.


Dissolve julep

Methods: smoke or vapors with a hot towel application face face pore opening, then exporting liquid poured on the cotton pad, mainly for t block under 3-5 minutes after the opening, you will find on the cotton pad covered with a lot of black stain. Immediately on smearing black-NET membrane covering the entire nose, strong net pore deep black, oils, mask under after 15 minutes, after cleansing with net muscle qingzhi convergence on water, reduces the pores can be.

Advantages: julep effect obvious, basic skin lesions.

Disadvantages: takes a long time, convergence on water immediately after using to prevent large pores.

Data and statistics, 87% Asian women have seen troubles and cleaned thoroughly enough and the skin takes on a growth trend, the following would you recommend julep’s four unique skills to see which method can you intended, in black complete nipped in the bud.

Advantages: julep effect obvious, basic skin lesions.

Disadvantages: takes a long time, convergence on water immediately after using to prevent large pores.

Most effective way to go black nose and let you out of Strawberry

   Review: summer oil secretion strong, special facial oil. Especially the t-zone parts oil extra, extra oil can clog the pores on the face, let pores stretch so easily la long pimples. Every time seeing Strawberry nose collapsed, blackhead do? Below, xiaobian’ll teach you a few tips to make the most effective julep of the simplest methods.

最有效的去黑头方法 跟草莓鼻说byebye

What is black? Why black?

Let everyone to learn about the next black, so as to eliminate black. Black also called open Comedo, mainly because of too much grease, pore is blocked by excess oil, grease and contact with the outside air, after oxidation will form small black spots, these small black spots is the oil of obstructions. Long acne skin and black people in general are relatively rough, pores are large, sometimes small lumps of skin in a hard, uneven serious skin condition.

Summer show “colorful”! Latest European star Street

Street posters fashion latest Europe network Star (July 20)

Mali·Kaite·aoersen (Mary-Kate Olsen) foto

To leave dull grey-black in winter, in summer with colorful tone lit himself, this is Star magic weapon to attract people looking at the height of summer Street. Looking at AA, TS stars such as colorful and beautiful Street, whether you are itching to do? If bright color isn’t your dish, the season and against the current black-neutral wind, such as bud, Nicole · Qi Wei (Renee Zellweger), Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum) all-black dress, may become a source of inspiration for you.
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Kill two birds with one stone cleansing Exfoliating Exfoliating products instead of compromising

   Review: many MM think removal of facial skin trouble, so lazy no regular exfoliation, through the accumulation of, resulting in facial aging cuticle thickness and expression of the face and lost once. Today, small series designed to kill two birds with one stone solicited lazy MM Exfoliating products, cleansing Exfoliating two does not let you miss.

一石二鸟去角质产品 清洁去角质两不误

Neutrogena anti-black-NEUTROGENA deep clean soft Pearl cleansing milk (matte)

Name: contain BHA-black-factor and Cedar complex extract, black dissolved into the pores of deep, smooth and abrasive particles containing Orange, tick away stubborn black and deep pores inside old dead skin surface quality, while thirsty, skin smooth and shine instantly. Effective prevention of mild black, suitable for everyday use, wash grease, dirt and dead skin. Not the residues are not stimulated and make skin more smooth and tender and refreshing. Deep cleansing formula that can effectively clean pores, white clean soft beads welcome girlfriends network effect to clear dead skin, preventing blocked pores. Soluble soft Orange Pearl to massage the face melts immediately when, release in a mild emollient ingredients and soothing the skin. Without SOAP, oil, without blocking the pores, through a sensitive test, moderate and does not stimulate.

Users evaluation: feeling special sliding skin after use, matte feel is very good, has found less acne, also taller and less black, pores cleanliness is very high. Oil control also has a good effect, no tight after washing the skin sensation!

Summer white come back in 2 days after exposure method

Most people thought that was at the Black Sun, white back off with efforts, in fact you don’t know is that UV potential make you ugly, old crisis in four sections, if you suppress the skin after Sun in time, not a month, soon I heard someone say: “Hello, like getting old! “72 hours after sun exposure, skin is” gold fix “has missed, only watched the skin black, are older, but on the contrary, as long as the emergency measures, can rapidly restore your skin’s original White transparent, how should we after Sun fix, the following tells you in stages.


Sun also want white back to seize the Sun period of 72 hours after the gold fix

Critical 10 minutes: mineral spring spray

Feeling red hot, it immediately! High temperature will make the activity of red pigment from dandruff, you black even faster! So the skin feel hot, quickly hid in a cool room, then immediately with ice water or moisturizing spray “cool down”! Hot spraying immediately, not only inhibits inflammation, but too late to produce melanin!

Put in perspective how charming underwear summer ride

  White put in perspective with little character in black underwear + innocent

Shermine Sharivar

If you intend to wear a black silk stockings under white lace dress, actress most will choose a black bra and distribution.

Black Lace bra Aubade by Private Shop

End of blue black lace bra La Perla

  Queen of the black perspective Pack + Black lingerie sexy Fan Er

Jessica Biel

Upper body lotion fleshy and conservative, obediently Queen.

Black Lace bra Aubade by Private Shop

No trace of love lace bra

Bay woman health inventory of female arrogance of high pregnancy wore big foto

Simple black and white gas distribution field strong

On April 9, the Bay with his wife and son Romeo in United States beifolishanzhuangbanisi boutique in New York for California (Barneys New York) shopping, simple black and white but effective distribution shows the gas field, hated high Christian Louboutin nature is to appear.

Marc Jacobs fold jacket

On March 13, Bell woman coming out United States Los Angeles Airport. Marc Jacobs fold jacket changed his impression of pregnant bloated, Cutler and Gross 0811 woman own brand sunglasses match Bell black chains 2011 spring/summer package, “invincible hot MOM” names really not have unearned reputation; shoes, Christian Louboutin high heels has continued to act as a “more beautiful partner” role.

Rick Owens knit shirt matching black leggings

On May 28, 2011, the Bell when the woman to son Romeo soccer, a black shape is selected, both type and effectively cover the body. Christian Louboutin ankle boots to wear just, liberal Rick Owens knit shirt matching black leggings, if not the pregnant women, this model is also feeling Super.

Belly bow on the front of cross design

On May 23, Bell silk dress of the woman wearing their design and son Brooklyn with friend Simon Fuller’s red carpet ceremony attended, belly bow crossed in front of design curve for good convergence for pregnant women; in addition, hate fucheng less sky high.
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Baolazhen selected July activity information

Baolazhen selected July 2011 event information

Theme: Paula’s Choice baolazhen selected black killer + pores nemesis

Time: July 1, 2011

Activities: summer, oil, black, large pores? how to solve? Po lazhen selected solemnly recommend black killer combination + pores nemesis-a deep balancing skin toner + Po Po lazhen selected lazhen selected essence of modern mining 2% salicylic acid gel. Purchasing combination set an $ 60 reduction!

2011 pop new wave for pretty printing

Introduction: when people need when fashionable avant-garde, dot patterns is the guarantee of the materials used; when when people are nostalgic, dot will always first preemption right to speak, they would always appear convincing, he is awe of them classics, are women all over the world share over and over again.

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46 Chris select one of the spring and summer of 2011 Oscar de la Renta white belly band dress, black dot black bow and waist set off her more Jiao pretty pleasant.