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Pedaling back in time: Melbourne Tweed Ride 2011

Melbourne’s weekend Tweed Ride couldn’t have asked for more idealistic weather conditions. Except that, well, most people were perspiring a little than they would have liked to in their vintage plus-four suits. But a far merrier option to the previous day’s deluge of rain, Sunday’s event was smiled upon by sunshine and calm winds as the 200 strong participants pedaled their way along the city’s Yarra River, arriving like a whimsical British invasion to the French ‘Paris To Province’ festival at the gardens of Como House. Had chaps with names such as Wellesley and Bonaparte been present, this might have been Waterloo.

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Tide girls up short braided hair to create elegant and intellectual OL

Short hair girls, often because it is a short hair, give up work in her hair, I just want to look good hairdresser, this appearance to give up their bad! Small series will teach you how to create hair intellectual OL.


Braided hair and disseminated before the after effect

Braided hair and disseminated before the after effect

Short hair is what you can do in fact changing, always give people a sense of playful and lively, or clean well-executed with short hair, while if you want to be an intellectual beauty, you want to do? In fact, as long as the need to roll up as soon as it can become slightly intellectual beauty! Super simple steps, believed that smart you can easily get 5 minutes, come to see it ‘s.

Foto model Hat how elegant taste

Foto model Hat how elegant taste

As noble and elegant French Chic image moves back, Hat also returned to the ranks of the hottest accessories, fitted with advanced felt hat, men’s light Fedora, berets, and soft and wide eaves coming out of the hat wearing by all kinds of people.
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Why in the face with red streaks from root causes to solve skin problems

Introduction: why would face with red streaks, a lot of people do think this is a thin skin issue, but it’s not. With red streaks appear on the face due to abnormal dilatation of capillaries and modelling, and what factors can cause abnormal dilatation of capillaries, trying to find ways to face with red streaks do, just take a look at his face red with streaks of the cause of.

脸上为什么有红血丝 从根源去解决肌肤问题

The reason why faces with red streaks

1, ultraviolet irradiation

Research has shown that, strong UV irradiation would make the stratum corneum of the skin is compromised, beyond the normal range of capillaries can withstand, resulting in rupture of Telangiectasia, which is one reason why faces are red streaks.

脸上为什么有红血丝 从根源去解决肌肤问题

2, temperature suddenly changes

Face why has red streaks also include sudden great changes in temperature cause the capillaries to lose elasticity in repeated and excessive contraction of, faces aggravated red streaks of red tide. It’s been OL go to outdoor from more hot air conditioning temperatures colder environments, is most likely to appear, so, it is best to an excessive temperature.

Us eyes & makeup perfect temperament route remix “Brown”!

Mm pupil as the United States of more and more important part of the eye, pupil chuikangjianmi zoom binocular effect because the United States, even more than you spend an hour drawing the makeup effects to superior. Don’t know whether you also frequently wear American pupil of habits? Face of the beauty of the colorful and diverse as pupil magnification, are you also wondering about the kind of eye makeup match the natural? Today s xiaobian they bring you beautiful eyes super model of the person, makes you immediately fall in love with the magic “mirror” tour!

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Us eyes & makeup perfect mashup cute girls “black”!

Us eyes & makeup perfect remix dreams blurred “Purple”!

Us eyes & makeup perfect mix and mixed-race FEEL “gray”!

Us eyes & makeup perfect mix and slightly melancholy feeling “blue” series!

  Temperament route BROWN American pupil


1. moist end of flawless makeup, made the overall make-up look more elegant.
2. gold and brown eye shadow, eye each other and the United States reflect.
3. eyes eyeliner at the end of a slightly longer rallies more charm.

  Foundation moist end of flawless makeup

Use the Foundation brush to liquid Foundation uniform floor brush in full face
Pour the liquid Foundation on the dorsum, with a brush dipped in. Follow “from the middle to the sides, from bottom to top” direction, the uniform liquid Foundation on the brush.

Then dip gently brushing the proper amount of powder on the face
Using makeup brushes, a small amount of powder on the face-scanning. Nose → → on the order of the lower jaw slightly swept along the face powder.

Last puff of light pressure to do makeup
Using puff, press gently on the face as a whole. Prevent Foundation embedded pores, and avoid removing makeup, Foundation and skin close fitting.

  Brown Eye Shadow gold-brown eye shadow

With a slightly glossy light brown eye shadow base
Light brown eye shadow base, bright eyes. Golden eye shadow or appropriate use of coffee, covering the eyeliner and eyelid position, eyes became softer.

Eyelid crease deepened eye shadow
Hit undertones with a slightly darker than brown eye shadow strengthening applied to double eyelid folds, giving looks three dimensional feeling of layers.

Silver Pearly light head
James silver with Pearl eye shadow, ㄑ words painted on the eye. Take care not to brush brown eye shadow colors, mixing eye make-up become dirty.

  Looking for a cat’s eye on the Cat Eye Line line

By decoy first outlined the innermost eyeliner
Select easy SUMI waterproof eyeliner or eyeliner along the contour of the upper eyelids, head from eye to eye, painted a basic black eyeliner.

Then: to pick on and draw the cat’s eye line
: Again, has been painted on eyes, smooth eyeliner on the stroke. Eye tail parts can be slightly higher, to create a cat’s eye effect.

Upper and lower eye convergence, stressing the eye effect
Eye has to fill up, outside of the upper and lower eyelids eyeliner eyes, along the outer corner extending slightly, setting a big eye effect.

  United States eye TIPS

Brown invisibility glasses to extend pupil distance, let the water run in both eyes glossy, is most suitable for Asian color.
Pupil of Asians most of it Brown, but there are dark brown-light brown, so Brown beauty also depends on the pupil when the pupil color shades. Eyes are very large MM, Brown selected poor binocular may be without God.

Bausch and Lomb-lace eyes (Amber Honey Brown)
Ring lace pattern, specially designed for Asian women, easily creating deep eyes elegant temperament.


With retro flavor of oblique fringe BOB

Taking sides and back, to above the ear as a starting point, random within and outside the volume or volumes. Note to go shoot when rolled up, the volume result set on the sides of the neck.

A right eye pupil basis, set the Tau Road. Take the fringe of the Central Committee, in order to create the rounded nature of effects, from hair began to roll, enhance the retro feel.

Thickness of the hair on his head to fluffy, forming rounded at the top, followed by full glossy. Liu haisu after finishing to the ears, preauricular retain a small hanging bunches.


Help lighten dark circles, eye skin, a “Apple”-like magic. Contains the latest upgraded formula, add natural mineral powder, with high color rendering formulae, the quality of Feng Runshun slide, let you Cover Makeup face thinner after through nature, while maintaining a more permanent good results. Perfect combination light Cover 380/BOBBI BROWN

By light effects to eliminate the skin soft bump for fine shadow, around age in appearance is smooth on the surface of the skin. With this starting point, conveying the light inside the skin to eliminate shadows on the surface of the skin. Jolimark hwan mining hydrating liquid Foundation SPF25PA++30g 240/SOFINA

Perfect echo of the autumn season, letting artists palette becomes your collectibles. Four mysterious dark eye shadow eye shadow, suitable for creating hot looks people smoked eye make-up. Professional color eye shadow 1.4g*4 420 disk/M.A.C

With the classic color of practical “watercolor”, can help you easily SUMI sense very strong eye make-up, purpose is creating gorgeous three-dimensional three dimensional visual effects. Color pure and lasting, wet or dry. Four color eye shadow $ N07 3.4g 149/SEPHORA Sephora

Fine color particle process bring lasting plump color, special ink jet technology, mass eye shadow powder is extremely delicate, feeling incredibly smooth. Single special polymers, absorbing skin excess oil. Four colour surge eye shadow 4.8g gold $ 330/Clinique

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Easy way to get women out of depression

Close to 20% people, are likely to fall into the predicament of the depression. It was regrettable that, a lot of people know it is not clear. In fact, defeat depression not difficult, the following six steps, and this may help you “chaos”, fine mind.


The first step, immediately stop the self-blame. Depression is a disease, just like a cold, you can’t create or select it. Therefore, do not blame myself “why did I have that damn disease”, “sorry for family”, and immediately told myself “I need help.”

The second step, simplifying life. Since it has been posible by depression, appropriate change of life, to their relief, such as the work is too difficult for the time being entrusted to other people. If you like before “thinking”, not only easily overwhelmed, and likely to become more depressed.

The third step, law of routine life. Do not “sick” on the ground, giving themselves do whatever they want. Usually several, several points eat sleep, several points, still according to the rules, so as not to become more and more lazy.

The fourth step, do less fatal decision. Depression affects people’s ability to make decisions. Therefore, it is best not to make deadly decision at this time, such as changing jobs, study abroad, and so on.

The fifth step, serious treatment. Adhere to treatment are out of the shadow of the depression necessary guarantees. If necessary, you can monitor their own doctor on time, a family or friends.

The sixth step, to participate in activities. Join friends and relatives at their usual activities, can get a sense of accomplishment, gradually restoring confidence, beating the Blues world of good.

Four best-selling white spot removing cream evaluation fast spot removing recovery white flawless muscle

  Review : every girl wants to have a star-like white flawless American muscle, but the spots on his face problems are always plagued MM. How to whiten spot removing many MM focus. Speckle-removing the key is to find methods, selecting the right spot removing products. How speckle-removing products can effectively spot removing it? Today, a small series of best-selling white spot removing cream for all four networks, allow you to quickly spot removing recovery white flawless American muscle.

 Spot removing recommended: Helena Rubinstein HR gel decoding NGAN whitening cream

四款畅销美白祛斑霜大评测 快速祛斑恢复白嫩无暇肌

Helena Rubinstein HR coagulation decoding NGAN whitening cream

  Recommended indexes : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  Recommended groups : uneven complexion and skin dark heavy crowd

  For skin : oily skin

  Spot removing evaluation : Helena Rubinstein HR gel decoding NGAN whitening cream, whiten whitening ability tests found it very well, absorb quickly, and is not greasy, not soaked blotting papers. It can inhibit 46% formation of melanoma, a good improvement to the skin after use, the skin became moist tender, oxidation resistance and good, but general lock ability.

  Recommended reason : new breakthroughs in anti-old white, HR Helena Rubinstein creative whitening system, combined with the best Whitening and anti-old factor k-complexes – POWER, fight the primary source of artifacts. Coagulation decoding NGAN whitening complex fighting cortex skin (epidermal, dermal layers) due to skin pigmentation caused by aging and precipitation. Stain contained deep eliminate factors, strengthening the transitional area of skin epidermal and dermal layers. At the same time, unique island gulls spring title CD long skin moist. Relaxation and soft skin moisturizing, uniform white colour.

  Usage : after cleansing, remove the appropriate amount of cream applied in facial massage until its absorption.

This product is for skin pigmentation caused by aging and precipitate the emergence of, suitable for mature aged skin to use, fast quban.

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Global “most expensive” superstar female model TOP5

2011-11-23 | Source: love network

 Review: global top supermodel worth what it? Forbes has published the most expensive global supermodels, their income in some cases, more than 30 million dollars, for ordinary people, such a number is so large. Whether it’s in fashion magazines as well as in the lights of the big exhibition, those Star models, women are the most expensive House the brightest. Here you look at global Fortune top supermodel TOP5.


  First name Kate Moss

Known as “xindi·Ke Cindy Crawford’s second” Kate Moss, entered a marriage hall in July of this year, but this did not affect her social status, still in a global ranking of the top supermodel worth first place. Kate Moss, has long been synonymous with fashion and trends, she is the world’s best dressed woman of taste, is also an era spanning a couple of top model of the model.


 The second Heidi Klum

Looking demure beautiful Heidi Klum definitely is one of the global Fortune top supermodel, is not only Germany girl kind of unique beauty, but also has the temperament of the Germanic nation proud. She is the miracle of t, debut soon quickly shot up red, the world’s top swimsuit model, also known as one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

In November, the latest star Street list this season in Europe and popular coat

Into the winter, all kinds of popular winter clothes have appeared in the streets of Europe this season. This week’s foto collection in Europe and a large number of popular jackets this season, both warm and stylish features for the whole winter streets suddenly seem bright. Here let us from the street, take a look at this week’s much-loved those coats this season!

More terrible man wearing the wrong clothes fashion foto striking lightning to death

More and more people know how to look good, but if there is no good stature and strong gas field, then to be street is only one way–the stroke. More strange, eccentric dress up more of interest to street. But sometimes have weird heads the only scary, now fashion.CN in the street and bring you the latest, the striking dress up, but we still want you to the stunning dress, finding inspiration.

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