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Why bad men more like a woman?

People often naively thought that, as long as the Petite lovely, gentle good woman, in love will be favored and favorite of countless men, but the fact is, the men loved bad woman, what has happened to this community, what do they think?


Bad woman not to have been abandoned will favor him this idea is what

In love, when you’re still guessing those men he likes when I do, those “bad girl” is calculated with this guy’s mind together, what are the benefits to themselves when you are busy looking for a reason when a certain self-, “bad girl” have use of their valuable time to make boys happy. In fact, these “bad girls” maybe just a few strokes, but soon these boys will obligingly hooked up.

“Bad woman” get to the point

Maybe bad on women in the workplace, is very bad, their capabilities are very strong. But for her man, her behavior is very reasonable. Bad women as men get to the point, without more ADO, never hysterically shouting, but things look good, and they will not fix on trivial things, men also like this, because they know what they want to (men without that kind United States time, next to a woman every day can help her clean the ass).

Sometimes a man, get along with the bad woman, than with a two units in the West and emotional woman get along much easier. Because sensitive woman not put a foot right, always make a man feel very confused, never know themselves what they get in to them? Bad woman can express yourself clearly and courageously. As a result, they always can easily get what they want.

In addition, the bad woman man to know, in this relationship, he plays what role. Some men head to paste as, if the words you don’t understand, he did not understand anything. Man is afraid of women always want to play with them “guess” of the game, also hate to be after the wrong woman scolded in someway capricious woman brain thinking? If a woman can learn to Frank, many pressures will disappear without a trace of the man.

Hot summer secrets of how to keep your skin cool


10 second cooling: ice American muscles, eliminating Sun memory

Sense of cool hydrating, quick temper helps the skin drop ice American muscles, eliminating Sun memory

Tanning of skin and muscle, and skin temperature after rising to heat, the skin surface blood vessels to dilate, rendering the Pan Red State, at the same time stimulates proliferation of melanoma. After work, before sleep maintenance starting from cooling, eliminate the impact of day ultraviolet. Skin touch cool of maintenance products, more used menthol, and gold WISP MUI, and ocean micrantha or licorice fine, has stabilization relieve function of components, contact skin Shi can absorption muscle table heat, and help cooling; touch aspects, because has pursuit refreshing comfortable, will adjustable high waterborne moisturizing agent as glycerol of proportion, and reduce oil, or to water package oil technology to manufacture for coagulation glue or freezing texture. Some people like ice in refrigerator maintenance products, increase the cold feel, but experts do not recommend to do: “like the meat thawed, then back ice easily deteriorate. “Temperature changes will inevitably affect the maintenance components, clean face is on the line!

Tip1, maintenance of the night, make sure to “fire”

Accumulated all day long tanning, indoor and outdoor temperature and pressure, skin needs most “fire!” After bathing, use spray cooling, the dresser, the first step is to use the cool gel Pat full face, adjust the skin to maintain optimum temperature.

Tip2, cold eye, eliminate puffiness and relieves summer heat

Ice can prevent puffiness around the eyes, is the maintenance of many mature female favorite coup! The heat of the summer, from around the eye began to cool, the whole spirit of the people are a vibration. Select items with caffeine content, helping the skin drainage, ice compaction effect better!

Us out! Plus resort, cool sense of American muscle

Pursuit of skin sense of cool at the same time, also is to pay attention to maintenance is in place! Teacher Joyce suggested “temperature” to promote component osmosis; maintenance is recommended that you mix around the eye acupuncture point massage, firm and drainage effect does.

4 false Eyelash adhesive hydro eye beauty

False eye lashes can make eyes more deeper in God, but in this hot weather, sticky false eyelashes is easy because the sweat grease off today to MM recommended several strong false Eyelash glue, let the innocent eye makeup you can maintain all day!


  DUO Eyelash adhesive

Reference price: 90 $

Selling point: false Eyelash adhesive for sales of the best in the world. False Eyelash glue only meet medical surgical standards. DUO adhesive is M.A.C for QC merchandise, M.A.C considerate drill using DUO adhesive false eyelashes and human.

Netizen watermelon said: buy 7g, very good very mild discharge, not to hurt the false eyelashes eyelids will not undermine, took it to even a few dollars a pair of Taiwan pure handmade fake eyelashes can be reused, too much praise! Note that need clothes drying on coating then stick, stick well also need technology. Then again, eye skin cannot be sloppy, look at it on a secure, also will buy again.

Hot and cool summer shorts I love

Female friends are great trouble now, sweaty weather, people do not know what to wear to work well? Since it cannot be too casual and relaxing, then find a way to find cool and OL costume! Cool shorts are most suitable for you, neither too exposed and look very cool, matching soft chiffon shirts, relaxed, casual t-shirt, elegant and elegant shirt, as appropriate for your work style!

A thin hundreds ride side skirts


Exclusive female companion network zhuangao reprint please specify the source

Package hip skirt very Lady and Super grades, self-cultivation of exquisite design, show the full woman! Skirt pockets of oblique cutting seems simple, but have modified part of the probation, plus fashion embellishment of the rivet, highlights the fashion sense! Skirt skirt-version is beautiful, not bloated, comfortable, great sense of elegance. Mix sweet chiffon blouses, soft and comfortable, show the OL iron lady style.

Fashion gurus to the party well prepared three dress

When participating in party do you want to become a focus of attention of peoples? Look at fashion guru carefully prepared three dresses, you become the focus of the party.


Exclusive female companion network zhuangao reprint please specify the source

, Simple Roman fashion dress

The small v-collar dress Although succinct, but shows the addition of a fashionable, solid color of lumbar, participate in the small party.

Practical make-up tips pores to go without a trace

Indoor air conditioning, outdoor Sun, let people off guard occasionally afternoon thunderstorms, changes in temperature and humidity changes, is to make the pores on the face are clearly major. Anxious to solve the pores problem, cool to face smearing or Mei-day oil-absorbing several times may allow more appalling ~ whether you are a skin condition of oil round pores or aging-long pore, each with a different solution, with methods to get tough on pores hidden God immediately!


Round or long pores in fixing makeup the same way, you will need “to the oil-water” makeup removal is the most important parts must be thoroughly cleaned before local makeup, could keep makeup natural and clean just like had just finished the makeup.

Point: facial oil absorption OK!

But the first two pieces of paper torn into thin after use, oil-absorbing effect is better.


1. the first suction excess oil

After the paper folded into a triangle surface, light at the oil pressing, suction oil.

2. finger push off the pores around powder

Finger from the bottom up, from inside to outside push play, pushing out the pores around removing makeup Foundation.

3. cotton water stained stained skin except dirty

Cotton stick of skin water to scroll mode or around the eye makeup clean at the end of the dirt off.

4 Korean fashion t-shirts Korea full of flavor!

From Korea hit TV series into China, fans in addition to the attention of Korean in China has also started outside Korea star style of dress. Xiaobian recommended four to everyone today Korea now popular fashion t-shirts.


Exclusive female companion network zhuangao reprint please specify the source

Background, grey letters

Pure white ground color, with fiery red letters, form a contrast jiaohui, the warm sun shines out of the feeling of vitality, put on is very refreshing, Oh, long in casual style of it, can be any mix of Oh ~

Makeup man teaches you 3 steps to build charm cat makeup

Eyes eyeliner pick on sexy moments can make people become attractive, do you think up to be retro-charm the Cat Lady? Simple steps teaches you how to build a flying “little wings” eyeliner!


Light-colored eyeliner base

Step 1: end of light-colored eyeliner

First the elbows on the table, starting from the inside of the eye, first with the delicate gold or light brown eyeliner pencil eyeliner shape sketch out broadly, then by it then trace out precise pick fault on tail.

Makeup MM can be directly used for highly skilled liquid eyeliner or eyeliner one-time wings to draw perfect eyes, ignore the step base.

Blush + shadow law creating sexy little face

Leniency has obvious corners of the mandible, is a lot of pain in the East, this square-shaped face, and today we face of aesthetic beauty is a far far cry from sth Cosmetic surgery if it is already quite developed, the removal of mandibular remains risky. Learn to visually adjust the face with make-up, easy quick and safe cost-effective!

Square face face skills: mandibular shadow blush + glyphs a, Delta short hairstyles

Square shaped faces need soft of prominent mandibular angle contour lines to break the sense of Hale, blush and hairstyles of the volume key modified jaw line.

Square face coping skills point:


1, modified with shades of blush cheek-taking into account the mandibular angle.

2, the zygomatic Department modified color fusion of blush and shades of blush.

3, hair outburst “a” sense of the word, add a sense of volume hair.

4, using Fengying, curled hair of arc line occlusion of mandibular branch.

Step1, starting at the cheek-modification

Resolve various different European and American actress nude makeup tips

Do you know how nude makeup fashion trend now is it? T-full of fresh and translucent makeup on stage, as if with a little mascara, lipstick, and shadow powder is done. Maybe this is where the significance of cosmetic – stress your features, not just make things that do not belong to you.

If you have a nude-lipstick, just brush the hint of blush, Leafs and stressed that the thick eyeliner and mascara or, if you want to look more natural skin color and eye makeup, lipstick colors bright.

Now, we have to look at the nude female stars of different makeup effects.


Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis with metal color yourself more avant garde, but her whole makeup is beautiful nude color, even fingernails.