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Not not to see の summer pore invisible whole strategy

The summer is to let MM love to be hated again again really, summer besidesPrevent bask inBesides, the skin gives oil easily, pore is bulky the worry that is a lot of MM, small the introduction that writes the subtle move that bulky pore counters in bringing the life and public praise product, do not want to miss!

Meticulous pore, hook up makeup what also change is very easy!

[make the life with invisible pore small stick person]

Stick person one: Law of towel apply face
What require data: Rapidly towel + freezer

Towel cold compress- – put clean special small towel in freezer, after washing a face, get on glacial towel light apply a few seconds in the face

Stick person 2: Law of fruit skin systole
What require data: Watermelon skin, citric skin

Watermelon skin, citric skin can use apply face, they have stoma of very good convergent soft down, restrain grease to secrete reachThe United States is whiteWait for multiple function.

Stick person 3: Make up waterContractive law
What require data: Make up cotton + make up water

1 pyxis does not have precondition oil makes up cotton makes up on water reload, after a hour, water light mop makes up in order to make up to give oily position on cotton in season, bulky to pore it is relaxed for you effective

Stick person 4: Egg olive oil tightens skin
What require data: New egg + the juice of half citric crush out + 3 grams thick salt + a few olive oil

an egg break up, join half lemon juice to reach little thick salt, after sufficient mix is even, add olive oil egg juice in, make both mixes even.

Ferial but thisFace filmKeep existence refrigerator in, a week does 1-2 second can let skin close fact, improve pore bulky, stimulative cutaneous is smooth and meticulous.

[the product that makes pore invisible is recommended]

180 astringent of ¥ send 180ml of fluid of DHC pure and fresh recuperation closely the effect is preeminent relaxed make up water

Sexual price compares ★ of ★ ★ ★

☆ of ★ of ★ of ★ of convergent pore effect

The editor comments on: Fluid of Dhc pure and fresh recuperation is nonalcoholic, do not stimulate blandly, can keep clear of thoroughly ageing is corneous, cycle of stimulative skin second birth is smooth undertake. Still but effective and convergent pore, reduce leather fat to secrete. In make attenuate of facial and bulky pore while, more maintain skin Hua Shuang.

Oulaiya achieves Paris pore of source of world new flesh is delicate breast 50ml/200 yuan

Sexual price compares ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of convergent pore effect

The editor comments on: Lightsome quality of a material, fast infiltration skins, skin immediateness is soft, acme is flowing. Dumb smooth effect, lasting effect keeps relaxed. Day after day, microgroove and pore decrease apparently, skin is qualitative closer fact. You look younger!

Orchid Zhi pore repairs protect fine skin water 205 yuan / 100ml is applicable crowd (skin type) : Mix slant oily skin

Sexual price compares ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of convergent pore effect

The editor comments on: A very relaxed, suit summer to use very much, there is salicylic acid to still can improve blain blain flesh inside, effect accusing oil is especially good, when using, flap facial ministry, pore narrowed instantly many, sensitive flesh cannot be used, can allergic.

Shellfish Ling the wife of a prince turns over ¥ of 22ml of frost of bottom of ministry of aperture elite face the 310 bottom frost experts that make pore thin body cut

Sexual price compares ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Invisible ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of pore effect ★

The editor comments on: Exclusive recipe, can rapid and invisible pore and microgroove, let cheek look bright and clean and immaculate; Lightsome Mu Si quality of a material, let skin have the filar slippery tactile impression that Ling Renyan admires; Among them accumulate contained conserve part, help skin resists outside enroach on, bring caress heart to heart. Need not aleatoric skill, should be in only makeup before gently daub, you can wave with the honor of ” of element of “ Kong Bu say to do obeisance to.

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Make fashionable brow Mina Girl recommend the sheet that nots to lack to taste

Is the sheet that “ makes fashionable brow not to lack tasted what is there? ” most of the foundation make fashionable brow sheet taste all to be here. Will look at once!

Brow creams

Fashionable brow, its color is to mix necessarily hair color is a kind tonal. The top margin of a page that can change brow color so creams special be necessary to have. Although brow compares rude person, also can apply through what eyebrow creams, let brow look lightsome nature, have fashionable feeling.

(right) although brow is less, also can have beautiful color. Rmk Division of / of yen of Eyebrow Mascara N 03 3360

(left) the brow that the very good small helix that small impurities Mao Ye can be taken care of brushs a head creams. Three of / of yen of Nuance Eyebrow Mascara 03 3360

Helix is brushed

Can comb brow not just, still can help yourself keep clear of redundant miscellaneous wool. It is to need the sheet that nots to be short of is tasted. “ was used and trashy, have apparent differential ” absolutely, so beside must have.

The outstanding sheet that can let brow look shocker is tasted. Formascara Corn Shu Uemura of 735 yen /

Eye shadow pink

Make fashionable superciliary time, no matter be the brow of the sort of type, the sheet of very need is tasted even if can make the eyebrow noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that gives lightsome sense. Find the facial expression that suits oneself most, 3 kinds two are the same as color is color to mix building is a key.

(go up) Make Up Art Cosmetic of / of yen of M.A.C Blow Shader Blond Top&battery 2730

(below) Kose of / of yen of Visee Powder Eyebrow Br300 1260

Can let brow become even! Shell Eyebrow

Eyeliner special drop not easily makeup, suit the girl with those mixed and disorderly inhomogenous brow very much, eyeliner will be better than eyebrow pink and eyebrow pencil with. Suit this type schoolgirl more. Will do not have superciliary place cram, let whole brow look more natural.

Eyeliner. Maybelline of / of yen of Brown 05 1260

Extremely exquisite job is about to give it will finish

Can use painted camber not just, and make brow Dou Gengen trenchant. Depict outline very convenient also. Recommend everybody to use the eyebrow pencil with very fine core of this kind of pen, need is meticulous it is used when depicting won’t wrong.

Extremely fine model. Need is meticulous when depicting, use very convenient. Cosmetic of Kanebo of / of yen of Lunasol Brown Styling Pencil RO BR02 3675

Must of proceed with decide a sheet to taste

To handle two tools of miscellaneous wool. Make fashionable brow, you need to cut off your brow 1mm, to complete the work with this careful look, good used scissors and forceps you must proceed with.

(right) no matter use the brow that won’t fall behind how many years special small scissors, also love even a lot of professional personages to use very much. Eyebrow Scissors 212 2625 yen

(left) can give miscellaneous Mao Ba from root ministry, use convenient. / of yen of Eyebrow Nipper 211 1365 all is endowment unripe hall

Nevertheless the word says, is the camber that suits oneself after all what kind of?

“ is not the camber with the sort of very fine very severe feeling, lightsome, the natural camber of curve having a place is the most fashionable.
Lightsome, popular this year camber is not the sort of very fine very severe camber. Outline need not too clear, brow looks very natural camber to be in popularity. Need not engrave the angle of thrush peak painstakingly, a bit more natural, the curve is a bit downier, it is to look the most comfortable.

Build the basic method that gives natural sense

When shadow of special key point brushs use eye ministry, lubricious number must be adjusted on the back of hand now beforehand
If take eye shadow to brush,besmear directly brow, so brow color will be very thick, can give a person very severe sense instead. Want to try color on the back of hand above all so, after will redundant pulverous take out again daub.

Eyebrow creams same also will redundant liquid purify, does that appearance brush the brow that come out is talent the most natural?
If also brush brow directly,eyebrow creams, so brow is stuck very easily together, lightsome without nature feeling. Beetle-browed word, brush gently can. Few and far between brow is after the liquid with redundant take out, repeat daub can.

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DIY of film of dispel spot range has good without spot skin easily

  Introduction: The reason of long spot has a lot of, because weather is mixed,often be more very protect skin undeserved those who bring about, thinking every day how desalt stain, long spot public figure is bad really to suffer, so small make up arranged a few relaxed and simple DIY film of dispel spot range, can let having trouble length spot you are in the home pleased dispel spot, imperceptible in let the skin restore healthy luster.

DIY of film of dispel spot range has good without spot skin easily

One, banana + milk
Get banana mushy, enter complete fat milk next, rejoin a few water. The scale of these things is probably 2: 5: 1 wipe toward the face next, take the department that make a face gently next, final whats do not want to do. Wash after 20 minutes, luster of the United States’ white skin water embellish is extremely beautiful.

2, tomato + glycerine

With half tomato is wrung on the west broken to mushy, add two glycerine again, put freezer, everyday apply face last time, tomato has function of very good spot of beautiful white dispel on the west, not only apply, drink tomato juice to be able to make skin health white likewise tender. Hold to nature of fleck of period of time retired.

Relevant heat: Abstain small doohickey of spot of dispel of film of range of spot of dispel of spot of face film dispel

Earth color is naked eye makeup is abstruse and innocent inviting

Naked-eye makeup Earth color deep innocent tempting

Calculating power makeup nude full

Delicate liquid eyeliner along the eyelash root outlines an eyeliner, eye refreshing, the meat is pink base, the earth eye shadow from light to dark, creating deep eye level. Instead of thick eyelashes long, distinct roots fresh but full of power.

Man say: eyes set off deep levels of larger and more gods, dusty eyelashes glitter glitter was really innocent and tempting.

Edit: Cici

Beautiful Bai Aoyi differs to be weighed plaguily why definitely method

The desire has Bai Xi to connect the beautiful flesh that appear namely! The skin that looks forward to most is the sort of very connect the healthy Bai Xi that appear to skin. But always have such and such trouble. Understanding has the MM of such worries definitely, this period the plan introduces easy start for everybodyThe United States is whiteLittle skill!

Rescue 1
Muddleheaded ground is basked in!

Make skin composed come down with water film first

When skin is red, want to make skin calm come down as far as possible. The water film of natural mineral ingredient can be contained on apply. Apply is on the face, arrive two minutes probably. Make skin composed come down.

After restraining thorn keenly feel, carry out by this 3 measure next

StickFace filmDo not want when too forcibly, want gently fast and stickup

After skin is basked in, cannot the movement that redo random attrition skins. With the face film that contains part of full hairdressing fluid fast, gently apply is on the face.

A Nature&co Pure White Whitening Mask 1 piece 17ml (medical external use is tasted) Kose Cosmetic of 367 yen /

B Magic Rite Just The Good 22ml X5 piece MARY QUANT COSMETICS LTD of 6300 yen / .

WillMake up waterAndLatexAfter mixing on the hand again daub

Simplify as far as possible the measure that skin nurses, reduce the harm of the skin that has become sensitive thereby. Preexistence hand admiral makes up water and hairdressing fluid mix, go up in the face gently daub can.

A beauty makes up in vain water 150ml (the things outside medicine) cosmetic of Chifure of 945 yen /

Yen of B Exage White White Milk 10g 3150 (medical external use is tasted) / Albion

Rescue 2
Want to eliminate speckle, fleck

Use cream shape face film, let skin restore white fair-skinneding luster

Can the repair speckle of the rapiddest rate, the hairdressing of fleck is tasted is to cream shape face film. Use 1 ~ 2 times every week, use before daub protects skin to taste, the result will be stronger.

Be in foxed, the film of place daub face of fleck, maintain 5 ~ 6 minutes

Make up with what be stained with hot water cotton gently wipe

A ensures wet result very remarkable also. Ipsa of / of yen of Luminizing Clat 100g 4200

Substantial mineral part is contained inside B face film. 100g of mud of natural work skin (the things outside medicine) 330 yuan (home has carry out) / DHC

Must wipe everyday! Reduce speckle fleck to happen

Want to join this one petty action before the move protecting skin that has all the time only, can prevent speckle effectively, of fleck generate. Very simple.

Wipe outwards from facial inside, but do not exert oneself to do sth. drag skins

SoignéWhite Sift Meranocrystal Lotion 125ml (medical external use is tasted) CP Cosmetic of 8400 yen /

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Lying can thin! “The beautiful leg that gets love ” exercise a law basically

…… of duck young lady, elephant young lady is blown in the light of all types branny see rice, lying can thin! “ suffers the beautiful leg ” of love to exercise a law basically to be here to be made public completely

Play the parent with half fat body! —— has a medical check-up askew state

In order to lie on one’s back pose Check

1. Coxal and outstanding skeleton (coccygeal) floor of lay a finger on produces keenly feel
2. The waist cannot complete joint floor
3. Of or so tiptoe stretch direction to differ
4. Leg ministry cannot be opened considerably
Although only be identical of 1 kind of circumstances, need to notice!

Control askew circumstance Check

Sit in ministry of leg of the extend on the floor, natural across double leg. Right now the arch on knee makes clear namely have the body askew possibility. Become warped at ordinary times especially attention of the need when the leg.

Hold sitting position, shut double foot arch. The examination controls the knee rise of which edge right now! The leg ministry of rise a side is askew possibility is great.

The germ of 1 O · X leg Crus is askew corrective

Maintain lie on one’s back attitude, gentle activity ankle
Double leg is opened be the same as with humeral ministry wide, side of body of park of double arm nature, tiptoe go up slowly become warped. Maintain similar gesture after 7 seconds, continue to stretch tight ahead straight, hold 7 seconds likewise. Complete set movement repeats 5 times, gymnastics undertakes in 1 hour of above after the meal optimal.

Tiptoe stretchs tight straight when
Slow the hip that a moment ago tightened up forcibly and next abdomen. If tiptoe tries hard to stretch tight like floor of lay a finger on straight. Have the effect that carry buttock more!

When becoming warped on tiptoe
Next abdomen exert oneself to do sth. , tighten up joint of coxal in the future gently. The waist can go up a little arch quits a floor board, tiptoe ases if kick a heel kind bend.

The sidespin outside & of ankle face inside turns

Maintain lie on one’s back pose, swing the side outside ankle inside &
Slow systemic muscle, loosening condition to fall, double leg is opened be the same as with the shoulder wide. Center consciousness in crus and ham inside while, ankle from inside the side outside coming swings 10 times. Then, again from outside side turns 10 times to inside. When holding or so similar range, rotating considerably is crucial.

When face inside is rotational, instep and with tendon

When the side outside face is rotational, pin rotate like calcaneal

2 ham and skeletal and askew germ —— hip are articulatory corrective

1. Maintain lie on one’s back heart of pose whole body is loosened
Back unbend is with lying on one’s back on the floor, both hands with small piece of extent park body two side. Double leg also holds natural extend position. Systemic heart is slow loosen.

2. Both hands carries the leg that pull sheet to come up before the bosom
Both hands holds thin leg knee in arms, with up drawing pose, most the position before promoting a bosom substantially. Maintain similar gesture slowly breath, maintain 5 seconds.

3. The sidespin outside face of leg ministry collectivity turns extend
With joint is axes, measure 2 in the side outside carrying the leg ministry day that plays, rotate in order to draw semicircle pose, notice crural ministry is not touched right now come up against a floor, adjust range by oneself! Turn over direction to continue same measure.

3 drag in arrive whole body of —— of a joint, pelvis, spinal cord is askew corrective

1. Establish a double leg knee, maintain lie on one’s back pose
Both hands is stretched slightly, put gently in distance body proper place, floor of joint of the centre of the palm. Double leg and approach, knee gentleness vertical stroke rises.

2. Establish the knee that have to control roll
It is an axis with the waist, double genu left and right sides swings, notice humeral ministry still wants clingy floor right now. Need subliminal fixed sole at the same time, not to move casually. After knee returns original position, continue toward the roll that turn over side. Similar action repeats 5 groups. The movement that the left and right sides turns considerably repeats 5 groups.

3. The waist is turned round with bigger abdominal left and right sides
Turn round the waist substantially right now, to knee joint floor. And the face turns to opposite way. Need not excessive exert oneself to do sth. natural gentleness undertakes can. Knee cannot accomplish the degree of completely clingy floor to also do not have an influence. Same act turns over direction to repeat 5 groups.

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How does different skin fill character embellish of water of ability of moisture clear key is moving

  Introduction: Well-known, filling water is one of most important segment in protecting skin, but almost all MM are not known how to fill water, just wait for means through face film, latex, machine-made. Actually, different skin has different filling water key character, distinguish embellish of water of ability of filling water key moving. How to want to know different skin fills character water? Look small make up for you analytic.

How does different skin fill character embellish of water of ability of moisture clear key is moving

One, neuter skin

Feature: Neuter skin is skin of idealer one seed coat, skin condition is stable, oily cent and water portion scale are balanced. Pore is petty, grain is exquisite, the skin is smooth and moist bouncy, the surface is not rough do not stick.

Filling water key: Clean face

As a result of skin in order, very easy and unwary cutaneous maintains, actually, this kind of cutaneous filling water is likewise important, otherwise again good skin metropolis ageing. Make up water can choose embellish skin model, can protect wet, moist. Face film suits to use film of face of vegetables of of all kinds fruit.

How does different skin fill character embellish of water of ability of moisture clear key is moving

2, drying skin

Feature: Pore is small, almost invisible, grain is exquisite, the skin is dry lacklustre, lack delicate sense. The skin after cleanness has stretch tight closely feeling, easy ageing, grow shading and petty furrow easily, but not easy long acne.

Filling water key: Cream

Drying skin is short of water phenomenon most apparent, skin forms petty furrow easily in dry autumn. Use slant to protect wet product oleaginously to be able to very good lock water ensures wet result (protect Shi Shuang, protect wet latex) . Protect besides the attention wet outside, also should besmear the embellish skin with a few moist higher class status is tasted more reach elite element. Angel of every other 2~3 is used contain keep the face of face film apply with wet faster sex.

Relevant heat: Protect skin to defend wet filling water

Preference of Korea female star fastens contracted wind hairstyle naturally

As a surname Lee free tail furred modelling


As a surname Lee

Hair focus: free tail furred modelling

As a surname Lee has been in our minds is that fresh and natural beauty of Korea representative of the female artist, mostly in the hairstyles of the past to sweet said. In this public appearance, as a surname Lee in original hairstyles for shoulder length hair, made some small changes, randomly seated in the back of the hair on either side of, and issuing fixed, on either side of a fringe randomly scattered in the face, then mix in white shirts, the apparent simplicity and naturalness.

Editing: Lily

Have snow to spin kind of lightsome white fair-skinneding skin ” early & is late ” the habit that protect skin

The key is willThe United States is whiteOf skin nurse become daily custom. Not be to should do very special business, however morning and evening holds to skin to nurse + beautiful Bai Jinghua. This is the treasure that Hito beauty spreads pass. Spend little little time everyday, the course holds to for long and try hard, regular meeting harvests satisfactory result. Feel to protect the person with very troublesome skin, will have a look at this tutorial!

Diurnal beautiful flesh nurses

In busy morning, first choice should be in only at ordinary times the little skill that little time lengthens to be able to be finished in the measure that protect skin. The way that changes daub for instance and the ordinal measure that nurse, can have the Bai Xi that lets others envy to skin.

The face is not a plane actually, it is three-dimensional. In have uneven place, had taken very easily with respect to brushstroke at ordinary times, muddle through one’s work. Begin the top position of the cheek from eyebrow hill especially, still have the C word place that nose ala manages, must nurse seriously. The scarcely after use beauty makes up in vain should forget daub to keep wet product. This likelihood ability lets whole face look more fully, let skin show natural white fair-skinneding state.

1, it is easy to be in dark heavy nose ala place, point to an abdomen with finger gently by pressure.

2, use firstMake up waterDaub whole face, next from temporal to zygomatic position, press gently with handle gently press a help to absorb.

A is moist spend freeboard, use rise the sense is strong stiff. Very comfortable. Yen of B.A RED Lotion S 80ml 8400 (medical external use is tasted) / Pola

Yen of B Whitening Force Lotion B 120ml 5775 (medical external use is tasted) / Est

The United States is whiteLatexWant from outside to the daub inside

In the morning, the daub beauty white latex that has been close friends certainly andPrevent bask inSheet is tasted. This step is very important. Begin outward besmear from inside, till cheek brim. This kind of Tu Fa lets a product very easily gather in cheek center place. So from outside the daub inside side direction, can let skin look instead fully many. Color of skin becomes even rise. And nose is to defend the key position that bask in, besmearing only is insufficient, must repeat again daub.

1, the central position of the facial ministry such as nose must remember repeating daub.

2, begin from cheek brim, to inside daub of the face.

Yen of A White Herbal Milk 200g 5250 (medical external use is tasted) / Igins

B still has a variety of beautiful white part, the beautiful white latex with preeminent effect. Infinity Yen of Realizing Whitening White Serum Xx 120ml 7350 (medical external use is tasted) / Kose

Choose the beautiful Bai Chan of diaphaneity U P to taste in the morning!

Paul&joe Brightening Lotion200ml (medical external use is tasted) Paul&joe Body of 4725 yen /

Very pure, very good use guide sexual beauty makes up in vain water

Can give be caressed softly by the skin of ultraviolet ray and dry worry, contain a variety of beautiful white composition and moist part at the same time, what can permeate skin is deep-seated. The fragrance that orange spends lets skin and body and mind get relaxation at the same time.

White Plus HP Moisture Emulsion75ml (medical external use is tasted) Clarins of 7350 yen /

Can restrain what speckle and fleck generate to want to use beautiful white latex

The use feeling alienee that lightsome silk slips likes very much. Adjust skin position while the formation that still can prevent speckle and fleck. Because have the beautiful white effect of hairdressing fluid class, use every time so the feeling that can practical sense is skinned flexible is appeared.

Restgenol Whitening Brightening Moisture Lotion W150ml (medical external use is tasted) BCL of 3675 yen /

Can contract for an instant the beauty of pore makes up in vain water

From 20 acting second half paragraph begin, pore becomes easily apparent. Black head also can be added more apparent. Accordingly must well chain your pore. Can contract for an instant the quality of a material of pore, also do not forget in busy morning well daub oh!

Susai Whitening Essence 45ml (medical external use is tasted) cosmetic of Kanebo of 7140 yen /
Strangle speckle the fluid of beautiful white hairdressing in budding condition

Protect wet Suisai thick and fast new rolled out fluid of a beautiful white hairdressing. Wet power is being protected while the United States is white also is preeminent. The beautiful white composition inside can still will look not quite the speckle that go out is strangled in budding condition. On the daub with full morning one, let skin become Shui Runmei is white.

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Vintage! Restore ancient ways love content の colour makeup complex

Love thing a bit, have bit of narcissism; A bit romantic, a bit delicate; Have bit of poetic flavour, a bit artistic; Have bit of girl, every girl has a bit lovely …… a heart that loves thing! !

Of dumb smooth simple sense skin texture

The water embellish on NOT traditional sense is shining, be like person idol like faint the skin of dumb smooth feeling, suit to hit most bring aboutRestore ancient waysbottom makeup

A is perfect powdery cake 7g 340 yuan / Benefit

Like the name that is like it, it will let you hold a mirror proudly medium oneself are perfect defect! At the same time it still contains SPF15Prevent bask inIndex, enough lets you to scorching sun SAY NO!

B mirrors the United States shine collect 9g 240 of cake of pink accusing oil yuan, powder box Su Feina of SOFINA of 80 yuan of /

Gan Shuang is lightsome, lasting effect is lasting. Appear young the powdery cake of makeup look. Eliminate the concave and convex shadow with skin fine face through blandly of smooth move result, shape many point of view bright and silky young makeup look.

Silk of admire of C gentleness dumb light is mineral foundation cream 18ml 189 yuan / BOURJOIS clever Paris

Exclusive blame closes mineral particle brings skin soft anxious dumb smooth result, your skin breath is smooth hold skin water share at the same time. Special fight fatigue recipe to make makeup look is as long as 8 hours not to have feeling of a bit daggle continuously.

D Guang Diaoheng is collectedPowdery bottom fluid 30g 380 yuan colour of / Maquillage scheming makeup

Bring 8 hours clear by the liquid pink of makeup effect. Through making the smooth feeling technology of shadow effect and imperceptible and retinal technology, appear exquisite fully, the fluid end the relaxed tactility pink of decorous face.

A is concentrated shine whitening cake elegant Shi Landai of 560 yuan of /

The opaque that blends in plant elite is exquisite filar embellish, wipe a splash An gently to fizzle out to hide sadly. Fill at any time makeup light freely.

Fluid of bottom of pink of close skin of overflow of B mineral water 25ml 119 yuan /Beautiful Bao LianNew York

The first improves the fluid end the mineral pink of skin, makeup look is natural and bright, skin is round-the-clock water embellish. Have the glycerine that maintains wet function, contain the vitamin E that fights oxidation function and vitamin C to wait.

C snow gauze prevents fluid of the bottom that bask in pink (accuse oil) 30ml 290 yuan / Lan Zhi

Without oily recipe, flaw of skin of can effective cover, abiding accuse oil, resist effectively the harm of UVA / UVB to skin, creat Gan Shuang’s pure and fresh skin.

D is pure hold SPF20 30ml 680 of fluid of makeup pink bottom yuan / GIORGIO ARMANI

Meticulous pigment particle and iris factor, natural cover is all skin flaw, restore skin original and perfect simple sense. Do not have makeup feeling powder numinously, the long docile of bottom letting pink and take off not easily makeup become reality from theory.

SPF 15 PA++ of fluid of bottom of pink of A pink tender wisdom 30ml 420 yuan / BOBBI BROWN

Can control the worry of flesh superficial glossy effectively, it is the powdery bottom with the most applicable summer. The special recipe that do not have oil, present a downy and perfect makeup effect. Provide stronger covering power while isolate again ultraviolet harm, make skin more even.

SPF20 PA++ 320 of cake of pink of sensitization of B light skin yuan / establish village is beautiful

Clear soft bright grain and pore are invisible perfect union achieves medium exquisite and immaculate soft bright color, more smooth skin makeup feeling.

10g 350 of cake of colour of C lambency dazzle yuan / M.A.C

Mineral imperceptible powder, natural dumb smooth result, suit to use the rough sketch that emphasizes facial ministry and body, also can use fixed pink bottom to reach round-the-clock fill makeup, bring beautiful burnish for skin.

D is tender fluid of bottom of bright fair-skinneding pink 30ml 150 yuan Lai of / Urara leisurely

The water embellish like hairdressing fluid is transparent, contain and protect skin to taste same plant to recover part, sufficient and moist, precautionary skin is dry! Creat the beauty of skin nature, caress the fluid end the pink of skin at the same time.

E matchs absolutely immaculate jade-like stone dew is moist powdery bottom fluid 30ml 170 yuan / Paris Ou Lai is elegant

Fluid of bottom of pink of the first jade-like stone embellish, if morning is shown,make skin pure and fresh and moist, makeup look blossoms light of jade-like stone embellish is collected! Ternary lock water protects wet science and technology, can the instant is moist skin.

A is too busy to defend 4g 480 of sweet pink cake yuan / ANNA SUI

Have a soft skin tactility and abiding the top-secret weapon of makeup look, make powdery tender copy easily makeup, do not be afraid of ultraviolet ray!

The 30ml 350 end B balanced pink yuan / Clinique handsome greens jade

One can adjust by the pink that water oil balances, to mix a gender skin brings exceeding and balanced feeling.

C is repaired protect foundation cream SPF18 PA++ 30g 415 yuan / COVERMARK

Can improvement and long protect skin to pledge. Opaque is moist stick a face, in dry remove leather skin to go up to also can push divide evenly quickly.

DThe United States is whitePowdery cake 10g 480 yuan / MAKE UP FOREVER

The quality of a material that its silk slips, daub is more comfortable and convenient. Contain the UVA in can effective counteractive environment and UVB ray, prevent skin consenescence.

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