Yang Mi sexy stills “peak” chest attractive

On July 8, world’s best debut of the FarCry mod big again, large scale of outgoing principal actress Yang Mi bikini sexy stills. Still, Yang Mi temptation eyes blurred with points, was to occupy the focus at the shooting scene. It is understood that this is Yang Mi in show business all these years, Yang Mi in hot sexy bikini image appears for the first time in front of the lens, lens of Yang Mi, sexy hot figure, erect bimodal, people did not watch this movie are already looking forward to her successor.

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Originally little other actress Yang Mi in height difference, and this time, she dares to reveal the suxiong. Think about just debut Yang Mi, flat chest, her thin and small, owned by television is missing self-confidence. This time, the filming of the movie, was surprised by many viewers and the media: Petite Yang Mi chest has become so big?

Some time ago, as the curtain acted in the heart of jade Gong Suo Yang, surge in popularity is more every day, and concerns her more and more people. Yang Mi this such a big change, think should be a lot of people and her fans will be eager to her recent situation, moreover, this is so amazing and exit, that seductive sexy bikini, hot body, the fullness of bimodal. See how she is >>&gt of breast enhancement;

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