Make fashionable brow Mina Girl recommend the sheet that nots to lack to taste

Is the sheet that “ makes fashionable brow not to lack tasted what is there? ” most of the foundation make fashionable brow sheet taste all to be here. Will look at once!

Brow creams

Fashionable brow, its color is to mix necessarily hair color is a kind tonal. The top margin of a page that can change brow color so creams special be necessary to have. Although brow compares rude person, also can apply through what eyebrow creams, let brow look lightsome nature, have fashionable feeling.

(right) although brow is less, also can have beautiful color. Rmk Division of / of yen of Eyebrow Mascara N 03 3360

(left) the brow that the very good small helix that small impurities Mao Ye can be taken care of brushs a head creams. Three of / of yen of Nuance Eyebrow Mascara 03 3360

Helix is brushed

Can comb brow not just, still can help yourself keep clear of redundant miscellaneous wool. It is to need the sheet that nots to be short of is tasted. “ was used and trashy, have apparent differential ” absolutely, so beside must have.

The outstanding sheet that can let brow look shocker is tasted. Formascara Corn Shu Uemura of 735 yen /

Eye shadow pink

Make fashionable superciliary time, no matter be the brow of the sort of type, the sheet of very need is tasted even if can make the eyebrow noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that gives lightsome sense. Find the facial expression that suits oneself most, 3 kinds two are the same as color is color to mix building is a key.

(go up) Make Up Art Cosmetic of / of yen of M.A.C Blow Shader Blond Top&battery 2730

(below) Kose of / of yen of Visee Powder Eyebrow Br300 1260

Can let brow become even! Shell Eyebrow

Eyeliner special drop not easily makeup, suit the girl with those mixed and disorderly inhomogenous brow very much, eyeliner will be better than eyebrow pink and eyebrow pencil with. Suit this type schoolgirl more. Will do not have superciliary place cram, let whole brow look more natural.

Eyeliner. Maybelline of / of yen of Brown 05 1260

Extremely exquisite job is about to give it will finish

Can use painted camber not just, and make brow Dou Gengen trenchant. Depict outline very convenient also. Recommend everybody to use the eyebrow pencil with very fine core of this kind of pen, need is meticulous it is used when depicting won’t wrong.

Extremely fine model. Need is meticulous when depicting, use very convenient. Cosmetic of Kanebo of / of yen of Lunasol Brown Styling Pencil RO BR02 3675

Must of proceed with decide a sheet to taste

To handle two tools of miscellaneous wool. Make fashionable brow, you need to cut off your brow 1mm, to complete the work with this careful look, good used scissors and forceps you must proceed with.

(right) no matter use the brow that won’t fall behind how many years special small scissors, also love even a lot of professional personages to use very much. Eyebrow Scissors 212 2625 yen

(left) can give miscellaneous Mao Ba from root ministry, use convenient. / of yen of Eyebrow Nipper 211 1365 all is endowment unripe hall

Nevertheless the word says, is the camber that suits oneself after all what kind of?

“ is not the camber with the sort of very fine very severe feeling, lightsome, the natural camber of curve having a place is the most fashionable.
Lightsome, popular this year camber is not the sort of very fine very severe camber. Outline need not too clear, brow looks very natural camber to be in popularity. Need not engrave the angle of thrush peak painstakingly, a bit more natural, the curve is a bit downier, it is to look the most comfortable.

Build the basic method that gives natural sense

When shadow of special key point brushs use eye ministry, lubricious number must be adjusted on the back of hand now beforehand
If take eye shadow to brush,besmear directly brow, so brow color will be very thick, can give a person very severe sense instead. Want to try color on the back of hand above all so, after will redundant pulverous take out again daub.

Eyebrow creams same also will redundant liquid purify, does that appearance brush the brow that come out is talent the most natural?
If also brush brow directly,eyebrow creams, so brow is stuck very easily together, lightsome without nature feeling. Beetle-browed word, brush gently can. Few and far between brow is after the liquid with redundant take out, repeat daub can.

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