Superhuman vital energy recommends hairstyle of the summer at the beginning of fashionable girl の hairstyle jewel


To fashionable girl, is the most popular now hairstyle the topic Q that everybody pays close attention to very much so how gather these information? Let now small make up will tell you!

Handsome flying nose

Get female gay is handsome modelling

① preexistence brow issues besmear A. ② is in next on eyelid on besmear the cream-colored part of B. The bone part of the groove of eyeball of ③ edge have sth in mind uses line of C draw double-fold eyelid. The nigger-brown that ④ uses D finally is dizzy on the frame of eyelash catch. Finished so!

NARS JAPAN of yen of MAC D Duo Eyeshadow 3070 4410 of above of yen of C Small Eyeshadow Cork 2415 of yen of B Mineralize Eyeshadow Love Connection 2940 of yen of A Small Eyeshadow Brule 2415

1, the curl stick that uses 19mm first is mixed roll

Topmost hair cent coils respectively into 7. Toward the curl effect in front. Arrange forward flow direction next.

2, secure both sides with clincher

The hair in the future on ear is held case rotate to be secured with clincher next. Such faces look smaller.

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