DIY of film of dispel spot range has good without spot skin easily

  Introduction: The reason of long spot has a lot of, because weather is mixed,often be more very protect skin undeserved those who bring about, thinking every day how desalt stain, long spot public figure is bad really to suffer, so small make up arranged a few relaxed and simple DIY film of dispel spot range, can let having trouble length spot you are in the home pleased dispel spot, imperceptible in let the skin restore healthy luster.

DIY of film of dispel spot range has good without spot skin easily

One, banana + milk
Get banana mushy, enter complete fat milk next, rejoin a few water. The scale of these things is probably 2: 5: 1 wipe toward the face next, take the department that make a face gently next, final whats do not want to do. Wash after 20 minutes, luster of the United States’ white skin water embellish is extremely beautiful.

2, tomato + glycerine

With half tomato is wrung on the west broken to mushy, add two glycerine again, put freezer, everyday apply face last time, tomato has function of very good spot of beautiful white dispel on the west, not only apply, drink tomato juice to be able to make skin health white likewise tender. Hold to nature of fleck of period of time retired.

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