Lying can thin! “The beautiful leg that gets love ” exercise a law basically

…… of duck young lady, elephant young lady is blown in the light of all types branny see rice, lying can thin! “ suffers the beautiful leg ” of love to exercise a law basically to be here to be made public completely

Play the parent with half fat body! —— has a medical check-up askew state

In order to lie on one’s back pose Check

1. Coxal and outstanding skeleton (coccygeal) floor of lay a finger on produces keenly feel
2. The waist cannot complete joint floor
3. Of or so tiptoe stretch direction to differ
4. Leg ministry cannot be opened considerably
Although only be identical of 1 kind of circumstances, need to notice!

Control askew circumstance Check

Sit in ministry of leg of the extend on the floor, natural across double leg. Right now the arch on knee makes clear namely have the body askew possibility. Become warped at ordinary times especially attention of the need when the leg.

Hold sitting position, shut double foot arch. The examination controls the knee rise of which edge right now! The leg ministry of rise a side is askew possibility is great.

The germ of 1 O · X leg Crus is askew corrective

Maintain lie on one’s back attitude, gentle activity ankle
Double leg is opened be the same as with humeral ministry wide, side of body of park of double arm nature, tiptoe go up slowly become warped. Maintain similar gesture after 7 seconds, continue to stretch tight ahead straight, hold 7 seconds likewise. Complete set movement repeats 5 times, gymnastics undertakes in 1 hour of above after the meal optimal.

Tiptoe stretchs tight straight when
Slow the hip that a moment ago tightened up forcibly and next abdomen. If tiptoe tries hard to stretch tight like floor of lay a finger on straight. Have the effect that carry buttock more!

When becoming warped on tiptoe
Next abdomen exert oneself to do sth. , tighten up joint of coxal in the future gently. The waist can go up a little arch quits a floor board, tiptoe ases if kick a heel kind bend.

The sidespin outside & of ankle face inside turns

Maintain lie on one’s back pose, swing the side outside ankle inside &
Slow systemic muscle, loosening condition to fall, double leg is opened be the same as with the shoulder wide. Center consciousness in crus and ham inside while, ankle from inside the side outside coming swings 10 times. Then, again from outside side turns 10 times to inside. When holding or so similar range, rotating considerably is crucial.

When face inside is rotational, instep and with tendon

When the side outside face is rotational, pin rotate like calcaneal

2 ham and skeletal and askew germ —— hip are articulatory corrective

1. Maintain lie on one’s back heart of pose whole body is loosened
Back unbend is with lying on one’s back on the floor, both hands with small piece of extent park body two side. Double leg also holds natural extend position. Systemic heart is slow loosen.

2. Both hands carries the leg that pull sheet to come up before the bosom
Both hands holds thin leg knee in arms, with up drawing pose, most the position before promoting a bosom substantially. Maintain similar gesture slowly breath, maintain 5 seconds.

3. The sidespin outside face of leg ministry collectivity turns extend
With joint is axes, measure 2 in the side outside carrying the leg ministry day that plays, rotate in order to draw semicircle pose, notice crural ministry is not touched right now come up against a floor, adjust range by oneself! Turn over direction to continue same measure.

3 drag in arrive whole body of —— of a joint, pelvis, spinal cord is askew corrective

1. Establish a double leg knee, maintain lie on one’s back pose
Both hands is stretched slightly, put gently in distance body proper place, floor of joint of the centre of the palm. Double leg and approach, knee gentleness vertical stroke rises.

2. Establish the knee that have to control roll
It is an axis with the waist, double genu left and right sides swings, notice humeral ministry still wants clingy floor right now. Need subliminal fixed sole at the same time, not to move casually. After knee returns original position, continue toward the roll that turn over side. Similar action repeats 5 groups. The movement that the left and right sides turns considerably repeats 5 groups.

3. The waist is turned round with bigger abdominal left and right sides
Turn round the waist substantially right now, to knee joint floor. And the face turns to opposite way. Need not excessive exert oneself to do sth. natural gentleness undertakes can. Knee cannot accomplish the degree of completely clingy floor to also do not have an influence. Same act turns over direction to repeat 5 groups.

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