Beautiful Bai Aoyi differs to be weighed plaguily why definitely method

The desire has Bai Xi to connect the beautiful flesh that appear namely! The skin that looks forward to most is the sort of very connect the healthy Bai Xi that appear to skin. But always have such and such trouble. Understanding has the MM of such worries definitely, this period the plan introduces easy start for everybodyThe United States is whiteLittle skill!

Rescue 1
Muddleheaded ground is basked in!

Make skin composed come down with water film first

When skin is red, want to make skin calm come down as far as possible. The water film of natural mineral ingredient can be contained on apply. Apply is on the face, arrive two minutes probably. Make skin composed come down.

After restraining thorn keenly feel, carry out by this 3 measure next

StickFace filmDo not want when too forcibly, want gently fast and stickup

After skin is basked in, cannot the movement that redo random attrition skins. With the face film that contains part of full hairdressing fluid fast, gently apply is on the face.

A Nature&co Pure White Whitening Mask 1 piece 17ml (medical external use is tasted) Kose Cosmetic of 367 yen /

B Magic Rite Just The Good 22ml X5 piece MARY QUANT COSMETICS LTD of 6300 yen / .

WillMake up waterAndLatexAfter mixing on the hand again daub

Simplify as far as possible the measure that skin nurses, reduce the harm of the skin that has become sensitive thereby. Preexistence hand admiral makes up water and hairdressing fluid mix, go up in the face gently daub can.

A beauty makes up in vain water 150ml (the things outside medicine) cosmetic of Chifure of 945 yen /

Yen of B Exage White White Milk 10g 3150 (medical external use is tasted) / Albion

Rescue 2
Want to eliminate speckle, fleck

Use cream shape face film, let skin restore white fair-skinneding luster

Can the repair speckle of the rapiddest rate, the hairdressing of fleck is tasted is to cream shape face film. Use 1 ~ 2 times every week, use before daub protects skin to taste, the result will be stronger.

Be in foxed, the film of place daub face of fleck, maintain 5 ~ 6 minutes

Make up with what be stained with hot water cotton gently wipe

A ensures wet result very remarkable also. Ipsa of / of yen of Luminizing Clat 100g 4200

Substantial mineral part is contained inside B face film. 100g of mud of natural work skin (the things outside medicine) 330 yuan (home has carry out) / DHC

Must wipe everyday! Reduce speckle fleck to happen

Want to join this one petty action before the move protecting skin that has all the time only, can prevent speckle effectively, of fleck generate. Very simple.

Wipe outwards from facial inside, but do not exert oneself to do sth. drag skins

SoignéWhite Sift Meranocrystal Lotion 125ml (medical external use is tasted) CP Cosmetic of 8400 yen /

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