Why in the face with red streaks from root causes to solve skin problems

Introduction: why would face with red streaks, a lot of people do think this is a thin skin issue, but it’s not. With red streaks appear on the face due to abnormal dilatation of capillaries and modelling, and what factors can cause abnormal dilatation of capillaries, trying to find ways to face with red streaks do, just take a look at his face red with streaks of the cause of.

脸上为什么有红血丝 从根源去解决肌肤问题

The reason why faces with red streaks

1, ultraviolet irradiation

Research has shown that, strong UV irradiation would make the stratum corneum of the skin is compromised, beyond the normal range of capillaries can withstand, resulting in rupture of Telangiectasia, which is one reason why faces are red streaks.

脸上为什么有红血丝 从根源去解决肌肤问题

2, temperature suddenly changes

Face why has red streaks also include sudden great changes in temperature cause the capillaries to lose elasticity in repeated and excessive contraction of, faces aggravated red streaks of red tide. It’s been OL go to outdoor from more hot air conditioning temperatures colder environments, is most likely to appear, so, it is best to an excessive temperature.

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