Zhang Jia Ni Mei muscle password create dolls like delicate skin

As we all know, Zhang Jia NI skin is like porcelain dolls routine exudes white and smooth, but very few know recognize her “good foundation” is from day care, short series to share the beauty of Zhang Jia NI muscle and you password, so that you can have delicate skin like a doll.

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American muscle password: sunscreen whitening a deficiency and wide

If you want to whiten, sunscreen is the key. White is from inside to outside, skin revitalised brilliance, but also need to protect the skin from outside from external stimulation harm.

Sun is a four-sequence must whitening done priority. Sun, in addition to having the right SPF value, the PA++ function, it is best to also have isolated isolation capabilities of the pollution and make-up. Perennial acting NGAI with special emphasis on Sun whitening, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer is essential in cosmetic products.

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