Skincare ad can’t believe according to skin selected products

Now skin care products, “high tech” brand more and more, while at the same time more brand played “without adding” slogan or rare ingredients. Struggle between technology and natural, so we are at a loss.


First to truly understanding your skin

 “Natural” is not equal to “put an end to sensitive”

Amily skin the envy of everyone, but she was always distressed, because her skin was “very sensitive”, contact metal substances, even ordinary skincare is a small red dot. At a friend’s suggestion, she began to use plant-, natural skin care products. However, her frustration to find that some “natural” can also cause allergies.

Nineth people’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Director of cosmetic dermatology Professor Liu Jianhang said, pure natural plant-type skin care is not. So-called natural skin care products, at least in keeping with the several points – raw materials derived from natural and have a high purity and stability; contains no synthetic preservatives, flavoring pigment may cause stimulation such as mineral oil or chemical composition. However, not everyone is suited to natural skin care products. United States Mayoclinic Medical Center dermatologist Robot Plaseting said: natural skin care products, in addition to maintain moisture, can only be reached easily cause skin allergies, but does not put an end to sensitive skin.

“Chemical composition” is not equivalent to “unsafe”

To use skin cleansing product, then smeared moisturizing cream, then use a liquid Foundation and, finally, without forgetting the lipstick, eye shadow, blush … … For many women, this has become a routine in front of. But United Kingdom biochemist Richard Benz said that after this step, women will therefore absorb each year about 2.3 kilograms of chemical substances. According to his findings, in personal cleaning products in a large number of hydroxy benzoate as a preservative may cause harm to human body. Hydroxyl benzoate with bactericidal function, but also induce tumors. At the same time, being used to increase the fragrance of perfume, makeup and hair dye and antiseptic probation benzyl alcohol may stimulate the skin to play.

Vitamin c whitening function by proved components, and anti-aging vitamin ingredients for outstanding, there is a weakness, that is very unstable, the case of air or water would rapidly decompose. Development experts have spared no effort to the development of the major cosmetics can help the core components of stable functioning of stabilizers, this will no doubt use to chemical composition.

European personal care products, cosmetics, perfume industry association Crystal Flore views do not agree with Dr Benz. He said: “there was no need to worry about product safety issues. Cosmetics manufacturers throughout Europe are subject to close supervision, they must ensure their products are safe, without exception. Include skin care product contains natural constituents of additives. ”

Choose skin care products are according to skin

For a selection of skin care products, Professor Liu Jianhang that, regardless of whether natural, are selected based on their skin, age appropriate skin care products. At the same time to understand, skin care functions primarily through nutrition and care, strengthen the skin’s own physiological functions, help it restore the luster and elasticity, delaying skin senility, fundamentally realizing skin health.

Chemical components in skin care products are a must, stabilizers and preservatives are more or less requires involvement of the constituents. For example Australia is rich in oil-containing plants, many Australian native plants brands tend to be more “oil”, such a product for dry skin or neutral, for oily skin do not fit. So in front of the product, to first understand your own skin for skin, and should try as far as possible, not to blind pursuit of rare ingredients.

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