Be alert! The rage is an eat out

  Anger: some rage is eating out!

Eat more, and energy metabolism related b vitamins (B1, B3, B6, etc) would be much consumed, vitamin B1 deficiency makes people cranky, forgetful, apathy, vitamin B3 deficiency associated with anxiety, insomnia, deficiency of vitamin B6 are resulting in slower thinking ability. Eat much meat, high levels of adrenaline in the body makes impulse.

Angry agent: when tea into a few roses. -Probation of some food guiding Qi downward in daily life, not only does it make people get rid of bad emotions influence, but also to ease the anger of the chest, inverse gas, abdominal distention, insomnia and other symptoms.

Rose: when tea into a few roses, drink to guiding Qi downward, or single bubble rose drinking.

  Suspect: hope too high, excessive tension

Perhaps is too much stress, is perhaps the expectations are too high, paranoid people are nervous, nervous people were somewhat neurotic, often unhappy, even often suffering from insomnia. Eat less has, doubts and worries of people more is pale, and thin of, main is energy, and protein uptake volume is low, led anemia, and physical insufficient; vegetarian, long vegetarian was not to enough of fat and those containing in animal sexual food in the of lecithin and meat alkali, thus effect cell on energy of using, and effect brain organization neural handed mass of synthesis and release; deficiency zinc, deficiency zinc of people easy depression, and emotional not stability.

Effect of suspected resistance: green tea can loosen people’s emotions

Green tea: to make people at ease, make the spirit in a State of relaxed pleasure.

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