Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Women are often naive thought that, in the heart of man is no secret, their attitudes to love is to go forward, will not produce this or that idea. However, in order to live a happy, these must see through his secret.


Want to understand love to read and understand what he must know

Man-love when hero’s arrogant attitude, so it is easy to fall in love with the woman complained to him.

Men want women around to understand: all with the same woman to the place, it is a very boring thing (maybe women think so too, just embarrassed to say), and moderate dating other women, is a relief and relaxation, can have no other attempts.

In gender relations, women need men to tell her, he is willing to make any sacrifice for her, a man needs a woman told him, he is able.

Man thinks himself affectionate, is often a thin but without compromise in the woman’s eyes.

In the heart of man, to which degree of intimacy, to what extent is and love of a woman developing.

Man every once in a while, there will be emotional and physical strength drops to the bottom of a few days, don’t want to see anyone Hide read books, listen to music, see discs and mad play games out.

Has had love experience of men are know: woman is cannot but cheated of, similar like: “I will forever love you”, “I has been are will like now such pain you”, “what when need I, a phone I on immediately came”, “I yihou then also not like love you such to love also a a people” this words is must to said but forever adhere can’t of “cheated words”, who let woman so love heard does!

Men caught most of the old flame self-assertion, thought with their own people who have feelings, my heart will always save a copy, fantasy woman love him love him forever. Women only will beautify the eyes of men, men have unwittingly beautify lost love affair. So more men than women agree: break up or a friend. Whatever is left people still being left, most of the men are willing to continue to keep in touch with ex-girlfriend.

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