Say goodbye to fat particles around the eye to reproduce smooth skin

  Review: eye skin particularly vulnerable, it’s maintenance, fat particles occur around the eyes, and particularly difficult to disappear. Therefore, to have a perfect bright eyes, pay special attention to maintenance of the eye, just below the small series to learn how to prevent and stop fat particles around the eye.

挥别眼周脂肪粒 重现平滑肌肤

Usually how prevention

1, if eating more greasy things, don’t immediately to bed, a small amount of water several times, diluting fluid and sebum secretion.

2, choose more refreshing eye texture, to extrapolation from the inside out, back and forth and do not reverse the smudge.

3, if art eye makeup for the second time within a day, make sure to discharge clean make-up before, makeup, based on clean skin.

4, feeling tired, drink warm water. Cold drinks and frozen food would increase the moisture in the body, metabolism variation.

How to eliminate the fastest fat particle size

1, when fat grain has just produced, suggestions of traditional Chinese medicine should be eating pearl barley of dampness, used to drink water or boil congee can be survived; when the fat particles has been hardened for half a grain of millet size, doctors recommended medical sterile needles, down the pores open pick apart from fat. You’d better go to beauty salon pick, pick after their attempts to learn the right methods. Of course, if not to do any processing on fat grain, natural metabolism of fat particles can also fall, only to stay a long time.

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